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Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 34

As Nicole stepped away from her younger brother, he shocked us all by saying,

"Sissy, you don't hate me anymore, now that I may live?"

With tears in our eyes, we watch my girl give the little fellow a huge hug, before she states, "Oh no, Baby Bro, I never have. My staying away was stupid: I thought by being absent, it would protect you from the monster's anger and maltreatment. I know now, Misha, he abused all of us in one way or another. Greyson and you received beatings, as well as the verbal abuse, while I got a different kind."

A few moments of tears pass, then my little one asks, "He made you do sex things with him, didn't he?"

"Yes, he did. And because of what he did I am now four weeks pregnant. I have talked with our new dad, and with Greyson, and have decided that I am going to keep my baby and raise him or her. Dad said he would support me and help me with keeping my baby. Greyson said he would be the best uncle any child ever had! I hope you can understand that it is not my baby's fault that a monster hurt us. I hope you will be an uncle like Greyson, Simon, and little Dylian."

"There is no way Greyson could be the best uncle for your baby!"

Expecting the taunt, I was about to take the bait, when Greyson stepped into his trap.

"Oh really, tell me why I can't be, Misha!"

Greyson's offended tone of voice surprised me. I guess the boy took his new role very seriously.

"Well, Bubby, I intend to be!"

This brotherly exchange leads the rest of the room to burst out in laughter.

"Okay, you little brat, let's both work our tails off, WITHOUT competing with each other. I feel with all our help this little baby will have the best care any kid could ask for!"

"Just as I have the greatest brothers! You know Misha, I always called you 'Baby Brother'. But since Dylian is several years younger, he takes over that title. I hope you don't mind."

"Nope, however you will always be Sissy and Greyson Bubby! I really like my new bros. Did you know Dylian calls me every day to make sure I do everything the doctors ask? He also makes sure Jayden, and I, have plenty of Miss Patty's special cookies to help our tummies. Also, Jaden will be living with us!"

"Really!" both his siblings exclaim.

"Yep, he got to meet his new parents today."

"They are just my fosters, I am sure they will send me back to the group home soon. So don't get your hopes up, Misha." Jayden responds sadly.

"Well, Son, I wouldn't let Simon, or Even, hear you say that! They take great pride in matching up deserving youngsters with great homes, and they know they made the perfect match between you and the Koch's. I can understand why you don't believe us, and I don't blame you one little bit, however, do me a small favor." I respond.

With tears running down his face, he nods. With difficulty, I hold back my emotions (At that moment, I decide to ask Greg to come visit his new son tonight).

"My request is simple, don't tell the Koch's you are thinking they may send you away. Just be yourself around them and please give them a chance, alright?"

I guess great minds think alike, because as I am about to step into the hall to call Greg, he enters.

"Hey, My Friend, what brings you back?"

"Well, Carol and I talked on our way home. We concluded Jaden thought we took him to please you. That is completely untrue. We then decided I needed to return, so I could convince him we wanted him. In fact, we plan to adopt him as soon as possible. At present, his room is completely empty. However, within a week, it will be ready for him. I don't have much planned for the next few days, so I instructed several of my crew to fix it up. Then, Carol will get the furniture. Now, there is no way Nicky, or for that matter Sara, would allow their parents to pick the color of their new big brother's room, so I brought up some samples for him to look at, as well as a few furniture catalogs."

While he speaks to me, his eyes are trained on his boy's eyes. Yes, they are the right parents for this child!

"But, umm, I don't know anything about painting or colors."

"Son, I never said you had to. Simply tell me what you like, might feel comfy with. That's all, I will do the rest."

As the new father and son work on their joint project, my three talk quietly amongst themselves. It wasn't long before Nichole steps away from her brothers to ask, "Daddy, do you think it would be alright for me to go see Nurse Nancy?"

"Sure, Sweetie, I haven't any problem with that. But, if she can't at this time, don't become upset."

"Alright, I know she is working, but I have a couple of questions, I want to ask her."

I watch as my little girl walks out of the room. Of all my children, she is the one I worry about the most.

"Hi, Nurse Nancy, do you have a few moments for me?"

"Well hello, Nichole, of course! I will be free in a few minutes, in the meantime wait in the nurses' lounge. It is right down the hall on the right, see you shortly."

On her way there, my daughter sees a boy with blond hair go into the lounge. This troubles her, since she wants to talk with Nurse Nancy alone. Once she enters, my girl sees the kid with his head buried in a refrigerator, which makes her wonder why.

The teen stands, then he turns, as my daughter sits on one of the sofas.

"Oh, hi Nichole. I didn't see you come in."

"Your head was stuck in the fridge."

"Right, I put Mom's dinner in there. So, what are you doing here? You are not sick are you, I sure hope not!"

"No, my little brother is though. He has leukemia, but Dr. Mick intends to cure him."

"Well, if Doc said so, then he will. He performs miracles. So, what brings you in here, the nurses don't like strangers in their inner sanctum!" the teen quipped with a laugh.

"Well, one of them told me to meet her here. Pardon me, how do you know my name, when we never met?"

"Oh, sorry. Yeah that would seem a bit weird. Well, we go to the same school. I have seen you around, and I asked one of my friends for your name, because I think you are kind of cute. I'm Zander Cain by the way. You can ask me anything, I will always tell you the truth."

"Does your mom work here?"

"Yep! Everyone calls her Nurse Nancy."

"Oh, she is the one I am waiting to speak to. She is my little brother's nurse, too. He said she has been nice to him, and his roommate Jaden."

"Umm, not to sound too noisy, but why would you be talking to my mom if you're not sick?"

"Well, since it won't be a secret much longer, I might as well tell you. My step-father raped me and left me four weeks pregnant. I know you are probably disgusted with me now, but please don't say anything at school. I will be leaving soon, so have your laugh then. Umm, I have to go!"

With that my daughter gets up, ready to run out of the room but stops, when she feels a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"I can't imagine what you're going through, or how you feel about the baby growing inside of you. However, I'm certain Mom will help you with all that. If I made fun of you, because of what that terrible man did to you, then I would have to do the same with myself, and my mother as well. Something, which will never happen. You see, Mom was raped by an uncle of hers, and I am the result! She never hid the facts from me, or looked down on me, because of it. Nor has she ever acted as if it was my fault. But, before I say anything else, please tell whether are you still living with that bastard, or are now somewhere safe?"

"Yeah, I am with a new dad. He intends to adopt the three of us, despite my pregnancy. He want to help me, now isn't that great!"

"Good, I am glad to hear that! Do you know what you're having?"

"Yes, a baby!"

Both teens burst out laughing, one at the silliness of the answer, and the other at the look of the boy sitting across from her.

"Well, I see you two are getting along! Zander, honey, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, hi Mom," he responds, while he hugs and kisses the woman. Then, he adds, "You forgot your dinner, again! Mom, do you remember that girl I told you about the other day?"

"Yes, Son, I do. Why?"

"Mom, I would like you to meet Nichole. She goes to my school, and I shall take your advice. Nichole, next Friday is the All School Dance, please come as my date."

"You, WHAT?!" both females ask, causing Zander to chuckle, before he continues,

"Nichole, you said you wouldn't be at school for much longer, because of your condition. But, that doesn't bother me at all. I have seen all my life, what Mom sacrificed to raise me on her own. I am not saying I want to be your baby's daddy, but I would like to be your friend. Let's start there, and we can see where it leads. Mom told me she regrets missing out on some of the smaller things, such as attending school dances. I want to spare you that, so I am asking you to be my date!"

Nichole looks over at Nurse Nancy, who is wiping her eyes with a napkin. Before she can say anything, the lady grabs her boy to gave him an enormous hug.

"Son, I have never bemoaned having you in my life, you are the most important person in my world."

"Oh, I know that Mom."

"Are you sure, you want to take me to the dance? There must be some other girl you would rather go with."

"Whom did I say I wanted to ask, Mom, and why hadn't I?"

"A pretty girl named Nichole, but sadly you didn't know her, and were afraid she would turn you down. Sweetie, before you answer please understand my boy is a bit strange. I mean his fav..."


Which causes everyone in the room to burst out laughing.

Without waiting a second, my daughter responds, "I would love to go with you, but first I must ask my new daddy."

The teen surprises my girl by taking her hand, and then he says, "Great, let's go talk to him!"

 Thank you for the feedback. Thanks for your support! As always BR you make this such a better story and make me a better person!! Join my Yahoo group @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Djsramblings/ I will still be posting to Nifty as well as my Yahoo group

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them. No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight! Hugs Darrin

Thank you for the feedback. Thanks for your support! As always BR you make this such a better story and make me a better person!!

Join my Yahoo group @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Djsramblings/

I will still be posting to Nifty as well as my Yahoo group

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight!



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