Dylian II

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 35

Nichole returns with a very cute boy. How upsetting, this stranger is allowed to visit, while I had to fight hard to get to get my kids in.

"Don't worry, Sir, I scrubbed down before entering. I sometimes volunteer here on this floor, when Mom works, so I know the procedure."

"Thank you, yes I was a bit concerned."

"Daddy, this is Zander Cain. He is Nurse Nancy's son."

The boy, who has blond hair extending half way down his shoulders, as well as deep blue eyes, offers me his hand.

"It is an honor to meet you, Sir! Nichole told me all about what you did, for her and her brothers. I wish there were more people, who would step up in the manner you have, Sir."

I can't determine if this boy is for real or conning me, but either way his remarks makes me blush.

"Thank you, Zander. However, I get the feeling the two of you came in to ask for something, am I correct?"

"Yes, Sir. I want to take your daughter to the All School Dance on Friday evening. I planned to ask her at school, but when I saw her here, I gathered my nerves to pop the question now. She said I needed to get your permission, so here I am."

I decide to have a little fun with this young man, and then I see Nurse Nancy with her hand over her mouth and a tissue at the corner of her eye. So, I change my mind.

"Nichole, do you want to go to the dance with this boy?"

"Yes Daddy, very much so!"

"I take it you're too young to drive?"

"Umm, Yes Sir, I will need my Mother to drive us, if she is able to."

"Oh Zander, Sweetie, I have to work on Friday."

"I guess I must come up with an alternate means to get us there." the boy says with obvious disappointment.

"I know it wouldn't be all that cool, but if you and Nichole didn't mind, and if dad lets me, I'll take the two of you there and back."

"Really, thanks, Dude! Nichole, do you have a problem with your brother driving us?"

"No, not at all. Thanks, Greyson."

"Well, I do." My comment shocks the three youngsters, then anger flashes across their faces. However, before they can turn on me, I add, "Nichole, we spoke about the need for protection earlier."

At this point, Zander cuts in to say, "With all due respect, Sir, I have no intention of hurting her, or her baby, in that way!"

"What? Oh, no, no Zander, not that kind of protection." an embarrassed Nichole stops her date from speaking further.

"Young Man, I am duly impressed you respect my daughter enough to stand up to me. However, I meant her bodyguards. You see, I am a rich man, and I need to protect my family from potential kidnappers."

"So are you movie-star wealthy, or Drew-Thomas rich?"

Greg snickers, Greyson and Misha laugh, and Nichole looks down at her shoes.

Pulling my wallet out of my pocket, I show the kid my driver's license to shield him from further embarrassment.

"Oh Shit, you are Drew Thomas!"

"Yes, so now you can understand why I want someone there to protect Nichole, as well as yourself, while you are at the dance. I will take care of the arrangements to have you picked up, so you can fetch my daughter, before you go there, alright?"

"Yes, Sir. Do you have a problem if we get something to eat afterwards?"

"No, I will give the driver instructions to allow you to go where ever you want. But, I still expect you to have her home at a decent hour. Speaking of which, it is time we leave. I need to put Dylian to bed. Why don't you and Greyson say your goodbyes to Misha and Jaden, while I get my son from Simon's room?"

"But, we want to say goodnight to Simon as well." Greyson says, with Nichole nodding her approval.

"Alright, Misha, I will see you in the morning. Is there anything you want or need?"

"Um, more cookies. But, other than that, I am good. Night, Daddy, I love you!" he says giving me a tight hug.

"Goodbye, Son, I love you, too."

After the siblings say goodnight to each other, and to Jaden, we head down the hall. However, we don't get far, before Nurse Nancy stops me.

"Mr. Thomas?"

"Please, call me Drew."

"Drew, I am sorry to ask this, but someone stayed longer than he normally does when he brings me dinner. Would there be any way for you to drop him off at home for me? I do not want him riding his bike at night."

"Sure, that's no problem. I am sure we can squeeze his bike into the trunk. Zander, would you like to stay here for a bit, or come with us to see my other son, Simon?"

"I will go with you, so you don't have to return to get me. Good night, Mom, I will see you tomorrow for breakfast." the teen says, giving his mom a hug and kiss.

"Thank you, Drew. I do appreciate your help."

"No problem, you take care of mine, and I do the same for yours." I chuckle.

We walk to Simon's room, where we hear Dylian telling his older brother all about, what went on at the house. I wonder if he spoke in this manner the whole time he was with his sibling.

"Hi, Son, I came to collect the chatter box for the night. It is almost past his bed time, and he has school tomorrow."

"Okay, Daddy, I am ready. Good night Simon, I love you!" my little prince says, while giving his big brother a hug and kiss.

"Simon, I remind you won't see me, or Even, until late tomorrow, if at all. I will be taking him over to the track around 10 AM. I am sure you will hear all about it, when he gets here to see you."

"Thanks for doing this, Dad." my boy responds, using his ever stronger voice.

"Wow, how I enjoy hearing you speak. Your voice improves every day. Your Aunt Debbie told me earlier, you will more than likely be sent home the day after tomorrow, so keep doing everything they tell you, alright?"

"Yep, now, did I get a new brother?"

Nichole bursts out laughing, and then, she looks over to Zander who is blushing.

"Simon, this is Zander Cain. His mom is Misha and Jaden's Nurse, Nurse Nancy. We are going to give him a ride home tonight."

{}Cool, your mom is a great Nurse! She helps me, and I know she does a lot to make Jaden and Misha feel more comfy. You are a lucky kid to have such a great mother, I hope you realize that.{}

"Wow, what a super program! And, for the record, I know how fortunate I am to have her as my mom."

"Oh, and Bro, Zander will be taking our little sister to the All School Dance on Friday." Greyson tells Simon with a sparkle in his eyes.

{}Well then, maybe when I get out of here, you, Bradley, and I should have a little sit down with him before the dance.{}

"Oh, I don't think so!" Nichole says less than pleased. Then she adds, "Just because you are my older brothers, does not mean you get to screen my dates!"

"Nah, Nichole, it's good. I welcome your brothers and I look forward to getting together with them for a talk. In fact, let's plan on it. But, I want all your siblings there, not just the older ones. There are a few things, I should tell them about myself, and other stuff, they can learn from me to help with your baby, when it arrives. Trust me on this, after we talk, they will regret it, should they joke about having a get-together with me."

I like this kid. He understands how to stand up for himself, and he isn't intimidated by the older boys.

{}So, you know my little sister is pregnant? And, you don't have a problem with it?{}

"Yes, I am aware of her condition, and how she came upon it. Yes, it bothers me greatly, since she is only fourteen, but I also know, it is not her fault. I am not looking to move in as the 'Daddy', but I will stand by her no matter what. You see, the same thing happened to my Mom. I understand what the baby will feel, and how others may treat it. Just as I am sure Mom will help Nichole cope, I am equally certain I can do the same for you and your brothers. So, all of you will be better uncles and siblings for Nichole and her baby!"

Damn this kid blows me away.

{}Then, welcome to the family, Zander! I look forward to getting to know you and your mom better in the coming weeks. Dad, take care of Even for me tomorrow, I love you all.{}

"I will, Son. I love you, too. Alright everyone lets hit the road and get Zander home and ourselves out to the house."

After seeing my new Bentley, the teen tries to convince me to leave his bike at the hospital. He tells me he is scared it might scratch the car. Assuring him it won't, didn't placate his concern. Nevertheless, I place it in my thankfully large trunk, and we are on our way.

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