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Chapter 36

I enjoyed breakfast with my kids. I hope my two hospitalized sons will join us shortly. Greyson seems nervous about driving back to school in his Mustang. Both Bradley and my reassurances do little to placate him.

Nichole is happy. It does not take rocket science to understand why. She found a cute, understanding boyfriend, plus a proficient and sensitive nurse, who happens to be the teen's mother.

Although I have a full day ahead of me, I need to check out Nurse Nancy's situation. I must be curtain she is free of any hardships, after all since our kids are an item, it makes her and Zander family.

After one set of the kids leave for school, and the other arrive for lessons, I start my day. I need to visit several places, before I meet Miles for lunch. However, the first thing I do is phone Misha, to inform him I won't arrive until the afternoon. He accepts the news well, then explains Simon made plans with him to go over the music he wanted added to his iPod.

I decide to take time each day to enjoy my neglected car collection, so today I choose my nineteen fifty-six Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing. This beauty was one of the first exotic vehicles I bought. I hadn't driven it in almost two years, but I am sure my mechanic keeps it in top condition.

I walk into the classroom, as Nancy tells an unhappy Even he is going on a school field trip. To comfort him I say, "Even, I have arranged a special class for you today, with the permission of your parents. Simon knows and agrees. Why don't you call him?"

My nephew walks a little way down the hall for privacy, but I still hear him say, "Simon, I don't know what a field trip is, and it scares me. Why do I need it?"

Now I see the problem. I hope my son can calm my nephew. My purpose is to introduce him to what I hope will become his new passion. It isn't long before Even returns, then he states, "I am sorry, Uncle Drew, I didn't know what a field trip was, and it frightened me. Simon told me sometimes you must leave school to learn special things, such as visiting a museum. Is that where we are headed?"

"No, Son, we are going somewhere special. Now, before we start out, let me explain: it is mainly for you. I have a lunch meeting scheduled with your Father. Don't worry about being left with a stranger, the man whom you will meet, is a very old and dear friend of mine and your Dad's. He is your new teacher"

(Let me explain, Dr. Maxwell, his shrink, suggested I leave him with a trusted stranger, as part of his therapy.)

"Can you please tell me, what I will be learning?"

"Of course, in short, physics. Exactly what, I want to keep from you, so it will be a surprise."

We make small talk, as I drive to our destination. I ask about his studies, and I am pleased with his outlook and positive atitude. What a great change from a week ago.

Even's eyes grow large, when I pull up to the track. I fear he will have a heart attack, while we go through the tunnel and out onto the track. Then, I continue onto the pit area, where his teacher awaits. My 300 SL is a crowd magnet.

"Drew, my old friend, what a beauty! Mind if I take her around the track a few times?"

"Not a chance in hell, Eric, I know how you drive!" I reply with a laugh.

"Even, I would like for you to meet Eric Jensen. My friend went to school with your dad and me. He is now a driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. Eric, it is a great honor to introduce to you my nephew, Even Edwards."

The boy becomes thunder struck, as if he has turned into a statue.

"Even, it is a big pleasure to meet you!" Eric replies, sticking his hand out, which the dumb founded boy ignores.

Instead, he stutters, "You, you, you...you are the NASCAR Champion!"

"Yes, my team and I did very well last year. This sport is a team effort, even though we drivers get all the glory."

"But, you're the champion, so why are you here today?"

"Well, it's quite simple really. My old friend, Drew, asked me a favor. He, and your new Dad, wants me to spend the day with you, so I can teach you to drive. Once you learn, I shall show you how to maneuver around the track. Drew, should I tell him about the other surprise, while you're here?"


"Son, once you feel comfortable shifting manually, and practice a bit with it, your uncle suggests you take a few laps around the track." Eric says, pointing over to the garage, where my two thousand and two Lotus Esprit is parked.

"Uncle Drew, you would really let me drive her, on my very first day?!"

"Yes, Even, I feel driving for you, is going to be like flying is to me: You are a natural, which is why your dad and I asked Eric to teach you. Now, I want you to listen, learn, but most importantly have fun! Did you bring your cell phone?"

He nods.

"Good, call me anytime, if you become scared or uncomfortable, and I will get back out here as soon as possible, alright?"

"Okay, Uncle Drew, I will try."

Hugging Even, I remind him once again, "Even, call, if you need me. I will try to be back at one thirty. And, Eric, be sure to take good care of my nephew!"

I head over to Mark and Brian's office, to pick up the paperwork I need at lunch. They told me it would be ready in a couple of days, but I know it is already finished, it is how they work.

"Hello, Mr. Thomas. Mark said you would be stopping by, he left this envelope for you. I am sorry both Mark and Brian are tied up in court today, but Jonathan is here, if you need to speak to him. Oh, also, I have the adoption papers that require your signatures. The forms for name changes are there as well. Once you have signed everything, we can file them with the court. I remind you Simon, Greyson, and Nichole must sign their forms, but Misha and Dylian are under the age of consent, so they can't."

"No thank you, Traci, you seem to have everything under control just fine. I will get these papers back to you tomorrow. I want to move forward as soon as possible."

Leaving the lawyer's offices, I go over to the restaurant, where I am supposed to meet Myles for lunch. With an hour to kill, I order a cup of fresh brew, and I check the documents to make sure everything I want is covered. While I trust my lawyers, they are the ones who always insist I read everything at least twice before signing. It doesn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would. They covered everything with ease.

In the remaining time, I mull over family matters. I decide I will need a small bus, if I ever want to take all my kids somewhere with me. I discard the idea as being way too sensible. My mind turns to Dakota, I should ask her, when she must get back to her school group for practice. Miles and Debbie bought her a beautiful double bass. It even has electric pick up, so she can plug into an amplifier.

Before I realize it, Miles sits down across from me, with a worried look on his face. After we order our meals, we make small talk until we finish eating. I am at a loss as to how to bring up the whole point behind this meeting, so I decide the best way is to jump right in.

"Miles, I asked you here, to tell you I am stepping down..."

My friend cuts me off.

"Drew, I knew something was up. Please give me enough time to see if I can raise the money to buy you out. I love my work, and the company you built. I do not want to walk away and start over!"

"Whoa, Buddy, slow down. I have no intention of selling it!"

"Oh, sorry."

"Don't be, I see you were worrying about this eventuality. Now, as I began to say, I decided to step down as president of DJ Enterprises. I will continue as the Chief Executive Officer, but I intend to hire someone to oversee the company and its growth."

"In that case, I will work with anyone you put into that position, as I have with you."

I had to hide my laugh, as I add, "Well, I am glad to hear that. Miles, you are my oldest and dearest friend. You have stood by me, when no one else would. I know you love the company as much, if not more, than I do. You are aware, I am set for life with what I have, but I enjoy working. However, I feel I am needed elsewhere on a daily basis. My kids are more important to me than my corporation is right now. Maybe in a few years, I will want to return. However, at this juncture I must step back."

"Drew, I support your decision. When do you want the change to take effect? First, let me tell the core staff, so they will be spared any unnecessary grief."

"This week: Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea whom I chose for the new president?"

"I know you talked to Norman Parkers, so I gather he is the one. He is a good man, who will work hard to continue expanding the company and increasing its profits."

"Yes he is, but he is not whom I picked. Norman is coming on board to work with us, but in a different capacity."

"Then, Drew, I'm clueless."

"Really, Miles, you can't think of anyone else?"

I see that my friend remains in the dark, nor does he think he is capable. So I add, "Miles, the person I selected is someone who already knows every department, each employee, and all aspects of our company. The individual, who worked tirelessly to help build it up and see it become more profitable. My friend, the new president of DJ Enterprises, is you!"

"What!? Drew, you can't be serious? Why would you want me?"

"Whom else could I trust with it better than the person who has run it for the past month? Miles, you have been with me from the very beginning, you have helped shape it. Now, we have some paperwork to get through, so that everything is official. And, there is something else I want to discuss, but it is on a personal level, so let's get this done first. With the promotion comes a pay increase, plus a yearend bonus. I decided to do the bonus a little different than normal, so here is how it will work."

After explaining, we sign the documents. Then, we go through other business matters, before we switch over to personal items.

"Miles, I have been toying with an idea of buying a new helicopter for the family."

"Drew, we have plenty, why do you need a new one?"

"Well, this one would be modified strictly for family use. That would include Tom for whatever needs he has, Dakota to take her, with her bass, to practice and for her gigs with her group. Dylian can be flown to Albert's place for his coaching sessions. I am sure Debbie wouldn't mind being able to jump into it, so she can arrive at the hospital in ten minutes, instead of thirty. I want to order a brand new Agstawestland Grandnew. I flew one a while back, it is an awesome machine."

"Then, you are willing to be at everyone's beck and call, to pilot them where ever they need?"

"No, that man is Josh Coleman. He is a great young pilot, who fits right in with all our boys. He will remain as an employee of the company, but under a different division. He will answer directly to us. With his new position comes a thirty percent pay increase, and he will move into my condo. I have already checked, the landing on the roof accommodates the new copter. So, what do you think?"

"I like it."

Finished, we say our goodbyes and I go to check out how Even is faring.

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