Characters Listing:

Wizards Non Wizards Deceased



·       Gerald Kerry61 year old Widowed father of Sherry Grandpa to Elijah

·       (Non-Wizard) Retired US Army Sergeant Major

o   Sherry Kerry33 year old Single mother of Elijah (Non Wizard)

§  Elijah (Eli) Everett Kerry11 years old, 4’5” tall 63 Lbs, 6th grader.  Owner of Eli’s Fish House, (Class I Wizard)

·       Matt Kahne61 year old best friend to Gerald Kerry, Honorary Uncle to Sherry and Eli, also a widower (Non Wizard) Retired US Army Master Sergeant

·       Daniel Martin 63 year old friend of Gerald Kerry.  Class IV Wizard, Old army buddy who once saved Gerald’s life while serving in the Army.  Retired US Army Sergeant First Class


·       Stephen Hunt34 year old Science teacher at Elm Grove Middle School (Class III Wizard) Lead trainer for the Wizard Council

·       Karen Hunt30 year old wife of Stephen Hunt (Class IV Wizard)

o   Melinda Hunt - Daughter of the Hunts – three year old (Class ?? Wizard)

o   Cody Messner (Hunt)- 12 years old.  Eli’s neighbor whom picked on him.  Foster child of Karen and Steven Hunt, to be adopted (class IV Wizard)

·       David Hunt34 year old Twin brother to Stephen, Physical Education and Science teacher, served 8 years as a US Navy corpsman.  Lead Council Trainer {LCT} for the Wizard Council (Class III Wizard)

·       Max Hunt 92 years old Uncle to Kelly, David and Steven, trainer to all three Hunt children former LCT. (Class III Wizard)

·       Kelly Hunt-Higgins - 38 years old Sister to the Hunt Twins. Lives in FL (Class IV Wizard)

·       Eric Higgins – 39 Married to Kelly Hunt-Higgins (Class IV Wizard)

o   Donnie Higgins – 10 years old, (Class ?? Wizard)

o   Cassie Higgins - 8 years old (Class ?? Wizard)



·       Katrina Miller – deceased Unmarried birth mother to Eli, Killed by a drunk driver (Class III Wizard)

·       Todd Everett- deceased Unmarried birth father to Eli, killed with his entire family, except for a younger sister, when the family house burned down during the night (Class III Wizard)



·       Melvin Perkins- Non Wizard, owner of the moving company that moved Eli’s fish

·       Brent Holmes- Non Wizard, Supervisor for the Moving Company, will become Pilot

·       Ron Martin- 38 years old Principle at Dyersville Middle School (Class IV Wizard) widowed

o   Ryan Adam Martin- 11 years old Ron Martin’s son (Class IV Wizard)

·       Nevin Mills – 39 year old Sheriff of Johnson County, Dyersville is the county seat.  (Class IV Wizard)

·       Melonie Mills – 40 year old wife of Sheriff Mills (Class III Wizard)

o   Nora Cora Mills – 11 Years Old, Twin (Class III Wizard)

o   Noah Colby Mills – 11 Year Old, Twin (Class III Wizard)

o   Mitch Charles Mills – 17 year old (Class IV Wizard)

·       Maggie Mills- Nevin Mills Mother

·       Dawn Pilgram- sister to Maggie Mills

·       Thomas Mayfield – Non Wizard 38 year old Lawyer

·       Cindy Mayfield – Non Wizard 38 year old Lawyer

o   Jeremy Mayfield – 11 year old Non Wizard

o   Jessie Mayfield – 9 year old Non Wizard, right leg amputated above the knee due to bone cancer, currently in remission

·       Danny Mears- 45 year old CPA

·       Mrs. Erin Mears – 45 year old History Teacher – Mom to Evan Mears and Aunt/adopted Mom to Stacy

o   Evan Mears – 11 year old Non Wizard

o   Stacy Linden-Mears – 11 year old Non Wizard, cousin to Even Mears, Adopted by the Mears

·       Toby Kaufman- 12 year old dirt bike rider, Ryan’s best friend (Class IV Wizard)

·       Parker Evans – 28 year old Sheriff Deputy (Class III Wizard)  Orphaned as a young teen

·       Judge Russell Tucker – 52 year old Dyersville & Johnson County Area Monco, and district Judge (Class III Wizard)

·       Mrs. Agatha Johnson – 68 year old Non Wizard Lunch room worker.  Tries to get her grandson to bully smaller kids.  Daughter married a Wizard

§  Chad Dawson – 13 year old school bully/ anti bully (Class V Wizard)

·       Peter Costas  - 47 year old District Attorney

·       Amanda Costas – 45 year old, Realtor

·       Robert “BobEvery” White – 62 year old owner of Whites Office Supply store, becomes a huge fan of Eli’s drawings (class IV Wizard)

o   Mr. Tom Stewart- 36 year old Math Teacher at the middle school, Stepson to Bob White, Single parent  (Class III Wizard)

§  Amanda Stewart- 16 years old.  Daughter of Mr. Stewart, Dates Mitch Mills.  (Class IV Wizard)

·       Senator Edward (Ed) Holland – 61 year old United States Senator, single guardian of his 9 year old Grandson, Josh (Garpet)

§  Josh Cameron – 9 year old Grandson of Ed Holland

·       Mike Isaacs – 35 year old Head of Security for Senator Holland

·       Sasha Kohler- 10 year old kidnapped vi

·       ctim.  Taken from his home in Russia, used at a laborer for a circus.  Ran away and was found by Mikael Welsh. (Class III Wizard)

·       Mikael Welsh – 28 year old homeless family man.  Does odd jobs to support his family.  (Class III Wizard)

·       Cindy Welsh – 26 year old wife/mother

o   Emily Welsh- 6 year old (Class IV Wizard to be)

o   Mary-Beth Welsh- 4 year old (Class IV Wizard to be)






ELI’S Teachers / Schedule


·       Mrs. Patrick – 52 year old English Teacher

·       Mrs. Mears – 45 year old History Teacher – Mom to Evan Mears and Aunt/adopted Mom to Stacy

·       Mr. Stewart – 36 year old Math Teacher (Class III)

·       Mr. Gordon – 29 year old Art Teacher (Class V) Melonie Mills younger brother

·       Mrs. Tate – 39 year old Computer Tech Teacher

·       Mr. Harvick (coach) – 54 year old Gym(MWF)/Health teacher(TTH)

·       Mr. David Hunt – (DAD) Science

·       Mrs. Blaney – 64 year old Study Hall Teacher   

Council of WIZARDS


Ø  Councilman Ben Smith- 66year old / by default the leader of the Wizard council, believes the future of the wizard world lies with its youth

Ø  Councilman Richard Storck – 61 year old / wants everyone to get along, but knows that is never going to happen.  Despises those who abuse the gifts and power they have

Ø  Councilman Corbin DuPree – 58 year old / cruel and evil man who wants power of the council, rumored to have had many wizards who were treats to him killed, also rumored to have had the last Dexas killed as soon as he was found out about, nothing was ever proved.

Ø  Councilman Chris Peters – 55 year old / while being somewhat stuck in the old ways, he believes things must change

Ø  Councilman Berry Meeks - 53 year old / wants nothing but power, believes the wizards should control the world

Ø  Councilman Gregory Dace – 52 year old / Believes the council must move with the times and restructure within, truly hopes for a new Dexas to emerge and is actively looking for him/her to appear 

Ø  Councilman Kia Kataria - 49 year old / Only Asian council member, believes in honor above all else, feels the council needs new leadership structuring within, feels some of the council members have dishonored the ranks

Ø  Councilman Thomas Baylor - 47 year old / more worried about his family wealth then others around him, however, truly despises Councilman Corbin DuPree and Councilman Berry Meeks, life was once saved by David Hunt

Ø  Councilwoman Barbara Marina - 46 year old / believes being the only female on the council gives her a responsibility to be the voice of the female wizards

Ø   Councilman Donald Hulse -38 year old / Strong believer that the Council of Wizards is there to help the whole of the wizard world, not to abuse the power, does not like Councilman Corbin DuPree or Councilman Berry Meeks, very close working relationship with the Hunt Twins

Ø  Councilman Markus Lincoln – 35 years old / descendent of Abe, true believer in equal rights, believes in always trying to be the voice of the people

Ø  Councilman Bradley Murphy - 19 years old / Trained by David Hunt, and loyal to the Hunts




Ø King Walker Saluzzi- First King of the Wizards.  Ruled from 1676-1752.  Singed the Marccesites Treaty in 1698 with Peter the Great(ruler of Russia), King William III(King of England), King Charles II(King of Spain)

Ø Magnus Saluzzi-  King Walker Saluzzi’s brother who was a jeweler and created the Wizard Heart

Ø Adrien Holland- last Wizard King’s Garpet