Wizard Gifts


·       Mistake Repair – the ability to repair a damaging physical mistake

·       Time manipulation – the ability to slow time, causes serious drain on the wizard

·       Memory Cleansing- the ability to clean a person’s memory, or remove memories

·       Premonitions- the ability to get feelings about the future and feeling about what others are cap

·       Memory Manipulation- the ability to manipulate a subjects memory or create new ones without ones knowledge

·       Area Scanning- the ability to scan the surrounding area to know who is in the area

·       Empathic- the ability to feel another’s emotions, the ability to feel what others are thinking

·       Energy Balls- the ability to form energy balls to use as weapons

·       Truth- the ability to tell is someone is telling the truth or lying

·       Force Truth- the ability to force the truth out of others, makes it impossible to lie to the person who has this gift.

·       Insight Hiding- the ability to hide from others in plain sight

·       Compulsion – the ability to compel someone to do ones bidding

·       Voice Throw- the ability to send your voice out to others, even in other rooms

·       Animal Communication - the ability to communicate with animals, normally the ability to talk with small mammals, but some have been known to talk to bears, large cats, or snakes

·       Chameleon- the ability to change ones appearance for short times, this could become harmful as it drains the Wizard

·       Speed- the ability to double ones speed

·       Freeze Feet- the ability to freeze someone where they stand, only freezes the person’s ability to move their legs

·       Machinery- the ability to control machinery

·       Telepathy- the ability to communicate without speaking, normally both persons have to have the ability

·       Fear Projection- the ability to use someone’s deepest fear against them, this gift is normally used as a defense, some dark wizards use it as a form of torture

·       Geolog-  The gift to control rocks and gems

·       Pyro- the ability to control fire

·       Hydro- the ability to control water

·       Weather Bug- the ability to control the weather, only for a very short time, and completely drains the Wizard

·       Self Armor- the ability change your skin to an armor

·       Hydro Breath- the ability to breath underwater

·       Minor Healing- the ability to heal minor injuries

·       Projection- the ability to project a copy of yourself to fool others

·       Levitation- the ability to make an object float without touching, this gift is rare

·       Problem Solving- the ability to look at others problems and find a solution almost immediately

Wizard Heart Abilities


·       Aura Sight- gives the ability to see the aura around a Wizard, the different color given off is the Class ranking of the Wizard, a Wizard Heart ability

§  Green – Class VI

§  Yellow- Class V

§  Orange- Class IV

§  Blue- Class III

§  Red- Class II

·       Potential Sight- give the ability to see a Wizards potential, helpful in selection a Wizard for a position, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Out Sight- gives the ability to see though another’s eyes, not just humans, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Breath- the ability to control someone’s breathing, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Heart- the ability to control someone’s heart rate, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Armor- the ability to put up armor around something or a person, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Healing- the ability to heal major injuries, a Wizard Heart Ability

·       Gift Strip- the ability to strip a Wizard of his or her Gifts, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Mark- the ability to mark a person as Protected by the Wizard King, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Heart Intent – the ability to see the intent in some ones heart, good or bad, a Wizard Heart ability

·       Time Change- the ability to travel back in time to Natilitiuamacs to speak with past Wizard Kings, a Wizard Heart ability