The Wizard Heart

Glossary of Wizard Terms


Dexas- (Elijah Everett Kerry)The future King of the Wizard world

Mintanka - The rare naturally accruing special bond between a young Wizard and his trainer. This is the highest honor a Wizard Trainer can have. The soul of the Student and Teacher are joined the first time both chests were connected (like a hug)

Ietanka- (David Hunt)The Teacher in the Mintanka

Ketanka- (Elijah Everett Kerry)The Student in the Mintanka

Janius (Sherry Kerry)Mother of the King

Copus Dubuquas - (Deputy Parker Evans)Commander of the Kings Guard

Dubuquas- The Kings Guard

Maxus- (Noah Mills) First advisor to the King. Normally titled General in early times this was the General of the Kings Armies

Mubuquas- (Mitch Mills)Special Guard to the Maxus

Miluis- (Nora Mills) prearranged escort for the King. Acts in the roll of hostess for all the Kings gatherings, typically the same age as the King. This position goes away when/if the King marries

Pililuis- (Melonie Mills)An Adult assistant to the Miluis, typically the Miluis Mother

Garpet- The human keeper of The Wizard Heart. This person is normally from a well off family who has ties to the Human government. Presents The Wizard Heart normally at the coronation of the Dexas.

Monco- (Judge Russell Tucker) The head Wizard in an area. Like a tribal leader. This is the highest ranking Wizard, where there are more than one of the same rank, the Monco is voted into the position. Normally this is for life, unless there is a challenge though the Wizard Council

Khil- Means Child, normally a child in the family, but not a biological child

High Court- This is like the President of the United States Cabinet

Kahneu- a younger apprentice to a member of the High Court.

Shielo- (Max Hunt) an Adult Wizard advisor to the King, head of the High Court

Kahneu Shielo- (Ryan Martin)

Docy- (Karen Hunt)High Court Minister of Health

Scohoe- (Stephen Hunt)High Court Minister of Education

Kahneu Scohoe- (Cody Hunt)

Khiclock- (Kelly Hunt-Higgins) High Court Minister of Family Services

Kahneu Khiclock- (Donnie Hunt)

Porkha- (Dawn Pilgram) High Court Minister of Elderly Affairs

Kahneu Porkha- (Amanda Stewart)

Neoielo- (Thomas and Cindy Mayfield) High Court Legal Services, only Non High Court Member

Kahneu Neoielo- (Jeremy Mayfield)

Curfeit- (Danny Mears)High Court Minister of Commerce

Kahneu Curfeit- (Stacy Linden-Mears)

Marccesites Treaty- Signed in 1698 by Russia, England, and Spain with King Saluzzi. The treaty allowed the Wizard world to fall into the background with the protection of the other governments. The other governments would help protect the knowledge of the Wizards from the common people. Was adopted by the United Nations upon formation and the Wizards were given a seat. The governments would agree to lease the Wizards lands at one ounce of silver per 100 acres of land until 3000 AD. The lands were the New World, the United States, and Russia. The monies are split 1/3 to the Wizard Council and 2/3 to the King, if no King is in place for more than 500 years, the full amount falls to the Council.

o   4,219,392,000 Acres in Russia

o   2,379,964,800 Acres in United States

o   6,599,356,800 Acres owed on

o   $16.33 current cost of one Ounce of Silver

o   $1,077,674,965.44 owed to the Wizard World per year

o   $717,731,526.98 is the Kings portion

o   $359,943,438.46 is the Wizard Councils portion

Inhibitors- an electronic device to prevent any Wizard to use their gifts, created around 1920 due to the amount of Wizards who used their Gifts to escape from prisons.

Natilitiuamacs- the ancestral home of the Wizard Kings. This castle no longer stands in present time