The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 2

Not knowing what was going on, Eli headed back out to the kitchen where his Mom was. He figured he had done something, like normal, that had upset David. He wondered if there was a way to strip him from being a Wizard.

"Yes Eli, but that isn't done except for in extreme cases, and always has to have the full support of the Council in order to have it done. Also, you have done nothing to upset me! I am sorry I ran out of the room like that, however, I really needed to make a phone call quickly."

"How did you know what I was thinking?" The boy asked a little nervously.

"One of the gifts I have is that of an Empathic (of an Empath or of being empathic). It allows me to feel what others are feeling. If I am not mistaken you have that gift as well, because I am able to read you much clearer then a normal person."

"Who did you have to call? I mean you kind of freaked out in my room."

"Your right I did, and again I am sorry for that. Who I called was my Sister-in-law, Karen. She is going to come over with Stephen in a little while to help us out with some things. While we wait for them to show up, how about you tell me about this fish company you have going on?"

"Okay, well I was given a fish tank for my 6th birthday from my Grandpa, and it just kind of went from there. I at first I started with some cichlids. When they had a bunch of babies I traded those to the pet shop for a second aquarium and some other types of fish. Before long I had gotten several bigger aquariums and my fish company had started growing. Now I have 14 different types of fish breeding and make close to two thousand a month from the selling of the babies. My biggest money makers are the 3 different types of stingrays that I have been able to breed."

"If needed how hard would it be to move them?"

"Well, if I was able to get the new tanks set up ahead of time, it really wouldn't be all that hard. My Mom and I were talking about doing that at some point in the near future anyway. I have designed a whole new setup, which would allow for more breeding pairs with less space taken up as well as being more energy efficient. My new setup would cost me everything I have in savings, but would allow me to have almost twice as much profit every month."

"Wow that is impressive. You want to show me the designs you have come up with?"

"No." The boy stated flatly.

"Umm, may I ask why you won't show them to me?" David asked the young man.

"I don't show them to anyone unless there is a non-compete agreement signed. My Grandpa told me to make sure I protect what we have because our name in the business means everything. I am not trying to say you would steal my designs or anything, but I really don't want to risk it."

David looked over at Sherry to see her trying to no laugh. She didn't last long though.

"I am sorry!" She laughed, "Eli you know I am not laughing at you, but the look on David's face when you told him No was just priceless!"

Everyone in the room started laughing after that. Once they calmed down, David got serious again.

"Eli, how much would it cost to build the new tanks the way you want them, and how long do you think it would take to complete?"

"Umm, well the cost I have would be around $5500 and it would take around three weeks to complete, but that is if the existing tanks are moved first. Why?"

"If things go the way I think they are going to go today, then we will need to think about starting the building of the new tanks quickly."

"You know something don't you? What aren't you telling us?" Eli asked getting a little upset.

"It's not that I know something Eli. It is more like I suspect something but I am not willing to talk about it until I am able to get my suspicions confirmed. We will just have to wait until that happens to know for sure."

"I am going to my room until Grandpa gets here!" Eli said and rushed out of the room.

"I am sorry about that." Sherry started, "Eli has never liked it when someone held back information from him. He really hates it when the info is about him. I will go talk to him." She started to rise up when David stopped her.

"Let me try first. I don't want to make things worse than they are, but maybe I can find the right words for him to understand why I don't want to say anything." David said leaving the room.

David knocked on Eli's bedroom door and waited for an answer. He was getting ready to knock again when he heard Eli,

"You know I am not stupid! I have been listening to what you and Mr. Hunt told my Mom last night. And I listened when you were talking to me. I know that you think there is either something wrong with me, or something very unique. All I ask is you don't lie to me."

"See Eli that is just what I am trying to do. I don't want to lie to you so I am keeping my thoughts to myself until I know the whole story. I hope you can understand that."

"Yeah, I do, but it still feels like you are keeping things from me. I guess I will just have to wait until you are willing to tell me."

"Are you willing to come back out and talk some more?" David casually asked the 11 year old.

"Nope, I have some homework from yesterday that I have to get done. Who knows what is going to happen after Grandpa gets here so I might as well get it done now."

"That is probably a very good choice. Then I will leave you too it. Don't forget that I am a teacher, so if you get stuck or need any help please feel free to ask for my help. Yes, I know, I am just a gym teacher, but that doesn't mean I can't handle 6th grade math or English!" He finished with a laugh!

"Oh man! It really sucks you know what I am thinking! That's really not fair you know!"

"Well, it's not like I am reading your mind, just feel what you are thinking. One of the things we are going to have to do in the next few days is to teach you how to block your thoughts and feelings. You are projecting very strongly, and that is why I can pick up on it so easily. But, don't worry we will get it taken care of."

David went back out to the kitchen to talk with Sherry some more. He figured he really needed to get to know her if things worked out the way he saw them. He found he could really fall for her if given half the chance, however that would all depend a lot on what happens with Eli. One of the things David knew was that he was going to be Eli's trainer. He had already decided that. There was just something about that boy in which called to David. Only once before did he ever feel the pull of a young wizard calling to be his student, and that had been Councilman Bradley Murphy. Councilman Murphy was the youngest member of the Council of Wizards as well as one of the strongest.

"He is the one, isn't he?" Sherry asked as soon as she heard David come back into the kitchen.

"Honestly I do not know yet. Before I say anything more I would like to have Karen do her thing and find out about his heritage, then I would be able to give my opinion on what is going on and what needs to happen. I would like to know though, if you needed to move, for Eli's safety, would you?"

"In a heartbeat! My job can be done from anywhere, I don't need to have an office, and I could work out of my home if I wanted too. All I would need would be internet access and a place to work. Elijah's happiness and safety is the most important thing in my life, it has been for over 11 years now, and will be until the day I am dead! Please don't ever think otherwise or think that I am weak if I don't make decisions right away or if I wait to talk to my Father about something. I just want you to know there are reasons for everything I do."

"Sherry, I am sure there is a lot I don't know about, but from what I have gathered, I would never question you're love or devotion to Eli. I think he is still upset with me a little bit, but more than that he is a little overwhelmed with everything that has been going on. Right now he is even a little stressed over the English and math homework he was given yesterday." David chuckled. "Knowing kids the way I do, this will all blow over for him in a few days. I know you are seriously stressing out over whatever it is you and your father have to speak to him about, but know that I feel nothing but love from him towards you or your father. I don't think your fears are going to materialize the way you think. I am sorry if I offended you, I normally don't read anyone without permission, but you and your son both are broadcasting."

"I am not offended, but maybe you could like not tell me unless you really have to that you have, what did you call it, read me?" She gave a nervous little giggle.

"Yes, it is called reading someone, and sure. I will keep it to myself unless I really feel the need to let you in on it. Once your Father gets here, and you and he have your conversation with Eli, then we can move forward and make some decisions."

"Well, seeing how you have the need to know about Eli's heritage as well, there really isn't any reason you shouldn't be in on the talk with us. At least that way we don't have to repeat it all. I am scared of Eli's reaction when he finds everything out though, so I think having someone like you there will be a huge help. What I mean by that is you can read Eli and make sure he isn't going to over react and possibly hurt himself. That is if you are willing to do that for us, me?"

"That will be no problem what so ever. I will do that not only for him, but for your piece of mind as well. Do you think your Father will need to rest once he gets here, or will he be ready to get started right away?"

"Knowing my Dad, he will be ready to get to it right away. I have a feeling he had his best friend come along, so more than likely he slept for at least half the trip. That is the normal way he does things."

"Is this friend of his going to have a problem with us Wizards? You know with how most non magical people take to us? I really do not want to have to subject Eli with that type of rejection at this stage of the game. His self image is very important to his learning to control and use his gifts."

"Trust me, if Gerald Kerry said that you are good people to Matt Kahne, then trust me Uncle Matt would trust you with everything he has including his life. Those two have been extremely tight ever since they were in first grade. When my dad joined the U.S. Army, Uncle Matt joined the U.S. Army. It wasn't so that he could be with his best friend, Uncle Matt joined so he could protect his brother! That is just the way those two are."

"Okay, I really just wanted to make sure." I looked over to the clock to see what time it was when I heard a car pull into the drive. Focusing on the outside of the house, I could tell there were two men in the car. "I feel you're Father and Uncle just pulled into the driveway." I told Sherry.

"One of these days I will have figured out all your gifts so you won't be able to surprise me!" Sherry laughed as she headed to open the front door. As she went by the stairs she yelled up to Eli letting him know his grandpa had arrived.

"Hello, Dad! I see you brought Uncle Matt with you. I hope you know what you're doing." Sherry said to her dad as she gave him a hug. "Welcome Uncle Matt, it is good to see you again. Thanks for making the all night drive with my Dad. Dad, Uncle Matt, this is Mr. David Hunt." Sherry said making an arm gesture over to me.

Gerald Kerry was nothing like I had pictured. With how small Eli was and how Sherry being little smaller than average as well, Gerald was a mountain of a man. He was easy 6' 3" and a good 250 Lbs. He had a full head of white hair with a white neatly trimmed goatee and mustache. Matt Kahne was just a little shorter than Gerald, but much thinner. He would more than likely weigh in around 180 lbs. He was bald and clean shaven.

"Sir, it is an honor to meet you. Mr. Kahne, as well an honor to meet you. First off I would like to thank you for your service to our country and for fighting to protect our freedoms. Your Daughter has told me about your service to our nation." David said walking to the two men with his hand out to shake.

"Thank you young man. Did you serve?" Gerald asked David shaking his hand.

"Yes Sir, I did eight years in the U. S. Navy as a corpsman. I finished my degree while I was serving, got my state teaching license then started teaching high school P.E. and have been doing that ever since."

"Grandpa! I am so glad you are here!" Eli said as he rushed down the stairs and into his grandpa's arms. As the two Kerry men were hugging, I could see tears on both of their faces. "Hi Uncle Matt! I didn't know you were coming too!"

"Wouldn't miss being here for the world my boy! Sherry, dear, the old fart had me do most of the driving here. He said once we got here there would be lots of going ons, so I am going to head up to that old guest room at the end of the hall and try to catch some Z's. That is if it is alright with you?"

"Sure Uncle Matt, there are fresh towels in that bathroom, and the bed has fresh sheets on it. Make yourself at home. Do you want anything to eat or drink before you lay down?"

"No Dear, I think I have had my week's quota of coffee last night. You all wake me if you need me for anything." He said looking right at Gerald.

After Matt headed up the stairs, Sherry led everyone else into the kitchen. She had Eli sit at the back of the table, so that he was somewhat in a corner. David could read she felt this way it would be harder to run. He tried hard to suppress a chuckle trying to escape over that thought.

Gerald took the head of the table and asked for a cup of coffee. David told Sherry he would get it and asked Gerald if he needed anything in it.

"Sherry, no offence to Mr. Hunt, but do you really think it is a good idea for him to be here for this discussion?"

"Yes Dad I really do! There are several reasons I feel that having David here for this is important, one important one is that in order to help Eli, David will have to know all this information anyway. With having him here for this, we won't have to drag it all out again."

"Alright, it is your call. Eli, are you alright with having Mr. Hunt here while we tell you what we need to about your heritage?"

"Yes Grandpa. I really like David. He has been honest with me, and told me when he couldn't tell me something because he didn't want to lie about it or tell me something that could turn out to be wrong later down the road."

"Mr. Kerry, please call me David."

"Well, Mr. Hunt, I could only call you by your first name if you would do the same for me."

"Very well Gerald. Before you get started on telling Eli about his heritage, I feel it is my duty to inform you about myself and some of the gifts I have. First is that I am a Class III Wizard who at the present time is a Council Interviewer as well as a Council Trainer, currently without a trainee. Some of the gifts I have will come into play during this meeting, such as Empathic abilities as well as Area Scanning. If you are unsure as to what these gifts entail, please feel free to ask and I will describe them. Please note that I will not be actively reading any of the adults during these talks, however Sherry feels that it would be a wise idea to actively read Eli while you and his Mother are talking with him. Unless Eli directly asked me not too, I will agree with his Mothers wishes and actively read him."

"Will it hurt if you actively read me?" Eli asked in a scared voice.

"Nope, you won't feel a thing. Honestly unless I told you I was doing it you would have no idea I was."

"Then why tell me?"

"Because you have the right to your personal feelings. I have always felt that reading someone without their knowledge is a violation of that person."

"I admire that young man! Eli, what David is doing is being open and honest with you and treating you with the utmost respect. I for one respect David very much for that!"

"Okay, Thank you David. So, tell me what is so bad that you had to drive all the way here and drag Uncle Matt along as well?" The boy asked his Grandpa.

"I should start." Sherry said with a sigh. "First off Eli, I want you to know that I love you with every fiber of my being! I cannot stress that enough!"

"I know you do Mom, and I love you too! No matter what!"

"I truly hope you still feel that way after you hear what we have to say." Sherry took a few deep breaths then got right too it. "Eli, I did not give birth to you. I am not your biological mother."

"WHAT!? What are you saying, that I am adopted?"

"Yes, and no. Please let me explain the best I can, and then you can ask all the questions you want, or yell and scream all you want. Alright?" Eli just nodded his head. "Your birth mother was my best friend in the world back in high school and college. Her name was Katrina Miller and boy was she pretty. I found out in high school that she was a Wizard, and a pretty strong one at that. I believe she was a Class III. Anyway we both went away to the same college and lived in the dorms together. While I worked on my degree, Katrina worked on the guys on campus. Oh, don't get me wrong, she went to class, but she didn't spend a lot of time studying. During our second year, she met a guy and became serious with him. His name was Todd Everett. Todd was a very good looking young man and he treated Katrina like she was a princess. It turns out that Todd was also a Class III Wizard. Todd and Katrina started talking about maybe getting married around the end of our second year. But before any of that could happen, Todd got a call to rush home from his father. Katrina was really worried about what was going on and said some things to me about her feelings. One night while we were getting ready to head home for the summer, Todd called Katrina in a panic. He told her she needed to go into hiding because she was no longer safe. This really freaked Katrina out, but she knew that Todd wouldn't mess around joking with anything like this. She and I talked about it, and I decided that we would go to Uncle Matt's lake cabin down in the Ozarks and hide out there. Uncle Matt assured me that it was alright and he and my Father promised not to let anyone know where we were. We worked out a system where I would phone Uncle Matt's house once a week and be able to talk to my Father about any news he had heard. Once we were at the lake, Katrina started to get sick. We got scared and went to the doctor, which is when we found out about you. Katrina was over the moon with happiness. She tried to call Todd, but couldn't get through to him at his parents' house or on his cell phone. This really scared her, but she figured she would try back. She kept trying but never did get through to them. Then the news got really scary. My Father started telling me about people in the area going missing for weeks on end, then showing up and having no memory of where they had been. Uncle Matt told us that he had been asked if he had heard from Katrina or me, but he said we were doing a Peace Corps thing overseas that summer. Katrina was sure it had to do with why she couldn't get a hold of Todd. Then came the news that Katrina's parents were killed in a car crash just outside of town. She was sure that someone was out to get her, and that something had happened to Todd just as something had happened to her parents. She made me promise that I would take you no matter what and raise you as my own. No one could know that you were really her child, for she was sure you would be killed if anyone found out. Seeing how I had always thought of her as my sister, I made that promise. I stayed right by her until the day you arrived screaming your little head off! Katrina refused to go to the hospital to give birth, instead had a midwife come to the cabin to deliver you. She told the midwife her name was Sherry Kerry, so that is the name of the mother put onto your birth certificate. That is why I said yes and no to you being adopted. I am the mother listed on your birth certificate, but I didn't give birth to you. After Katrina recovered from having you, she went by herself to find out what happened to Todd. She found that Todd and almost his entire family, except for his little sister, died in a house fire. His little sister whom was living with a Wizard Council member told Katrina that the coroner had told her that Todd's body was badly mangled which wouldn't have been caused by the fire. Katrina was certain that Todd had been tortured to find out her location. After she had called me, she said she was going to head back to her parent's house, but she never made it. She was killed when a drunk driver hit her head on. I came back to my Father's house with you as my baby. Everyone saw you as my baby and no one made the connection to Katrina. A few years later, when you turned 4, a man started coming around asking questions about Katrina and Todd, and where I was the summer you were born. It was then that I decided to move into the city, hoping we could get lost in the crowds. Elijah Everett, you have been the light of my life since the day we found out about you. I might not have carried you in my womb, but I have felt like and acted like your mother since the day you were born. I love you more than life itself! I hope you can forgive me for lying to you all these years." Sherry said before breaking down completely.

Before anyone could say anything, Eli got up and went to his mother and hugged her tight, then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Mom you have always been my mom, and always will be my mom. I wish I could have known my other mom, and my Dad, but now I just want to know why they were killed. Was it something I did to cause them to be killed, or was it because they made me?"

"Elijah are you sure you are alight with what your mom just told you? You are not upset that we kept this from you all these years?" Gerald asked his Grandson.

"Well, I am really upset, but not with you or Mom. I guess I am more upset that all those people had to die, and that Mom had to hide me from the world because of what I am, or who I am. Honestly, it kind of makes me feel better about myself!"

"Why would what you just learn make you feel better about yourself?" A confused Sherry asked with tears still streaming down her face.

"Because it means I am not really a freak! I mean look at Grandpa, he is like huge and everything. You are not huge mom, but you're not really tiny either, then there is me, I am the smallest student in school by a long shot."

"Umm, Sherry do you happen to know or remember the name of the man that came around asking questions?" David asked, speaking for the first time sense this whole conversation started.

"Yes, I will never forget that man; he has such a mean feel about him. His name was Corbin DuPree. Why do you think it means something?"

"I know it means something. Corbin DuPree is a high ranking member of the Council of Wizards. It has been rumored that he has killed people who were thought to be strong enough to produce an offspring who might be the next Dexas. You see only a very strong Class III male along with a very strong Class III female from certain families could have a chance at an offspring being a Class I. It has never been proved that he has killed or had anyone killed, but it is a possibility. This is also the reason I feel Eli's interview needs to be done very quickly and in secret from the Council."

Everyone was quiet for a while. You could see the stress in each of the faces around the table. Before long, David spoke up again.

"For the time being, I would ask that nothing that was talked about here today be mentioned again. As long as Eli is a Wizard from only his father's side, he will be safe." You could tell he wanted to go on, but at that moment the door bell rang. "That would be Stephen and Karen more than likely. Let me go and let them in then we can get on with the interview process and go from there." David said getting up from the table and heading to the front door, where he greeted his brother and Sister-in-law.

"Welcome! Boy do we have a lot to talk about. Karen I need to ask if you can run a blood check without it going through the Council network?" David asked as soon as the door was shut behind them.

"Yes, I can run the sample manually. However, it wouldn't count for anything official seeing how we only recognize the samples through the network now." Karen said a little confused as to what her husband's twin was asking.

"Good, because I do not want this sample to be recognized by the Council until I am ready and have all my ducks in order. Brother, I am going to have to ask you to do something that you are not going to like. I need you to wipe your wife's memory after she runs the sample for me. I am afraid that if she is with any of the Council Members, they will be able to read that she preformed this sample manually, and what the results were. If that were to happen, she, you along with everyone else in this house would be in grave danger. Many people have already lost their lives to this, I can't have any more."

"You're serious, aren't you? David, what the hell is going on?"

"I wish I could tell you brother, but for now we need to get the sample done, then you need to take your wife away from here, and wipe her memory, and do it good! Then you are to come back alone so we can get the rest of the interview done, although at that point it is not really needed, but I wish to do it anyway. Let me get Eli, and we can get started."

With that said, David went to grab Eli who was still talking with his Mom and Grandpa in the Kitchen. Karen had set out the supplies she needed on the coffee table and was getting ready to do her test. Eli was not a happy camper when he found out he had to give a blood sample. He never did like needles.

"Eli, this is just like testing for blood sugar levels. I will use this lancet to draw a drop of blood, just one little drop. You will barely feel anything as you are poked." She explained to Eli who was not really paying attention as she had set out a very large bore needle on the table in front of Eli as soon as he let it known he didn't like needles at all. "Now, are you ready?" Karen asked with a little chuckle.

"I guess." Eli said not very happy.

"Well good, because we were done a while ago." She laughed.

"What!?" Eli asked shocked.

"Yep, while you were worrying all about that big needle I put out on the table, I got the blood sample I needed without you even knowing."

"Hey! That was sneaky!" He laughed.

"Okay Bud, how about you head back into the kitchen while Karen does her thing and I talk to Stephen for a few moments. Once she is done, I will come in and we can talk then." David said to Eli.

After Eli left the room, Karen showed the results of the blood test, it was a fact. Elijah Everett Kerry was in fact the Dexas!

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