The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

©: 2014

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Chapter 9

David and Sherry walked back into the kitchen, looking for Uncle Max. He wasn't in the kitchen, however, George told them that Uncle Max had fixed a cup of coffee and walked out back. This worried David a bit, as he knew his Uncle Max didn't really drink or like coffee all that much. David led Sherry out the back kitchen door and saw his Uncle sitting on the ground leaning back against a big tree.

"Is he alright, David?" Sherry whispered.

"I am sure he is. He does this a lot when he needs to think." David whispered back as they approached the older gentleman.

"Uncle, may we speak with you?" David asked when they reached the tree.

"Yes, my Khil (Khil is Child in the language of the Wizard). What is it you need to speak with me about?" Uncle Max asked without looking up.

"Uncle Max, my I call you Uncle Max? I guess I have never asked you that." Sherry started out.

"Of course you can, Janius. You are family." Uncle Max told her, looking up for the first time.

"Thank you, Uncle Max. I would like to ask you to be my teacher. I know you can't teach me the way of the Wizard World when it comes to their gifts. What I am asking you to teach me is the Wizard World language. I need to know as much as I can learn, so I am able to support Eli the best I can." Sherry said a little nervously.

"It would be my honor to teach you the old ways. I have been sitting here thinking about all I need to teach our young Dexas, over the next few months. Would you like to sit in on those training sessions, or would you prefer ones of your own?" By this time Uncle Max had stood up and seemed to be a bit more animated.

"Uncle Max, I think I would like to start with Eli, you know to show him I am being supportive. But then, after a few sessions, I think it would be best if we both did it on our own. I don't want Eli to feel he has to learn at the same pace with me, even if I am slower than he is." Sherry laughed.

"I will leave you two to work out the details. I need to get over to the school to get things started. I am sure I am going to have one hell of a day ahead of me. I don't want to start of being late. I will talk with you both tonight." David said, giving both his Uncle and Sherry each a hug goodbye.

David had about 30 minutes before he was scheduled to meet with the principle of the Dyersville Middle School. Granted, he only had a 15 minute drive to get to the school. David wanted to give himself a little extra time to make sure he knew where he was going. Even though he had his GPS set, he wasn't 100% sure he trusted the thing as of yet. He tended to make sure he gave himself extra time when going anywhere using the contraption. Yet again, the GPS proved to be dead on. While waiting for the appointment time, David went through all his paperwork to make sure he had everything in order.

Even with the Councilman's backing, David was still nervous. David had been teaching physical education in a high school for the last eight years, ever since he got out of the US Navy. Even though his degree was a Bachelor of Science in Education, with his major being science, he had taken the first position offered to him. Now he was being offered a position as a middle school science teacher. He was a bit nervous, figuring that he would be out of practice and would flop.

After checking in with the ladies in the front office, David went and sat down to wait on Dr. Ron Martin, who was the Principal of the Dyersville Middle School.

David's old friend on the Wizard Council, Councilman Donald Hulse, had made all the arrangements for David to get this teaching position. Councilman Hulse had known Ron for many years, they grew up together. It wasn't very often the Councilman had asked Ron for a favor, so this was a big deal.

"Mr. Hunt, it's nice to finally meet you. Donald has talked about you to me for a long time. Please step into my office, so we can talk? Dorothy, please hold all my calls unless it is Ryan or Nevin."

"Mr. Hunt, do you mind if I just call you David?" Dr. Martin asked as soon as the door was shut.

"No Sir, not at all." David replied.

"David, please call me Ron. Donald has been talking to me about you for years. He is a huge fan of the work you have done for the Wizard Council. He has tried to talk me into offering you a job for the last few years; however I know you were settled at the position you were in. I am very curious as to why the sudden desire to change positions, as well as relocating to a much smaller district. Would you care to tell me about that?"

"Well, Sir, I am not sure how much Councilman Hulse has told you about my situation?"

"Pretend he hasn't told me anything; other than you needed a new teaching position and wanted it at my school."

"I met a woman whom I am now engaged to. She has an 11 year old son, who turns out to be a Wizard." David paused to really think about what he was going to say.

David had been thinking he needed some back up while Eli would be at school, and maybe Ron was that backup. He had the trust of one of the most trusted members of the Council of Wizards, so maybe David needed to take a chance.

"Sir, I am going to trust you with something that very few others know. No one on the Council of Wizards even knows about what I am about to tell you, and for the time being, it really must stay that way. Even my own twin does not know the truth about this! Can I trust you to back me and keep this secret until the time is right for it to come out?"

"Now you really have my curiosity peaked. I get the feeling this is more about a child then it is you. There is only one thing that I would protect more than any child, and that is my son! You have my word I will not say anything about what we talk about with anyone without your permission."

"I am really taking a risk here, without talking to the rest of the family. I just want you to be aware of that. I met Eli through my brother, who was his science teacher. Stephen noticed Eli do something in class one day, and recognized the sign that he was a Wizard. Stephen called and talked to me like he had done many times, to have me help him do the interview. Once we started the interview with Eli, we both realized we were going to need his parents' involved because Eli had no clue that Wizards even existed. Once we got into the interview with Eli's mother, I started to get worried we were not dealing with a normal situation. I called Stephen's wife and asked her to do the blood testing, old school, so it would not be registered with the council. My hunch turned out to be right on the money. Eli is the Dexas!"

"You're kidding! I heard rumors, about 12 years ago; that the Dexas was thought to have been born to someone from this area, but it was never proven."

"The rumors were both correct and wrong. Eli's mom, Sherry, isn't really Eli's Mother! What I mean by that is that Eli's birthmother used Sherry's name to hide his birth. She knew he was in danger as his birth Father's entire family had already been killed. Her feeling of danger was right; as it wasn't a month after Eli was born that she was killed in a head on accident while arranging the funerals for her parents. As you can tell, the rumors were correct as Eli was born to someone from this area, as Sherry grew up here; however, of Eli's true birth parents, one was not from this area. Someone from the Council does not want the new Dexas to come forward; they do not want him to gain control of the Wizard Heart. There is a danger to young Eli, if it becomes known that he is the Dexas, before he is ready to take control."

"Yes, I would agree with you on that, and you have my word I will not say anything to anyone about who he truly is. In saying that, I do feel it would be wise to talk to Nevin Mills, who is the Sheriff here in Johnson County. Having him on board with this information will allow you to have eyes outside of the school. Nevin is also an old friend of both mine and Donald's. Not only did he grow up with us here, but Nevin and Donald both served in the Marines together. Now, while I trust Donald with my life, I would trust Nevin with my son's!"

"I know that Councilman Hulse told me the Sheriff was a Class III Wizard and is as trustworthy as they come. Don't misunderstand, I trust Councilman Hulse and consider him a friend, but I don't want to risk my son's safety with him knowing the truth. Someone on the Council wants my son dead before the Wizard World finds out his is the Dexas. This is too important to take risks." David told his new boss.

"David, I understand that, and I totally agree with you on the risk, however, Nevin isn't the risk you are referring to. There really is only a very few on earth who I trust Ryan to, well honestly, there are only two people. Nevin is one of those; my younger brother is the other, yet even then, Nevin is listed as my choice for Guardian for Ryan if something was to happen to me. I know that really doesn't mean much, but you trusted me with this info, and I am telling you it would be a benefit to trust Nevin with it, as well." Ron told David with passion.,

"I had planned on meeting with Sheriff Mills later in the day. I will take what you are recommending and think hard about it and make the discussion when I meet with him."

"Fair enough, David. Now, let me walk you around the school real quick." They left the office and were heading down the hall. As they were walking, Ron was giving David a bit of history of the school. "As you may know, the teacher you are replacing died several months ago. We have been covering the classes with anyone who has a free period. The other teachers are really excited to know you are coming on board. Here we go. This will be your classroom. There isn't a class scheduled in it for the next 30 minutes, so we can go in and take a look." Ron said as he opened the door.

The two of them spent about 15 minutes looking around the room and checking out the equipment available. As they were leaving, a student came running up. David thought he was going to run Ron over, but at the very last moment, the boy pulled up and stopped.

"Hi Dad, Mary said you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Son, I did. I would like for you to meet Mr. Hunt. He will be starting on Monday as your new Science teacher. He also has a son who is going to be starting here on Monday as well. I was hoping you would be willing to be his buddy for the day and to show him around the school."

"Sure, Dad. It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Hunt. Are you Lead Council Trainer, David Hunt, Sir?"

"Yes, I was known by that name. However, I have taken a leave from the Council, in order to start my new family. I would appreciate it if it didn't get out that I was the Lead Trainer for the Council, while I am here, can you help with that?"

"Sure! Though, most of my friends will know who you are, as soon as they are told your name. Although, I guess, as most teachers do, you don't have to tell us students your first name, or you could go by your middle name, and not use David at all. But, that is something you will have to choose. By the way, what is your son's name?"

David laughed at the ease that this boy solves problems. He hadn't even thought of using his middle name to help hide his position with the Council. It was almost too easy for this boy to solve.

"Sorry, David, Ryan has the Gift of Problem Solving. It can be a bit annoying when he solves things before I can even think about them." Ron laughed.

"Yeah, I know, but it also can be a huge help. One of my shipmates back in the Navy had it, and I used him a lot to bounce ideas off of. Ryan, I might just have to do the same with you. Don't ever get discouraged for having this gift; I will work with you on controlling the impulsive nature to solve everyone's problems all the time."

"Really, you will work with me to control it? Wow, that will be so kewl. But you didn't answer my question. What is your Son's name?"

"Your right, I didn't. My Son's name is Elijah, but we call him Eli." David told Ryan.

"So, I know you're a Class III, what is Eli?" Ryan asked.

"Well, Eli is not a Class III. See, his Mother isn't a Wizard, but please, don't hold that against him."

"I have several friends who aren't Class III's, so I don't hold anyone's rating against them. Plus, I am a Class IV. I even have Non-Wizards who are friends." Ryan huffed sounding a bit put off.

"Ryan, I am sorry if I offended you, but it has been my experience that more often than not, low ranking Wizards are made fun of for not being more powerful. I am very pleased to know you are not like that. If your friends are the same as you, than I would be very pleased if you would help Eli fit in with them? See, Eli is also on the small side, and was picked on at his last school. He was bullied really badly for years. That is one of the main reasons we have decided to make this move. I didn't feel it was safe for him to stay there. I could really use your help here."

"Don't worry, Mr. Hunt, my friends and I will look out for him. As long as he treats us the same way! Dad, I have to get to class. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Hunt. I will see you on Monday. Dad, I will see you at lunch." Ryan turned and headed to his next class.

After showing David around the school, where all the important rooms were, they headed back to the office. Ron gave David a packet of paperwork to be filled out over the weekend. He informed him that the background check had already been done and that the district had already approved of his hire. The salary package was also in the packet, along with the contract for him to go over and sign. Ron told David he would need to stop by the school district offices to get his ID Card made, as the school's was broken and waiting to be repaired.

David left the school feeling much more comfortable with his new position. He headed over to the Sheriff's Offices to try to meet the local Sheriff. He was really giving what Ron had said a lot of thought, but he really just couldn't make up his mind.

David made his way into the typical government offices. He asked the slightly overweight older officer manning the front desk to let the Sheriff know that Mr. David Hunt was there to speak with him. The old desk sergeant just glared at him.

"Please let Sheriff Mills know that LCT David Hunt is here to see him." David said, pushing a bit of Gift of Compulsion into the request.

"Right away, Sir." The man said while quickly picking up the phone to call back. "Sir, he said he would be right here to see you. Would you like a cup of coffee while you wait?"

David declined the coffee and took a seat. It wasn't long before a large man walked into the lobby from the back room. He walked right up to David and stuck out his hand.

"David, I am Nevin Mills. It is an honor to meet you. Why don't we walk back to my office where we can talk in private?" David stood and shook the man's hand while they started heading back into the depths of the building.

Nevin lead David back to a large office with a full glass wall overlooking the main room. David was impressed with the way the whole office felt. David saw one wall was full of photos, including several of Nevin and Ron, along with their families.

"David, Donald called me a few weeks ago and told me you and your new family would be moving here. I know Mr. Kerry and Mr. Kahne fairly well, thankfully, I have never had a problem with either, as I know both of them are retired Army. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to mess with either of them even at their age. I understand that you're soon to be Step-Son has somewhat inherited Mr. Kahne's farm, and that is where you plan to live. Is all this information correct?"

"Yes it is correct. At least, that is the information that I gave Councilman Hulse when I spoke to him. I know you are very old friends with him, as well as the fact that you both served in the Marines together. According to Ron Martin, you are very trusted by him, to quote him, he 'would trust his son's life with you'."

"Yes, Ron is very protective of Ryan after what happened with Ryan's mother. I guess you are not from around here, you wouldn't know. Well, to make a long story short, she got involved with a weird church group and they convinced her that Ryan was evil or the anti-Christ or something and she abducted him and tried to kill him. Her parents tried to get custody of Ryan after the trial was over, but they were part of the same group. The whole thing was a total mess. Anyway, that is why Ron is so protective of Ryan. I just thought you should know why."

"Thank you. That does explain a lot of questions I was having after my meeting with Ron, and the way he stated things. Even though I have just met you and Ron, I feel as though I can trust you as well, and I am going to risk it. However, before I tell you the true reasons behind this move, I need your word you will not tell another sole, including your wife, what I am about to tell you. Can you do that?"

"While I normally do not keep secrets from Melonie, my wife, I am willing to go along with you and keep it from her."

"Trust me, I think it is as much for her as it is for my family that you keep what I am about to tell you from her," David told the large Sheriff.

David went on to tell Nevin the long version of how they got to where they were. He told Nevin everything, including the background to Eli taking over Uncle Matt's farm. Nevin didn't make a sound the whole time David was telling the story, his face never changed either.

"Wow, David, that is quite the story. If it had been anyone else who walked in here and told me a story like that, I would never believe them. However, your reputation precedes you, and I know you are telling the truth. What I don't know is why you are telling me?"

"Ron thought you might be a good person to have in our corner while I get Eli ready to take his rightful place. I am going to need more eyes than I have to help keep my Khil safe."

"Okay, but why not the Monco? Wouldn't he be a better choice to help you?"

"The Monco is the last person I want to know. As the head of the Wizards in this area, he is in contact with the Council of Wizards on a regular basis. I do not need the headache of having to screen him each time he makes a call to them. Please remember, I know the tricks the Council uses, I worked for them for years." David was really starting to think telling the Sheriff about Eli was a mistake.

"Good, those were my thoughts as well. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. One of the things that will make this easier for all of us is if you come to work for the county. Now, before you say no, please hear me out. We are very short handed on Medics for this area. We have been trying to hire a few for about 2 years now. What I would like for you to do is become a part-time volunteer Trauma Medic. You would need to carry a radio, one that I could have with a secured channel for you and me to talk without anyone hearing. I would say just use a cell phone, but they are spotty around here. Our two-way radios are much more reliable. If you were to help us out, either by a volunteer or as a paid medic, you would be expected to carry one of the radios. I don't know how you would explain it, if you didn't." Sheriff Mills said smiling. You could just tell the Sheriff was very pleased this was working out to his advantage.

"Well, I would be willing to do it on a part-time volunteer basis, for now. But, I would need to talk to Sherry about it before committing myself to anything." David laughed.

"That would be great. And to sweeten the pot a bit, the County will pay for any refresher courses you might need or any license fees that arise."

"I will talk to Sherry and Eli about it tonight, and get their input. I will let you know tomorrow if I am going to agree or not. There is one other thing I was hoping you would help me with, meeting the Monco. As you may know, my status with the Council is well known. I am sure the Monco is aware I have moved into his area. What I am afraid of is that he will be worried about me wanting his position as Monco. I can assure you there is nothing about that position that I want. I will have my hands full with training Eli, working with the school, possibly with you and the county, and helping out where I can with the other youths in the area. Not to mention getting to know my fiancée. My son also has his company to run, even though he has more help than he has ever had, I still want to be a part of that as well. What I don't want is a one way pissing contest to start because he might think I want that job! I was thinking you might be willing to go with me to introduce me to him?"

"Yeah, I can do that. Oh, and just so you know, he isn't worried; he is scared as hell. Well, more like scared shitless. But, I have been laughing at him ever since he was told you were moving here and taking a leave from the Council. I think it's you taking a leave from the Council that has him scared the most. He knows you out rank him by a long shot. Judge Russell Tucker has been a very good Monco to the community around here. He is fair yet firm on his rulings, and truly cares about his people. I, for one, am glad you aren't planning on shoving him out." Nevin said while getting to his feet. "Why don't we head out now and maybe we can invite the Judge to lunch, on you, of course!" The Sheriff laughed.

"It would be my honor to buy the two of you lunch, as long as it's either very cheap or very good!" David laughed back.

The two men walked out of the office to head over to the courthouse. On the way out of the building, the Sheriff let it be known where he was going and what channel his radio was on. Once they were outside, the Sheriff led David over to a large Ford pickup truck with all the markings of a patrol car. David made a comment about it being the biggest patrol car he had ever seen, while Nevin just laughed.

"Yeah, it's a monster, alright. But it gets me where I need to go, and that sometimes is even a challenge with this beast. There are a lot of areas of this county that are very tough to get to, and without a large 4x4 you would never get there. By the way, what do you drive? You will need to provide your own vehicle if you become a medic for us, but we will reimburse you for any gas you use and any upgrades you need to make to it."

"I have an almost brand new Ford Explorer, and yes, it is 4-wheel drive. All that would need to be done to it would be put on some emergency lighting, but that shouldn't be too tough to do, or cost too much money." David was really starting to like the idea of being a volunteer medic for the County. While he was thinking about that idea, he didn't even notice they had already arrived at the courthouse.

"Why the hell did we drive all the way down the block if it was this close?" David asked.

"Well, I blame the job!" Nevin laughed. "Honestly, I never know when I am going to get a call I have to rush off to. So, having my truck right outside wherever I am is a must. I know, it drives my wife nuts, too, even when we just go next door, I move my truck. Granted the next door neighbors are almost a half mile away!" Nevin said as they were walking up the steps to the courthouse.

Once they made it through the security check, they headed up to the second floor. Nevin asked David to wait outside one of the courtrooms while he went to check to see if Judge Tucker was in session. It turned out he wasn't, but was in his chambers doing some paperwork.

As David and Nevin walked into the Judge's Chambers, David could tell the Judge was way more nervous than David himself was. The man who stood behind the large desk looked to be in his early 50's. He had salt and pepper hair, which was trimmed short. He wore wire frame glasses that didn't look too thick. He was right about 6 feet tall and had a nice build, not muscle bound, but not flabby either.

"Judge, I would like for you to meet LCT David Hunt. David, I would like for you to meet Judge Russell Tucker, area Monco." Nevin said as they all just kind of stood there.

"Nice to meet you, your Honor. I will try to be brief and not take up too much of your time."

"Not to worry, Mr. Hunt. I was kind of expecting you to show up at some point today, or at least hoping you would. I would like to welcome you to the area. If you or your family has any troubles, please feel free to call upon me."

"Thank you, Monco Tucker. So far, everything is to our liking. I would like to clear the air about a couple of items while I am here with you, if that is alright with you?"

"By all means, what is it I can do for you?" The Judge asked while gesturing the men to have a seat across the large desk from where he was. Once David and Nevin started to sit, so did the Judge.

"As you know, I am the highest ranking Class III in the Council. As the Council rules and bylaws are laid out, it is within my right to ask you to step aside, now that I have moved into this area with the Council of Wizards blessing."

"Yes, I am aware of all that. I was hoping you wouldn't exercise that right, but I do understand if you choose to. I will admit, I wouldn't be happy about it, but I wouldn't fight you on it either." The Judge said sounding a bit defeated.

"I am glad to hear there wouldn't be a pissing contest to see who would become the Monco. That in itself says a lot about you as the current Monco, and one of the main reasons I am going to exercise my right to not ask you to step aside." You could see the relief upon Judge Tucker's face immediately when David said the word not. "From everything I have heard, from the Council of Wizards to the locals I have met, you are a top notch Monco who works hard for his people and cares about them. I see no reason to change that. You are welcome to make any type of announcement or statement you wish, and I will back you anyway you need. My life is going through some major changes right now, which is why we moved here. I do not want, need, or have the time to be the Monco. Nor do I think I could do it even a quarter as good as you can and have done in the past."

"Thank you, David, that means a lot to me." The Monco said.

"In saying all that, just to let you know, I will be watching what you do and won't hesitate to step in if I feel it is needed." David laughed hoping the threat wasn't taken seriously. "I do, however, need your help with something?"

"Anything! If there is something I can do for you please don't hesitate to ask."

"As you may know, I have taken a leave from all duties with the Council of Wizards. There are a few of the Councilmen who are not happy at all, that I have stepped away, even if it is temporary. In your position as Monco, you are in contact with the Council of Wizards on a regular basis. Please keep your ears open to anything said about me or my new family. I am a bit worried as what they might do if they see me as a threat."

"David, surely you don't think a member of the Council of Wizards would do anything to hurt you or your family, because you have taken a leave of absence, do you?"

"Honestly, I don't know. With the amount of knowledge I have of the Council and its members, I am not sure what they would do if I decided not to go back to them. And between you, Nevin, the fence post, and myself, I am not returning as a full time trainer for the Council of Wizards. Please do not repeat that, but I have already decided. When they are told of this decision there will not be anything they can do about it at that time, as my protection will be in place by then. Right now, I have no protection."

"I am surprised you are worried about the Council in this way, David. However, I am sure you know more of the background and workings of it than most. I will keep this between us, but remember, you are one of my people now, and if you have issues with them, then so do I."

"Hey you two? This can all be talked about over lunch. Come on, I am hungry, and David said he would buy, as long as it is either cheap or good! So let's go down to Maggie's and get some good cheap food!" Sheriff Mills said while getting to his feet.

"Nevin, do you ever think about anything where food isn't involved? Damn it is no wonder your poor Mother had to open up a restaurant just to feed you!" The Judge laughed.

"Ha Ha, laugh it up, Your Honor! I will have you know that she was able to open up the restaurant after I left for the Marines because she had perfected her cooking skills keeping me fed! Now she can keep the town fed, cheap and good, all because of me!" Nevin said standing tall and puffing his chest out.

The Judge was almost crying he was laughing so hard. David didn't know what they were talking about and before he could ask, Nevin saw his confusion.

"My Mother is Maggie, she owns Maggie's Diner. It is just what you asked for, but both. It's cheap and good. And it's always packed, so let's go!" He said turning and heading out the door.

The Judge was still laughing and David had to chuckle at them both. Nevin was acting like he hadn't eaten in a week or so, and the Judge was like on decompression overload and couldn't stop laughing.

As the Judge and David chose to walk down the street, Nevin moved his patrol truck to the diner. They hadn't been joking when Nevin said it was normally packed, they had about a 15 minute wait before they got seated.

The waitress's name was Dawn, so David didn't think this was Nevins's Mother. As soon as Nevin saw who was standing there waiting on them, his eyes lit up.

"Aunt Dawn, when did you get back into town?" He asked, getting up and giving the older lady a hug.

"I got back night before last, but was so warn out I slept most of yesterday. Your Momma said she was going to fire me if I wasn't at work today!"

"Yeah, right! Like she would ever fire you! How was your cruise? Oh, I am sorry, Aunt Dawn, this is David Hunt. He is the new science teacher at the middle school." Nevin told his Aunt.

"Welcome to town, Mr. Hunt. Now just what is a middle school science teacher doing with the County Sheriff and a District Judge?"

"Um, well Ma'am..." David started but was cut off by the Judge.

"Miss Dawn, you should know the name David Hunt! As in Lead Council Trainer, David Hunt, nephew to Max Hunt, twin brother to Stephen Hunt. After all, he is the highest rated Class III there is!"

"Aw, well that makes sense then! What do you want to drink there, David?" She asked without blinking an eye.

"A glass of unsweetened ice tea, please?"

After she had gotten all the drink orders and went off to fill them. David asked about her weird response to who he was.

"David, Dawn is a bit of a strange cookie. Even though she is a Class IV, she has very little to do with the Wizard World. You would enjoy talking to her about her opinions of the Council. I know I have had one or more battles with the Council on her behalf. She is very opinionated and isn't afraid to speak out those opinions." The Judge filled David in.

"Aunt Dawn is my Mother's older sister. Her husband was killed in Vietnam, and her only son was killed in Iraq a few years ago. However, this hasn't slowed her down any. She just got back from an Italian cruise, well two, really. She was gone a little over a month. She has been living with my Mother for the past few years, helping out where she could, including here. She moved back here after her son was killed." Nevin explained.

"Wow, that is tough. I was in Iraq and lost a few friends there as well. It is good she is keeping busy and your Mother is helping her out." David said before noticing a very robust woman waving at Nevin.

"Sorry, will you excuse me. Looks like I am wanted in the kitchen. More than likely it is your fault, David!" Nevin laughed as he got up and headed towards his Mother.

After they had ordered, they spoke about lots of different subjects, but nothing really serious. The food was just as Nevin had declared, cheap but good. Once the three of them had finished lunch and parted ways, Nevin drove David back to the Sheriff's Office to get his truck. Nevin reassured David he would keep the secret and would keep his eyes out, as well as have his staff do the same without explaining why. Nevin asked David if he wanted a patrol car stationed out at the farm for protection. David declined the protection detail for now, hoping a low profile would do the trick.

David said his goodbyes to Nevin in the parking lot of the Sheriff's Office before heading out. David still needed to stop by the school district offices to get his ID card made before heading back out to the farm. This had been a very full day for him and had tired him out. David couldn't remember being this tired for a long time.

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