The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 11

Eli had just come down to breakfast as David was heading out the door for school. David needed to be there at least 20 minutes before Eli did.

"Wait Dad! I haven't even had anything to eat yet." Eli rushed out.

"Calm down, son, your mom is going to be bringing you to school today. She has to be there in order to get you registered. After today, you can ride in with me if you want or you can grab the bus that comes by. The choice will be yours. My classroom is number 109. You can stop in anytime you want to. I will see you at school." David said giving Eli a hug, then heading out to his truck.

Eli was very quiet on the way to the school. He was thinking how much he wanted this school to be better than his last one. Maybe he might even make some friends along the way. He wasn't sure if he should let anyone know that David was his new dad.

"Sweetie, you will be fine! You know your dad will protect you no matter what. No one here is going to pick on you and if they do, tell your dad right away. Alright?"

"I'll try, mom. I still don't see why I couldn't be home schooled?"

"Both your dad and I have explained it to you, as well as grandpa Max. Just give this school a chance. Remember not only is your dad teaching there, but this is where I went as well. I bet I know more of the teachers there, some from when I was there and some I went to school with."

"Wait, I might have a teacher who taught you? What are they immortal?" Eli said then started giggling.

"Ha ha, very funny smart guy! Well, here we are, let's get in there and get you started." Sherry said as she pulled up in front of the school.

Eli got his first look at the grand old building, he liked it. It wasn't just a block of bricks like his old school was, this one had character. They walked up to the main doors to the office where a boy looking to be close to Eli's age held the door open for them. Eli thanked him and the boy replied,

"You're welcome Eli. And Welcome to the school."

"HEY! How did you know my name?"

"Sherry! It is so good to see you again. I told Kerry you had moved back. She told me to tell you to give her a call when you get settled in, here is her card." Ron Martin said to Sherry as she walked into the office area.

"Ron, or should I now say Dr. Martin? It is good to see you as well. This is my son Elijah, or Eli as he prefers."

"Hello Eli, it is nice to meet you." Ron said while shaking Eli's hand. He then turned to the other boy and said, "Ryan, you take a seat over there and I will deal with you in a few." Turning back to Sherry and Eli, "Why don't we step into my office and chat for a few moments, then I will get your schedule and assign you a guide for the day."

Leading Sherry and her son into his office, Dr. Martin closed his door. After everyone had taken their seats, he started the chat.

"Eli, David has told me all about you. I will tell you the same thing I tell all young Wizards who start at this school, there will be no using your Gifts here at school unless one of three things happens. First, by not using your Gift someone would be killed or hurt really badly. Second, by not using your Gift a grave injustice would be committed. Third, by not using your Gift the building might be damaged and become unsafe. Do you understand these rules?"

"Yes Sir. But, um, what if I use one on accident? I am still getting new ones all the time, even though dad has tried to slow them down, but they just keep coming."

"That is something that all young Wizards have to learn to deal with. Just try that is all I can and will ask of you or any other student in this building. Now the other thing I want you to know is you can come to me with anything. I know there is a lot of pressure on you, not just here at school, but at home too." Sherry started to protest but Ron held up his hand, "Trust me, I know the pressure he is under isn't anyone's fault, it is his birthright. Nevertheless, pressure is pressure and we all have to learn to deal with it. I don't tell very many people this, Eli, but my doctorate is in child psychology. I gave up practicing after my wife died and I moved back home to have help with my son. I can and will be glad to hang my shingle back out for you if you ever need to talk."

"Thank you, sir." Eli told him.

"Okay, well now that that's out of the way, here is your schedule. Now, we do use student ID's for a lot of things around here and you will need to get one made. However, our machine is broken and won't get fixed until next Monday, so for now, you will need to keep this piece of paper with you at all times. If a teacher asks you for your SID, or Student ID, then you hand them this. We are very strict about this, if you don't have it with you, your parents will be called to pick you up, or the Sheriff will. Do you understand this?"

"Yes, sir, I do. It was the same way at my last school." Eli replied.

"One last thing and then I will introduce you to your guide buddy for the day. We have a ZERO Tolerance policy for fighting as well as a ZERO Tolerance policy for bullying. Here are the policies, what I need is for you both to read over them, ask questions if you have any, and then sign at the bottom showing that you have read and understand both policies. This will go into your student file and be kept on record."

As Eli read the policy for anti bullying, he was starting to like this school more and more. The policy was written so there was no doubt in what bullying was or what would happen to anyone who decided to be a bully. Eli happily signed both after his mother had and handed them back to Dr. Martin.

"Thank you. Now, let's go see if your guide is still out there waiting." Dr. Martin said while walking to the door.

"Ryan, get your butt over here!" The principle snapped at the boy who had held the door open for them. "Come on, I don't have all day, you lazy bum!"

Sherry couldn't believe how Ron was talking to this child, a student! The boy walked as slow as he could over to where the three of them were standing.

"Boy, if you don't get a move on I am going to take you out back!"

"Yeah right! Like you tried to do to me last night Old Man? I will whoop your wrinkly butt any time any place." Now Sherry was really shocked. "Just wait tell I get home tonight, then we will see who has the right to do the junk talking to the other! You might not know it, Old Man, but by having me wait so long, you gave me the advantage!" The boy said waving a magazine around. Eli could see it was a back issue of Gamer, a magazine for video game enthusiasts. The copy Ryan had was a special on Mario Cart, one with most of the cheat codes and special tricks to help you beat your opponent. Eli had this copy and he used it well.

"We'll see, we'll see, brat. Sherry, Eli, I would like for you to meet my son, Ryan. Ryan, this is Eli and his mother Sherry. Ryan and I have been playing Mario Cart and the stakes have been getting steep. Eli, Ryan will be your guide today and tomorrow if needed. I think Ryan has all but two classes with you, but, I am sure he will show you where those are on your walk around. So, why don't you boys head out while Eli's mom finishes up with a few things here? Will Eli be riding the bus home?"

"No, I am sure he will be getting a ride with David." Sherry told him.

"Ryan, make sure you take Eli over and show him where room 109 is." Ron told his son as he and Eli were heading out the door.

"No problem, Dad, will do!" And the boys were gone.

After Sherry signed everything needed, paid the school fees, and put money into Eli's lunch account she headed back home. She had a really good feeling about this school.

"Do you like to be called Eli, or something else?" Ryan asked as they were walking away from the offices.

"Eli is fine. It's a lot better than EEK. That is what the other kids called me at my old school."

"EEK? Why would they call you that?"

"It's my initials. Someone said it fit because freaks are so scary. My full name is Elijah Everett Kerry."

"Cool, you know not many can spell something with their initials, I can, but Noah and Jeremy can't. So I think it is cool you can. Oh, by the way, mine spells RAM. Ryan Adam Martin, at your service, Sir." Ryan said taking a bow.

"So, umm, how much did your dad tell you about me?" Eli asked thinking maybe Ryan knew the truth what with the Sir comment and all.

"Well, he told me where you came from and that you were a victim of bullying. He also told me that you have a new dad, Mr. Hunt, which by the way is really cool. He told me you moved out to Mr. Kahne's farm which you are to inherit. I think that is about it." Ryan said.

"Oh, okay. I just didn't want to be telling you things you already knew." Eli told him feeling relieved his secret was still safe for now.

"Oh, just so you know, I am a Class IV. There is a large number of us here at this school, and in this area. Dad told me this is one of the most populated areas for us. Don't worry about what your Class is. No one really puts anyone down because they are a III, IV, or V. You can't control it, so why worry about it?" Ryan had stopped walking right outside a classroom, but before he could say anything the door opened.

"Hi, son, hello Ryan. What are you two doing here? Is everything alright, Eli?" David asked as soon as the door shut behind him.

"Hello, um, Sir." Ryan said, remembering his last conversation with the adult before him, regarding his name.

"Ryan, I decided just to go with my name, Mr. Hunt. I figured it would just be easier."

"Yes Sir. I was just showing Eli where your classroom was. We are on our walk around for the rest of this hour, and next. I am going to show him where all his classes are and where the important parts of the building are, like the bathrooms to use, and ones not to, and where the pig sty is, I mean the cafeteria." Ryan said with a straight face.

"Very funny, Ryan, but let's hope it is better than you're making it out to be, otherwise, we might be better off bringing our lunches. I think Dr. Martin said I will have the same lunch time with you, but don't worry Eli, I won't sit with you." David laughed.

"That's alright, Dad, I wouldn't mind. At least I would have someone to talk to." Eli said.

"Oh, no way is a teacher sitting with us! Sorry, Sir, no offence, but teachers have to sit with teachers, and students have to sit with students. It's a rule! Eli will be sitting with me, today, and tomorrow, if he likes, us staff kids have to stick together!" Ryan jumped in real fast.

"Well, we don't want to break rules on our first day, now do we, Eli? I will see you later." David said as he headed back into his classroom.

"Wow, you are so lucky to have him as your dad. He said he would help me with some of my Gifts I am having trouble with. By the way, at lunch, we will be sitting with a few Nons, Jeremy, Stacy, and Evan. They are all really cool kids and I think Jeremy might know about us, because his mom and dad are lawyers who have helped a few Wizards out. We still don't talk about it around them, though." Ryan explained to Eli.

Ryan showed Eli where each of his classes were and where his locker was and how to get into it. He also took him by the auditorium, gym, and the councilor's offices. Then they headed to their third hour, which was about to start.

Eli's schedule was almost the same as his last school. He had, English, History, Math, Art, and then lunch. After lunch was Computer Tech, Gym/Health, Science, and last was Study Hall. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he had gym, and on Tuesday and Thursday he had health. Ryan had the same schedule except for art and science.

One of the things Eli really liked about his guide was Ryan refused to tell him anything about his teachers. Ryan said Eli needed to form his own views about them and he didn't want to influence him in any way. They chatted about what their likes were while they waited outside their third hour classroom.

When the bell rang and all the kids had cleared the room, Ryan walked in and up to the teacher who was clearing the white board.

"Mr. Stewart, you have a new student today." Ryan said as a way to start the introductions.

"Yes, I got the memo, Ryan. Have a seat and I will take care of our newest fan. As you might have guessed, I am Mr. Stewart; you may call me Mr. Stewart." The 6' 3" foot teacher laughed at his own joke. Eli didn't really understand the joke, but then he figured no one but Mr. Stewart did, either. "Now, if I am not mistaken, you are Elijah Kerry, correct?"

"Eli, sir, I prefer to be called Eli." Eli quietly told the man.

"I saw from your transcript you do very well in this subject. If you find yourself behind or ahead of where we are, please let me know and we will work something out. I do not want you to become bored with this class or fall behind. Why don't you take a seat behind Ryan and next to Noah? Please keep the talking to a bare minimum while in this class. And welcome."

After Eli had taken his seat, Ryan turned to him and introduced him to the boy sitting next to him as Noah Mills. Turns out that Noah had completely the same schedule as Eli.

During the class, Eli found out he was way ahead of where the rest of the class was. He didn't know if he should really tell Mr. Stewart or not, until he thought about what his dad would think if he found out he was slacking in class. Eli made his decision once the teacher had given the daily assignment and allowed the class to get started. He quietly went up to the teacher's desk during the quiet work time to speak to the teacher. But, another student was there first, trying to get help.

"Nora, I really don't know how to explain it any other way. I have shown you both ways I know. Try this one and really think about it." Eli could tell the teacher was frustrated with his student but didn't know how to help her. Eli watched to see what she was doing and saw the mistake she was making.

"Mr. Stewart, sir, can I offer a suggestion on how to help her get the correct answer?"

"By all means, Eli. If you can help her, please do."

Eli explained to the young lady what he saw her doing and how to correct where she was going wrong. He tried his hardest not to upset the girl or his new teacher as well as not come across as a know it all.

"Well I'll be. I would have never thought of that before. Where did you learn that trick, young man?" Mr. Stewart asked his new student.

"My science teacher taught us that, last quarter." Eli replied very quietly.

"Well, I might have to have you teach that trick to the whole class tomorrow. Well done, both of you."

"Wait, you mean I got one right?" The girl asked, stunned?

"Yep, Nora you got them all right! You might want to thank Eli for teaching you, where I failed." This statement had Eli almost panicking.

"You didn't fail Mr. Stewart; you just knew the long harder way to get there." Eli rushed out. Mr. Stewart could tell Eli was now scared.

"Your right again, Eli. I am sorry I said that. What I should have said was for teaching you a method I didn't know about. Nora, why don't you go back to your seat and work at finishing today's assignment." Mr. Stewart told the girl before turning to his newest student. "So, Eli, I take it you are a bit further along than this class is?"

"Yes, Sir, I looked at the book you gave me, and I was about 6 chapters ahead of where you said the rest of the class is. I don't know what you want me to do." Eli said, still a bit worried his teacher was upset with him.

"Well, tomorrow, I am going to give you a new placement test, this will give us a better idea where or should I say what class you get put in. It might be we will have to look into moving you up in classes or put you into an independent study for the remainder of the year."

Mr. Stewart could tell the boy in front of him was either very scared or very worried about something and he thought it might be the testing.

"Don't worry; the test won't count against your grade or anything like that." He tried to tell the boy and relieve his fears.

"I'm not worried about that, Sir." Eli said while checking out his shoes again.

Before the teacher could talk to him about whatever the problem was, the bell rang and Eli rushed back over to his seat to grab his back pack. He joined Ryan and Noah to head off to the next class, art. Ryan had explained that even though he didn't have the next class with Eli, he would still make sure he got there and knew where to go after. It seemed to Eli that Noah was a little put off until Ryan reminded him that his father would be checking later, and if he wanted that new game then he couldn't cut corners. Noah laughed at him for a moment and slapped Ryan on his back. Eli was a little put off thinking Ryan was just being nice to him because his dad was going to get him a video game for doing so.

"Good luck with that one, buddy!" Noah laughed and went into the classroom.

"Don't worry, Ryan, I won't tell your dad you didn't walk me to all my classes. You don't have to, anymore." Eli told Ryan before turning around. Ryan knew he had screwed up and Eli had misunderstood what he had said to Noah.

"Wait, Eli, I am not doing this so I can get a new game or anything. My dad and I have this thing; we never break promises to each other. I promised him I would be your buddy guide today, and that is what I am going to do. If I break my promise, he will be very, very, very upset with me, and I would get grounded. Noah's dad is going to be taking him and me over to Edgerton this weekend, but if I am grounded I won't be able to go! I can't get the game I have been saving for here in Dyersville so I have to go to Edgerton to get it. My dad won't make a special trip just for a game. So, please don't think I am doing this just so I get a stupid video game, because I am not. I am doing this because my dad asked me to, and now that I have met you, I am sure we are going to be friends."

"Then what did Noah mean when he said good luck?" Eli was confused on what was going on, but he knew Ryan had told him the truth because of his Gift.

"Well, several things, I think. First, there is the fact my dad doesn't know about the game I want. Second, I haven't told him I am going to Edgerton this weekend, and third, I think he could tell you were a bit upset thinking I was being nice to you so I could get a video game." Ryan blushed.

"Oh!" Was all Eli could say because the bell rang.

"Look, I will be back for you after this class, but if you want, go with Noah to the lunch room and I will meet you there. We all sit at the same table anyway." Ryan said as he was backing down the hall.

"Okay, I will meet you there." Eli called after him.

When Eli walked into the classroom, nothing was as he expected. The last art class he had been in was very structured, this was chaos! Kids were moving around everywhere getting things out and talking to others. There didn't seem to be a teacher in the room at all. Noah waved him over to where he was sitting in front of a lighted table.

"Hey, Eli, don't panic! Yes, it is always like this. Mr. Gordon is in the darkroom, but he should be out shortly." Noah said pointing to a note on the blackboard at the front of the room. "This class is a free art class. It is up to you as to what you want to do. Mr. Gordon will help you decide what to do for a project, but other than that, unless you ask for help you are on your own. Here, take a look at these. I took these last week and we just developed the negatives yesterday. I am deciding which ones I want to print, or if I am going to trash them all." Noah said pointing at the strips of film on the lighted table.

Eli looked through the magnifier at the negatives, the prints were of everything; cars, tractors, an old train, dogs, birds, buildings, and people. They were all great photos from what Eli could tell.

"Wow, those are really good. I bet you could make a lot of money if you became a photographer." Eli told Noah.

"Thanks, but they're not that good. I know I could have done better, but my camera isn't that good. Mom said they might get me a better one for my birthday, but I will have to wait and see."

"When is your birthday?"

"Next month, so I really don't have that long to wait. The camera I want is really expensive, so I doubt I will get it. But, if I could get a better one than the one I got I would be happy. Dad is always saying 'be happy with what you got.'" He said the last part in a mocking deep voice.

"You know, that was a very good likeness to your father Noah. Does he know you do an impression of him?" A man asked who Eli assumed was Mr. Gordon.

"Um, no sir, and please don't tell him! I am sure he wouldn't be happy with me!"

"Then maybe you shouldn't do it!" the man laughed. "But, don't worry, I won't tell him if you don't. After all, what the big man don't know can't hurt either of us!"

"Wait, isn't... never mind." Eli started to say.

"Now, who do we have here?"

"Mr. Gordon, this is Eli, um, I don't know his last name, but he is a new student." Noah said while blushing deeply.

"Well, Eli, um I don't know his last name, welcome. I am Mr. Petsmartsupercenter, but you can call me Mr. Gordon. Now tell me Eli, have you taken art before?"

"Yes Sir, I had art at my old school we were working with charcoal there, when I left."

"Okay, did you like working with charcoal?"

"No Sir, not really."

"What do you like working with, or on?" Mr. Gordon asked sitting down across from the two boys.

"Well, I really like to draw in colored pencils or use oil paints. But, Mr. Everheart didn't like colored pencils or allow any student to use oil paints."

"Well, he is an idiot, then. Colored pencils if done right are a great medium and Oil paints while tricky to master, is how most artists make money. Tell me, Eli, do you have any drawings with you?"

"Yes, but they aren't very good." Eli said in a little voice.

"Well, let me be the judge on how good they are. Also, this is a class, not an art gallery, so everyone is here to learn. I might be the adult here, but I am an art student as well, so I am still learning just like you and Noah as well as everyone in this room. I would also like to see some of your oil works if you can bring any in for me to see."

Eli dug into his back pack and pulled out his sketch book that his mom had gotten him at the beginning of the year. His last teacher had told all the students they would need one on the supply list, but had not yet allowed them to use them in class, so Eli had started to use it on his own. He handed the book over to his new teacher. Eli had never shown anyone his drawings other than his mom, and even though she always said they were good, she was his mom.

"Eli, has anyone worked with you on your drawings?" Mr. Gordon asked.

"No, sir."

"Eli, the earliest works show a date of this past October, do you have any older than that?"

"No sir that is when I started drawing."

"WOW! Eli while your earlier works are somewhat crude, you can see a great improvement over the past few months. I would say these last five or six are at least high school senior level work or better. If you wish to continue with color pencils I will recommend a set for you to get. There is a small art supply section of White's Office Supply store downtown where they carry this set. It will have everything you need to get started and I will help you with your technique. Let me know if you have trouble getting it, because we do have some funds in our scholarship fund left that I might be able to use."

"That's alright, sir. If you think I should get the set, I can afford it. If you could tell my dad where the store is and what I need, I am sure he would stop on our way home today."

"Who is your dad, then?" Mr. Gordon asked a little confused.

"Mr. Hunt, the new science teacher." Eli said causing both Noah and Mr. Gordon to gasp. "What, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, Eli, it's just that I am sure both Noah and I have heard about your father for a long time, and I didn't know he had any children."

"Well, he isn't my dad, yet, but he will be soon. He is going to marry my mom. When we decided to move here, he decided to come with us and is living with my mom and me." Eli was scared he might have said too much.

"Well, you are a lucky boy. From everything I have heard about both Hunt brothers, they are great guys." Mr. Gordon said.

"Yeah, I had Uncle Stephen for science at my last school. He was like the only adult that would stand up for me when I was getting picked on."

"Well, no one will pick on you here, and if they do, you make sure to tell someone, we don't put up with that crap around here." Mr. Gordon said putting his hand on Eli's shoulder. "Eli, why don't you draw whatever you want today, or help Noah decide if he is going to print tomorrow for the rest of class. Tomorrow I will get you started on a project to judge where we should start working. This class is graded by how much you work, not on how good your work is and if you try to improve your work. Don't allow a grade to stress you out in here!" Mr. Gordon said before he walked over to one of the other students.

"Wow, I can't believe your dad is Mr. Hunt. That is so kewl." Noah said in a rush.

"How is it everyone knows of him?" Eli asked not getting it.

"Well, you do know what he is, right?" Noah asked causally.

"You mean his class?" Eli asked knowing he couldn't or shouldn't say Wizard in school.

"Yeah, good way to put it. Well, everyone knows him and his brother because their family has been the lead Council Trainers for like 60 some years. David Hunt took over from his Uncle Max about 8 years ago. Everyone was shocked when David stepped down and then Stephen turned down the position, too. There are all kinds of rumors going around as to why, but no one really knows. I didn't know that he had moved here, I wonder if my dad even does." Noah told Eli.

"I knew he was a trainer, but I didn't know he was the lead trainer but had to stop." Eli said now feeling bad that he had cost his dad a spot that his family had held for many years. Eli had to work hard to keep Noah from seeing him fighting the tears back.

"Do you want to help me pick out the proofs with me, or are you going to draw?" Noah asked as his Empathic Gift had told him Eli was now upset about something, but he wasn't sure what.

"I think I will draw for a bit if you don't mind. I kind of need to think." Eli said, moving over to grab some supplies from the side counter.

While Eli was getting his supplies, Noah sent his sister a message using their Telepathy Gift.

*Hey Sissy, you know the new kid in math class?*

*Yeah, he really helped me, why what's up?*

*His dad is David Hunt.*

*THE DAVID HUNT? Are you sure? I would have thought dad would have said something.*

*Yep I am sure, and he even talked about his Uncle Stephen being his science teacher at his last school!*

*WOW! You know, if the old battle ax treats him like she does all new students and we record it on video, this could be the end of her!*

*That would work, but he should be told!*

*No, if he knows what is going to happen, it might give it away.*

*Come on, Nora, that isn't fair on him.*

*I know, but you know how she is! Every time we try to spring a trap on her, she figures it out. We have a perfect chance to nail her once and for all, but if he knows he might give it away and this chance would be lost and more kids will suffer. I know it sucks, but this is our chance. I just hope he will forgive us if he finds out.*

Noah noticed Eli return to the table and start working on a drawing. He was really worried how Eli would react if things go bad during lunch. There was something about the smaller boy that Noah really liked and hoped they would be friends with each other.

"So, did you bring your lunch or do you have to buy it today?" Noah asked after being pressed by his twin to.

"Buy, I didn't know how it was in this school, but at my last one, you got picked on even more if you brought your lunch from home. They would all say things like you thought you were too good to eat what the rest of the kids did. That is if you got to eat it. More often than not someone did something to it making it no good. One time last year someone peed in my lunch bag, so I ended up throwing the whole thing away."

"Dang! Didn't the adults do anything when you told them?"

"I didn't tell them. The last few times I told about getting picked, on I ended up with something broken. Once it was my index finger on my left hand, the next time it was my collar bone. Nope, I learned real quick not to tell! Plus, the teachers were just as bad about picking on me, well everyone but Uncle Stephen." Eli said without emotion or looking up.

*Nora, this is a really bad idea! Do not go through with this! I am warning you.*

*Quit worrying, I will make sure nothing happens to him. Now stop bugging me!* Nora replied and then cut the connection with her twin.

Noah really wanted to tell Eli about what Nora had planned, but he knew things would be much worse if he did. All he could do is hope for the best.

Before long, it was time for lunch. Noah took Eli down to the lunch room and showed him where to get into line to check in. The school lunch program had changed last school year to checking out after you got your food to checking in before you got your food. This was to cut down on the amount of wasted food.

Eli didn't notice the girl he had helped in his math class was a couple students behind him when he reached the older lady who was at the computer station.

"You're supposed to have your ID out, where is it?" She demanded.

"I don't have one yet, jus..."

"Can't you read? The sign says, NO ID NO FOOD!" She said pointing to a crudely made sign next to the computer.


"Look, what sport do you play? By looking at you I would say you don't play one at all. But if you are on a team then I might over look your stupidity of not having your ID and let you through, so? Tell me what sport you play?" She said very nasty like.

"I don't play a sport." Eli said about in tears.

"Figured as much. Get out of my sight you little maggot. Come back when you grow a pair or can remember your ID! Next?"

Eli walked over to where he saw Noah and Ryan laughing about something and sat down at the same table but a few seats away and put his head down on the table. As hard as he tried, he couldn't stop the tears from flowing. Ryan tried to ask him what was wrong, but before Noah could tell him, Eli's dad walked up and saw Eli with his arms folded on the table and his head in his arms.

"Eli?" David asked as soon as he saw his son he knew something was wrong.

Without even saying anything Eli jumped up and hugged his dad. Luckily David had just sat the tray of food down on the table as Eli jumped up.

"Hey, hey calm down, son. What is it?" David asked as he held the boy.

With tears streaming down his face he tried to tell his dad what had happened, but all he got out was, "You told me this school would be different." before Eli totally lost it again.

By this time, Nora had arrived at the table and saw what kind of shape Eli was in. She looked at her brother and saw how mad he was at her, at Mrs. Johnson, and at himself.

"Mr. Hunt? I know what has him so upset. Mrs. Johnson was really mean to him because he didn't have his school id. I have a video of what she said to him if you would like to see it?"

"Yes, please let me see it." David told the young girl.

She handed him her phone and he pushed play. After watching the short video and hearing what this person said to his son, it was all David could do to keep from blowing up. He handed the phone back to the girl and then he stormed off to confront the bitch who had called his son a maggot!

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