The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

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Them Chapter 15

After the staff meeting at the school, David headed over to the court house to meet with Monco Tucker. He wasn't really sure why the Monco had asked for this meeting, but David did have several things he wanted to talk to the Monco about.

David went through the security check point and was guided up to the Judge's chambers by a young deputy. The Judge's receptionist asked David to have a seat and that the Judge would be right with him. David took his seat and pulled out his list that he had made of things he wanted to talk to Monco Tucker about. David had been sitting in the small waiting room for about 5 minutes when he was asked to step into the Judge's chambers. David was really shocked to find that two of the Council of Wizards were sitting in the room.

"Hello Councilman Storck and Councilman Dace. This is a surprise to see you here. May I ask what brings you to our small town?" David asked trying to stay calm even though he was totally freaked out.

"Hello David. It is nice to see you again. We are here not as representative of the Council, but as your friends and allies." Councilman Gregory Dace started the conversation.

"We, Gregory and I, are here to talk to you about a couple of different topics. Monco Tucker, would you mind stepping out and allowing us to talk to LCT Hunt alone, please?" Councilman Richard Storck said.

"Of course, gentlemen. I will be just outside if you need anything."

After Judge Tucker left the room, the three men just stared at each other for a few moments. It was Councilman Dace who started the conversation.

"David, most of the Council of Wizards is in an uproar with your resignation as Lead Council Trainer. I understand why you have stepped down, however, a member of the Hunt family has held that position for over 80 years, someone needs to step up and fill it. There have been lots of speculations as to why you have resigned and why your brother hasn't taken the position. I have to tell you, some of the other Council members are getting a bit scared with the wild rumors going around. Richard and I wanted to come see you in person, to ask if you would consider taking your position back or ask that you talk to your brother and get him to take it. Our world is at a fragile time and cannot take any major upheaval. Please think about this."

"There should be no questions as to why I resigned. I had made my statement very clear that I have started a family, and they come first! I have never spoken against the Council, even though I have not agreed with a lot that has happened over the past eight years. I will say something to Stephen when he comes up this weekend, but I will not pressure him into taking the LCT position. Even though a member of the Hunt family has held that position for 80 years does not mean that we have to continue that. Maybe it is just time for new blood in the halls of the Council." David told the two men.

"That is fine David, and I tend to agree with you. I have never hidden my feelings that we need to find the Dexas, and hope he returns soon. I feel there is a war coming that our people will be a part of. It is past time for our new king to step forward. I had always hoped that it would be a member of your family that was the Dexas. To be trained by Max Hunt and the Hunt brothers would make him or her untouchable." Councilman Dace told David.

David was thinking about what the two of them had said, and how they acted in the past. He knew that these two Councilmen would support Eli when he came forward. Maybe it would be a good idea if they were to meet Eli and see for themselves how powerful he was.

"Councilmen, it has been a long day for me and I need to be getting home to my new family. Would the two of you like to join me for dinner tonight to meet my family?"

"I would love to! I have heard that you moved Max with you, would he be joining us?" Councilman Richard Storck asked.

"The Grandpas join us most nights. I will call out to the house and make sure he will be there. Let me give you directions."

David made sure the two Councilmen knew how to get to the farm then headed out. He called the house and told Sherry about the guests he had invited; now he had to talk to Eli about it. Sherry told him that Max had said there would be guests. She also told David they had something to talk about when he got home.

All the way out to the farm, David couldn't figure out what had Sherry sounding nervous about. Maybe someone had said something to her about the guests, or something like that.

When David got to the farm, he saw both Gerald and Max's trucks parked over by the fish building. He figured that Eli was working with his fish company and that would give him time to talk with Sherry and make sure she was alright.

Sherry was at the kitchen table working on her laptop when David walked in. He kissed her cheek and headed to the refrigerator to get something to drink. Once he sat down, he looked at Sherry, she did look a bit scared.

"Okay, Hello Dear, how was your day?" David said with a little laugh.

"It's not funny, David!" Sherry told him trying to sound firm, but instead started giggling as well.

"Okay, I don't know how you are going to take this, but here it is. When Nevin brought Eli home, he told me there had been an incident at the Sheriff's Office. From what Nevin told me, the alarms on the inhibiter went off when Eli used one of his gifts. Nevin tried to cover for Eli, but I guess Eli wouldn't lie about it and he told Deputy Parker what he really was. From what Eli told me Parker dropped to his knee and pledged his loyalty to Eli with his life."

"Well, while I didn't know for sure if the Inhibitors would prevent Eli from using his gifts, I am not surprised. I had kind of figured that the boys would experiment with Eli's Gifts while there. To be honest, Uncle Max and I had talked about him doing some training there with the Inhibitors turned up to their highest settings to see just how powerful he really is, but it wasn't to be for at least a month before we tried that. I also felt that Parker would know about Eli by the end of the week, so I have no problems with him knowing."

"Well, I am a little concerned with the number of people knowing about him. You had said that the more that know, the more dangerous it would be for him."

"Yes, Sherry, I did say that, however, that was before Eli had mastered as many of his Gifts as he has. I truly feel that if need be he could take his rightful place now, but I would like to still wait just a bit longer. I really want to see what happens tonight at dinner. I know that Uncle Max will be on alert as well as I."

"Well, Dad said that dinner would be around 7 pm. He and the others are out with Eli in the Fish House working on some problem." Sherry told David sounding much better.

David got up gave Sherry a gentle kiss on the lips and headed out the back door. On the way to talk to Eli about the guests that were coming for dinner, David was giving serious thought about Eli announcing to the Wizard World who and what he is. He was still worried that one of the Council of Wizards would try to hurt him when it became known to the Council of the return of the Dexas. He knew the time was coming near.

David had a very hard time keeping his composer when he saw what was going on inside the building. George was riding Eli's flying saucer, aka his trashcan lid, while installing new lights to the ceiling. While at the same time as controlling the flying saucer, Eli was helping his Grandpa Max do the feeding and talking to Uncle Matt about an order that they had to put on hold. David was completely impressed with the control Eli was showing.

"Yes, he is ready!" David said to himself.

"I totally agree with you my Khil. He is ready to take on the Council. I do suggest though, you allow him to arrive at that conclusion on his own." Uncle Max told David as he walked by.

"I agree with you, but he is really ready. Eli, do you think you could put your Grandpa down for a bit? I really need to have a talk with you about tonight."

"Sure, dad, hold on Grandpa, I am going to ground you." Eli said while everyone gave a slight chuckle.

"You crash me, boy, and it will you being grounded!" George said with a laugh as well as everyone else.

Once George was on the ground safe and sound, David asked Eli if he would go for a walk with him. While they were walking around the yard, David told Eli of the two Councilmen who would be joining the family for dinner. He also told him that he was not upset in the least about Eli letting Deputy Parker in on who he was.

Eli admitted he had been a little scared that David would be upset with him and asked why he wasn't. David explained why and his reasoning behind why he thought the way he did.

"Son, I am very impressed with the amount of control you are showing when you are using your Gifts, even when you are doing several different things at once. I really want you to try and keep it very low keyed tonight with the Councilmen. If we can, let's not tip our hand to them regarding you being the Dexas. Time will come for that on its own, however, if you do let it be known, or they figure it out on their own, we will not worry about that. These two Councilmen are true supporters of me and my family, which now includes you and your Mom, plus, I think your Grandpa Max scares them both!" David said with a laugh.

"Grandpa Max said that he was Councilman Dace's Trainer. He said that Councilman Dace was a tough student and he was hard to train. Do you think that is why he is scared of Grandpa Max?" Eli asked.

"I am sure that has a lot to do with it. It could also be that he is as powerful as they are and a lot wiser then they. He also has a lot more money and speaks his mind openly. That in itself can scare a lot of people, especially those in power."

"Dad, when I am in power, will people fear me?"

"Son, that is up to you and how you rule. If you are fair and goodhearted, then people will respect you. You will work for the Wizard World, not the other way around. People who gain power, like the President of this country, tend to forget that. You want your people to respect you, not fear you, but at the same time you must be firm to the rules set forth. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yeah, Dad, I do. It's like when you and mom say that I can't do something for a reason, if I do it anyway, you have to punish me, even though you don't want to, you do have to anyway. There has to be consequences to breaking the rules or laws, even if we don't want there to be."

"Yes, son, that is exactly right. I am glad you understand that, and can tell the difference. Now, about dinner. Please play it easy. I know they will try to read you, both of these men are able to use the Truth Gift as well as Compulsion. We have worked with blocking both of these Gifts. Do you think you can tell the difference when someone is using one or the other on you?"

"Yes, that part is easy. I have gotten good at blocking you and Grandpa Max, but do you really think that I will be able to block a Class II?" Eli asked with some worry in his voice.

"Eli, if you can block Grandpa Max, you can block them. He is the strongest Wizard I have ever known with the Compulsion Gift. Now, what we haven't worked on yet is being able to block the Gift of Empathic. We don't really have time for that, so the best thing for you to do is NOT think about being the Dexas. I am not saying you should think about being a Class IV like we told them you were, because they would see right through that lie, like with Grandpa Max, we can't lie to them. Just, don't think about it. I know that sounds easier said than done, but it is the only way to combat the Empathic Gift."

"Could we use one of the Inhibitors like they have at the jail?" Eli asked.

"Well, we could, but we don't have enough time to get one here, but I have a feeling that it wouldn't work on them. We have long believed that the Inhibitors do not work on Class II Wizards, but they have always said they did. Today you used one of your Gifts while the Inhibitor was on, didn't you?" David explained to his new son.

"Yeah Dad, but it was a lot harder to use it there then it is here. I know I would never be able to control my flying saucer like I do here. Someone would get hurt."

"Then maybe they would work, we will just have to try it out. And I think that you going to the Sheriff's office would be a very good idea. At least a few times after school, to work on your Gifts while under the Inhibitors. Really think this will help strengthen your Gifts..."

"10Sam1 to David Hunt. Please Respond David?" David's county radio crackled to life.

"Sorry Son, let me see what they need." David said while getting his radio off of his belt.

"This is David Hunt. What can I help with?"

"David, we have a major problem out at the Scout Ranch on Highway 19 about 5 miles from you. I need you to come out with your gear and climbing equipment. We have a 10 year old who fell into a crevice and we can't get to him. He is non responsive. Might be a good idea to bring Eli along to assist." Nevin responded.

"Okay, we will be there shortly. David out." David said into his radio before turning to Eli.

"Son, do you think you can come along in case I need you. I am not sure what Sherriff Mills is thinking, but I do trust him."

"Sure dad, but is mom going to be alright with me going on a mission with you?"

"Well, it's not a mission, but I will talk to her. I need you to run and put on your jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Also, you're new hiking boots. Try to hurry, there is a hurt child waiting on us."

David ran into the house and quickly explained to Sherry what was going on. Even though she wasn't thrilled with the idea of Eli going on a rescue mission, she trusted David and Nevin to keep him safe.

David and Eli met at the Explorer and hit the lights as they rushed out of the driveway. Eli was inputting the address that was given into the GPS as David was driving as fast as he felt was safe. It only took them about 10 minutes to get to where the rest of the rescue workers were.

David asked Eli to wait by the Explorer until he found out what was going on and what was needed. Eli said he would and promised his dad he would stay put.

David headed out to find Sherriff Mills and to find out what was going on. It didn't take him long to find out both.

Sherriff Mills showed David where the young boy had fallen into a very deep crevice. There was very little way of getting down to the boy safely due to the crumbling walls of the crevice. If you tried to repel down, you would cause rubble to fall onto the already hurt boy. David knew right away why he had been asked to bring Eli. He wasn't sure he was ready to send him down there, but maybe he could send himself down with Eli's help.

David asked Nevin to make sure that everyone moved back out of sight, so that Eli could use his Gifts to help this boy. He then went back for Eli and his gear. He grabbed a backboard on his way. Eli helped David load all of his gear onto the backboard and helped him carry it back to where the crevice was. David had seen that Nevin had moved everyone back, saying that it was due to the soft edges of the crevice, and he was worried the number of people would cause it to crumble even more. David saw that the only ones who were within sight were Wizards. Most of them he had met, but there were a few he hadn't. However, David trusted Nevin to keep Eli safe.

David explained what he wanted Eli to do, but Eli was shaking his head.

"I don't think I can do it, I have never been able to change the angle of the object I have levitated, but I think I can get myself down there without touching the walls. Once I am down there you can walk me through getting him out."

"Eli, I am not comfortable with sending you down there alone."

"I won't be alone, you will with be with me. Right here in my head the whole time. We don't have much time Dad, he isn't doing so well."

"Okay, but you will be on a rope at all times, if anything happens I will pull you out." David told Eli before crushing him with a hug.

Once David got Eli all hooked up with his climbing gear. Eli lowered himself down into the hole.

*Dad, it sure is dark down here. Anyway to get more light.* Eli sent to his dad.

*I will see what we can do. No promises though.* David sent back.

Eli got to the bottom and saw the young boy. He could tell right away that the boys left leg was broken. He checked the leg as carefully as he could and noticed that the bone was just breaking the skin, but the bleeding had stopped. He checked the boy's neck and breathing next, just like his dad had shown him. Both seemed to be alright. Eli did see that there was a very large lump on the side of the kid's head, where he had hit it with a rock when he fell. Eli relayed l this to his dad. David had him take the kid's pulse and count his breaths.

*Alright Eli, he seems stable enough to move. You are going to have to try and straighten out his leg in order to get him out of there. Do it gently but quickly.*

*But dad, that will hurt him more, won't it?*

*Not near as much as leaving him down there. Sometimes this is what you must do to help save a person's life.*

Eli did what his dad had told him. The boy groaned but didn't wake up. He then moved the boy onto the backboard as gently as he could. It was really hard for him to do this as the hurt kid was about the same size as Eli was. Once the boy was on the backboard Eli worked to strap him down. He was really worried about the broken leg, for it had started bleeding again. He put a pressure bandage on the wound, just like David had shown him how to.

*Okay, I think he is ready to come up. Dad, I am going to stay down here until I get him to the top, then I will come up myself.* Eli sent to his Dad.

*Alright, but if the walls start to crumble, I want you out of there! Do you hear me, Son?*

*Yes dad, but you didn't have to yell!* Eli sent back with a giggle.

*Nice and slow then.* David sent.

Eli levitated the boy out of the crevice and into the control of his Dad, Sherriff Mills, and Deputy Parker. Once they had control of the backboard, Eli levitated himself out of the crevice. Once he was on solid ground, David called for the other Paramedics to come help with the injured boy. David helped Eli get out of the climbing gear and pack it all up. Sherriff Mills came back to thank Eli for helping save the boy.

David told Nevin they had to rush back out to the farm, as there were not one but two Councilmen coming for dinner in about 30 minutes. Nevin told David to use his lights on the way home, and to keep his radio handy. The father and son rescue team headed home on another mission.

The two made it home before the guests arrived. David rushed Eli up to shower before they got there. He did the same. Sherry was not amused.

When they both got down to the living room, David told the story about the rescue. Sherry was glaring at David the whole time, until Eli told everyone how they could talk to each other like twins do. Grandpa Max gasped in shock.

"What is it Uncle Max?" David asked his Great Uncle.

"The Gift of Telepathy is not a common Gift. I have never known anyone in the Hunt family line to have this Gift. I also know that you do not have the Gift of Telepathy David. We tried many times when you were but a child due to you being a twin. Sometimes it is powerful in twins, but you and your brother did not get blessed with this Gift."

"I am lost here, can you please explain what you mean?" Sherry asked.

"In order for the Gift of Telepathy to work, both Wizards must have the Gift. Eli, is able to use it both ways between him and his Father, this is unheard of except for the Wizard Heart. The Wizard Heart is said to give the wearer the ability to use Telepathy with any Wizard, even with Wizards who do not have the Gift. This is why I am shocked that Eli can do this without the Wizard Heart." Uncle Max explained to Sherry as well as everyone else.

"So this is a big deal then?" Eli asked.

"Yes, this is a big deal because it shows just how powerful you really are." Grandpa Max told Eli.

"Well, to me, it's neat because I can talk to my dad whenever I want at school. The other kids don't need to know how close we really are. Some might make fun of me for wanting to talk to my dad as much as I do, but they just don't understand. Dad and I thought it might be part of the Mintanka that allowed us to do this. I wonder if I can do it with anyone else." Eli told the group.

*Grandpa Max, can you hear me?* Eli sent to his Grandpa.

*Wowser! This is a bit strange.* Grandpa Max replied.

"Way cool. Does this only work on Wizards?" Eli asked.

"I am not sure, but we will have to find out at a later time. Please don't try it now. Our guests have just arrived. I guess the party is about to begin." David said.

David went to the front door to welcome the guests. Sherry went with him. David greeted the two Councilmen warmly and introduced Sherry as his soon to be wife. They both greeted her very warmly and welcomed her into the "Family". Councilman Dace laughed about this, and said that everyone ever trained by Max Hunt claimed to be family.

David saw Eli come running down the stairs, like he just heard the new voices. He had to chuckle to himself at the acting job the kid was doing.

"Councilman Dace, Councilman Storck, I would like for you to meet my soon to be son, Eli. Eli, these men are with the Council of Wizards, this is Councilman Dace, and this is Councilman Storck. Both of these men have known our family for a very long time."

"I'll say a long time, hell I served with your father Richard. And you young man, you still remain the biggest pain in my ass to this day!" Max said walking into the room and reaching out to shake the two men's hands.

"Teacher Max, what a pleasure it is to see you again. It has been far too long." Councilman Dace said.

"I am not so sure about that one Gregory, if you are as bullheaded now as you were as a teen, we might be in trouble." Max laughed.

"I can assure you, I am only bullheaded when I have to be and it's for the right reason. You taught me a lot, although how we both survived my training no one will ever know." The Councilman laughed.

"As we told David here early today, we did not come as Councilmen for the Council of Wizards, we came as friends and allies of the Hunt family, so please call us by our first names, I am Greg or Gregory, and this is Richard or Rich."

"Thank you, I am sure everyone here will feel more at ease knowing that this isn't a formal visit. I am sure you know that several of the people you will be dinning with tonight are Non-Wizards, but they are all family, and as such will not be talked down to." David said making his feelings very clear.

"David, I can assure you that neither Rich nor I feel the way others do. Non-Wizards are very important to us in this day and age, and we feel they are as equals. We do not wish to put anyone down or make them feel like they are less than us because they do not have our Gifts, and that is why the great King Saluzzi named them Gifts and not Powers. We are gifted people, not powerful people. We are no better or worse than Non-Wizards, we have Good Wizards and Bad Wizards. It is for this reason we have a Council of Wizards and should have a King. Just like this country has a President and Congress. Once we have our new King, than we can start fixing what is wrong within the Wizard World." Councilman Dace stated. "Please excuse me, we are not here to start a political debate, we are here to enjoy a good home cooked meal with friends. I am sorry I got a little side tracked there."

"That is alright, I guess it is hard to turn off your job, I know it is for me at times, too. I am always a teacher. Would either of you care for a drink before dinner. We don't have a lot, but what we do have is good." David laughed.

While the adults enjoyed a glass of wine before dinner, Eli was working on his homework. He was trying to get ahead so that when everyone arrived this weekend he wouldn't have to be sitting at his desk doing homework. He really wanted to go to the mall with his new friends, and he had to hang out with Cody some, too.

The dinner went great. The food was awesome and the conversation was lively, with Max getting some good digs in on Greg and David. There was lots of laughter around the table.

Somehow the subject of Eli's fish came up, and the two Councilmen asked if they could see the fish house. Eli was reluctant, but agreed as long as they didn't touch anything. As they were walking out to the barn, Rich pulled David back a bit from the others.

"How close is he?" Rich asked David.

"I am sorry but, what do you mean, Sir?"

"David, I might be old but I am not blind. That boy is no more a Class V than I am a woman! How close is he before he is ready to take on the whole Council?"

"Sir, he is ready now, but I would still like to wait. I am sure you have heard within the walls of the Council that there are those on the Council that do not wish for the Dexas to be found. They want the power to themselves. We believe that Eli's birth families were both murdered by someone on the Council. It is for this reason that we have kept it quiet of who Eli really is. Can I trust you won't say anything to anyone about this?" David asked.

"You have my bond! I will say nothing to anyone until the time is right. Be careful my friend, for I fear your worries are correct. I cannot prove it, however, I have felt the blackness in Councilman Meeks. Although I wouldn't put it past DuPree either. You only get the blackness if you have ended a life on this earth. I do not feel the blackness within Councilman DuPree, but he is one who would have someone else, like Meeks, do his dirty work. Please be careful." Councilman Storck quietly told David.

"I will, sir, and thank you. If you hear anything at the Council Hall that might help us, please let me know. I need all the help on this I can get. I feel like we are preparing for war."

David and Rich caught up with the others just outside the fish house. Eli stopped them all from going in, reminding them to please do not touch any of the tanks, or the water within them. They all agreed, and Eli led them in.

"WOW! Eli I am very impressed. You have an amazing set up here. May I ask who did the design work for you?" Greg asked.

"I did. I did have a little help with the new tanks, but for the most part I did all the design work." Eli told them.

Eli walked them all through his set up, explaining how everything worked.

"Eli, I would love to order a couple of ray pups from you. Do you think I could get a discount?" Greg asked the boy.

"Tell me about your set up first." Eli challenged.

The two talked about what Greg had for a set up for almost an hour. During that time the other adults had headed back up to the house to visit. David had hung back to be close to Eli. Eli told him he didn't have to, but David assured him he wanted to.

After the two fish lovers got done talking, Greg had ordered two ray pups to be shipped within a week. He paid the going rate, with no real discount. Eli did tell him he would be glad to help Greg and his son with anything they need, for as long as they had the rays.

After all the guests, both family and Non, had left, Sherry wanted to know the total outcome. David explained that Councilman Storck had somehow come to find out who and what Eli is, but to the best of his knowledge, Councilman Dace had not. He told her that Storck had given his bond that he would keep quiet about Eli being the Dexas until the time was right. David knew Sherry was still worried when they headed off to their own bedrooms.

David sat on his bed making a list of things that needed to get done in the next few weeks. He was also making up a training schedule for Eli to work on while he was at the Sherriff's offices. He really wished he could come up with an Inhibitor to have here at the farm for Eli to train with, but that would raise lots of warning bells at the Council Hall. David was just about to turn out the light when there was a light tapping on his door. He told whoever it was to come in.

Eli entered the room looking tired and lost. He climbed up onto his dad's bed before asking him a string of questions that David answered the best he could.

"Dad, I am really scared. I think both of the Councilmen who were here know who and what I am. They didn't say anything to me about it, but there was just a feeling. Do you think they will make any trouble for us? Do you think we should move away so they can't find us? Is my mom in danger? How can we protect her, I mean, is there a way we can protect her?"

"Son, stop. You are getting all worked up, and there is nothing we can do about it right now. Now, as for the two Councilmen knowing you are the Dexas, there isn't any problem with that. Those men are very loyal to our family, and they both want the return of the King. You have nothing to fear from them. Having them looking out for us from within the walls of the Council Hall will help us way more than it would ever hurt us. This really is a good thing for us at this moment. Eli, your mom is very safe here. Not only do you have 4 ex-military bad asses around almost every day, you have two great wizards spending their time here as well. I know you haven't seen much of him, but Grandpa George's friend Daniel Martin has been out here almost every day. He is the one who built your new office. He had been out helping around the farm, but his real job is to keep your Mom and Grandpa George safe! Max is looking out for George and Matt, but he is a bit old. Now, I hope this will make you feel a little bit better knowing that we have everything under control." David tried with the worked up 11 year old.

"Okay, but can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Sure, son, let's get some sleep."

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