The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 19

Way before the end of the day, David was pissed. He couldn't believe the rumors going around school. Even some of the teachers were in on the gossip. David approached the Assistant Principle about calling an assembly to address the issues.

"I am sorry Mr. Hunt, but it is the nature of a school for these rumors to be rampant. I am sure you understand." The assistant told David. David figured the old man was just hanging in until he could retire.

"No Mr. Collins, I do not understand. What I see here is a child who has already been through a traumatic experience about to have to do it again when he comes back to this school, needlessly! If you will not do anything to stop this, than I guess I will."

"Mr. Hunt, I know you are fairly new to this school, so I will give you some leeway, but you will not speak to me like that again." Mr. Collins told David in a threatening manner.

"Sir, you have no power over me; that I can assure you. Do not even think of threatening me, you will lose. Now, either you call an all school assembly, or I will contact the district office and demand they do it. I can assure you I have much stronger friends than you do!" David knew he was making an enemy, but he also knew it wasn't going to affect him.

"You, Mr. Hunt go right ahead and call the district office and just see how far you get," the assistant said with a sneer.

David did just that, called the district office and spoke to the superintendent. He put as much compulsion into his request that an all school assembly be called as he could. The superintendent asked David to put the assistant on the line.

The look on Assistant Principle Collins' face was priceless as the superintendent informed him that there would be an all school assembly regarding the rumors and that he would personally be there at 2:30pm to help lead it. Collins was told that he had best make it happen if he valued his job, and was reminded that the district contract with administrators was that if they were fired, they lose whatever pension they had coming to them.

"Hunt if you get me fired, so help me, I will ruin you!" Collins said before storming off.

David had to laugh at the old man. He knew he could get the guy fired without even trying, but he wasn't out to do that. Now, if the guy didn't change his attitude towards the kids, then all bets were off.

David was surprised how well the assembly went. The students and staff were informed of what had happened to Toby. No personal details were revealed, however, enough was told to stop all the crazy rumors. The overall feel of the assembly was sympathy for what had happened. David hoped that the message was clear.

There were six worried kids waiting in room 109 when David got back. Eli started in right away without giving David even a chance to sit.

"We, all of us, want to go see Toby. They still have him at the hospital. They aren't telling him why he is still there, and well we are all worried. Dad, you know that I can help!" Eli all but demanded his dad take him to the hospital with his group of friends.

"Eli, all of you, I understand how you feel. I want to know what is going on as well, but we can't just go barging into the hospital. I will try and call Dr. Martin and see if Toby can have visitors. If, and I do me IF, he can, than I will drive you all up there to see him." David tried to calm the group.

David made the call to Dr. Martin. Ron told him that Toby could have some visitors, but not for long. David said that he would bring up the worry six, as he was calling the kids.

With his Explorer packed to the seams, David took the group to the hospital. On the drive there, he asked the group if any of them had called their parents to let them know what was going on. Of course, not a one of them did. All six kids pulled out their cell phones and started the calls.

It was hard for David to keep driving because he was laughing so hard. The stories the kids were telling their parents were outlandish. Jeremy was telling his mom that Toby had a broken rib that pierced his heart. Noah had called his mom, while Nora called her dad. They both were telling the true story, but they were trying to play one parent off the other. They were good at doing this.

The worry six all arrived at the hospital and ran in the doors looking for Toby. David was getting death glares from both Eli and Noah for not rushing in like the others. He just shook his head and walked over to the information desk asking for Toby's room number. He was told that Toby had been moved into the pediatric ward, and they would have to be escorted there, someone would be right down. It wasn't long before David saw Dr. Martin walking towards the group.

Ron told the kids that the doctors were watching Toby for a possible concussion. He had taken a few really hard blows to the head, and they were just making sure that everything was going to be alright. As the adults led the kids upstairs, David could tell that Ron was really worried. David let the kids go in and see Toby and Ryan, while he stayed in the hallway with Ron.

"Alright, what didn't you tell the kids? What is really going on?" David asked.

"Well, things are a lot more serious than I had let on. Toby has had many broken bones, both from his motocross and his abuse. One of his ribs has done some severe scarring of his heart. The doctors are calling in a heart specialist to see him tomorrow. They are not sure what can be done for him, but the stupid CPS said that anything other than some medicine would be out of the questions. They can't cover anything more than that, not in the budget, his social worker said. David, I am so mad right now I can't even think."

"Ron, as of this moment, all of Toby's medical bills will be covered! You don't worry about that. If the Council of Wizards won't pay, I will. Now, don't even think about arguing with me, because you would lose! You need to worry about getting that boy healthy again, not bills. Also, is your house big enough for the three of you long term?"

"Oh God! I didn't even think about that. I only have a two bedroom house. What the hell am I going to do?"

"Well, here is what I think you should do. First off, you put your house on the market. Find a house that will fit the three of you comfortably for a long time, maybe a four bedroom house. Then when you find it, make an offer, one that you can live with."

"David that all sounds good, but with it being just my salary, my small house I have now has me strapped. There is no way I could afford a four bedroom house."

"Then we will go to plan B. Ron, did I ever tell you what I used to do as a hobby?" David started. When Ron shook his head no, David continued, "I used to love to write computer programs. When I was about 12 years old, my Uncle Max asked if I could write a computer program to help with training new Wizards, one that would keep track of who had what Gift, and who could teach other Wizards how to master those Gifts. He also wanted a way to have a full database of all the known Gifts. Well, I wrote the program, and we sold it to the Council of Wizards. That program is still being used. Uncle Max had invested all the money from that sale, and to this day I haven't had to touch much of it. In fact, I didn't touch any of my salary while I was in the Navy, nor much of my teacher's salary for the past 8 years. I just live off my interest's interest. Sherry and I were talking about this just the other day, and well, we feel it is time to start using some of that money for doing some good. I will make you a deal, one to help Toby! I will sponsor his motocross, and loan you the money to buy a bigger house, at 0%, provided you agree to raise him as your own until he is an adult. Will you agree to that?"

Ron just stared at David for a few moments before responding. "David are you serious?"

"Yes he is. Ron, just agree with him, you know you want that kid in there and will do anything for him. Now, I am sure that we can call Amanda tomorrow and get the ball rolling for you." Sherry said coming up behind the two men and putting her arm around David's waist.

David bent down and kissed Sherry before turning to Ron. "Well?"

"I will call Amanda first thing tomorrow. I have a couple of boys to talk to about the upcoming move before I call her," Ron said before going back into his new son's room.

"Hi sweetie, what brings you here?" David said kissing his bride again.

"Well, when Eli called and said that you were going to be bringing all the kids here, I thought that I would come and help out. Maybe, we could grab some dinner while we are in town, and talk about the wedding a little bit. There are a couple of things I am not sure about."

"That sounds like a great idea." David said. "Shall we go see what the horde is doing in there? I am sure that Toby needs to rest, so we shouldn't be here that long. If we split the kids up to take them home, we can then meet at the diner and have a nice dinner. Will that work for you?"

"That sounds like the perfect plan to me," Sherry said with a smile to David.

David and Sherry walked into Toby's room to find all the boys standing around his bed. Both of the girls were lying on the bed, one on each side of him. Toby looked scared, but he was glad that his friends had joined him and didn't look down on him for what had been happening. He had been telling all of them how sorry he was that he had lied about the abuse, the kids were great telling him he had nothing to be sorry about.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, Sheriff Mills and a man David didn't know walked into the room. The man who was with Nevin introduced himself to Toby as Detective Philip Marks from the State Police. After Detective Marks introduced himself, he asked that everyone but Sherriff Mills and Dr. Martin step out of the room so they could speak with Toby.

David patted Ron on the shoulder as they left the room. The kids all told Toby they would see him again the next day. David and Sherry stayed in the hallway with Ryan while the detective spoke with Toby.

"Mr. Hunt, do you think Toby will be alright? I mean with his heart and all," Ryan asked.

"Well, I do not know what the doctors are going to do, but remember Ryan, there are those of us who have the Gift of Healing, and Eli now has The Wizard Heart abilities as well, so yes, Toby will be just fine no matter what way we decide to go. Your new brother is going to need lots of support over the next few months. Even though he will not be suffering the abuse of his father any longer, there will still be very strong emotions that will have to be addressed. Do you think you will be able to be strong for your brother while he deals with all the aftermath of his abuse?" David explained to the young boy.

"Yes sir, I think I will be able to handle it. I know that we have plenty of help if needed. I will watch over him and make sure that he gets help when needed, even if he does not want it." Ryan stated with a sense of determination in his voice.

David knew right then that things were going to be okay for the Martin family.

After Ryan was let back into the room, David and Sherry went to gather the other kids. They split them up to deliver them back home before they went to dinner. Sherry took the two Mears and Jeremy while David took the twins home. They met back up at the diner for dinner.

During dinner, Sherry talked mostly about plans for the upcoming wedding. David kept telling Sherry that he was fine with whatever she wanted. This did not make Sherry happy at all.

"David, why do you want to marry me? Is it just for Eli's sake or is there more to it?"

"Sweetie, you know that it is more than just Eli! I have fallen in love with you. I want to grow old with you!"

"Then why won't you help with this wedding? If it is for US than we should be planning it together!" Sherry snapped.

Eli was trying hard not to laugh. He could tell David had dug himself a big hole, and now he had to try and climb out.

"I thought that by giving you whatever you wanted for this wedding what showing you that I love you and want you to be happy. Sherry, I do not really care how we get married, as long as we do! I know that having this wedding means a lot to you and a lot of others, but to me it is just, oh I don't know, I guess it is just a bit for show."

"I get that, David, I really do. But this wedding is more than just us getting married. It is really a big step for both our families, as well as for Eli to take his rightful place. I am just asking for a tad bit of help with the details. Do you think you will be able to do that for me, please?"

"Yes, I will help you with whatever you want," David said while kissing Sherry's hand.

The three of them talked and made a lot of decisions for the wedding and the gathering after. The only people besides family who were going to be invited were Eli's court choices. Eli was as nervous as his parents were for this big event.

Things were quiet the next day at the school. It appeared that the assembly had worked to stop the rumors that had been going around. Ron and Ryan were not there. David still sent Eli and Noah to the Sherriff's office to train right after school. Deputy Evans was still watching over the boys.

Eli was getting stronger and stronger every day. He could now use most of his gifts with ease while at the Sherriff's office with the inhibitors turned on. Eli had gotten so good with his Gift of Levitation he could now crush a soda can while moving it to the trash can. Noah was always right there with Eli, working on his own Gifts. Noah was strong, but nowhere near the power Eli had. This did not bother either of the boys, they were truly best friends.

While David was working on his lesson plans after school, he received a disturbing phone call.

"Good afternoon David. I hope I am not catching you at a bad time, however I wish to speak to you about a very important subject." Councilman Thomas Baylor said as soon as David answered his phone.

"Good afternoon to you as well Councilman Baylor. I am free to speak to you if you like."

"David, there has been a lot of talk around these halls. I keep hearing your name, even more now than when you were LCT. I am getting worried. I know that the boy you are training is the Dexas. You do not have to confirm that, and I do not blame you one little bit. You are right to hide him from the Council until he is ready. I fear there are those on the Council that would try to remove him. There seems to be a lot going on down in your area. The new Lead Council Trainer I understand is living there, as well as the rescue of a U.S. Senator's grandson. Nothing that happens down there is private. Make sure you understand that. The Council has eyes and ears where they need them. There are a few of the Council who are still miffed about you stepping down from the LCT position. I know how strong you are, do not ever think I don't, but David, I am worried you will not be strong enough for this one. Please prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Have you announced your date for your wedding yet?" The Councilman asked.

"Well, the date is set, but we have not really announced it to the public. We are planning a very small ceremony and only close friends and family have been invited. I am sure you understand why, but we have not invited any of the Council."

"Yes, I do understand, but wish you would reconsider. There are those on the Council that have your back, but I am also sure that they all understand this is a private moment in your life, and is yours to share or not as you see fit. Just be careful. Is your new son getting close to being ready for his rightful place?"

"He is ready, and he wears The Wizard Heart." David said with pride.

"He already has The Wizard Heart? How on earth did he get it this soon?" A shocked Councilman Baylor asked.

"It was the Garpet's Grandson that Eli helped to rescue. The Garpet had been told that the Dexas would save the life of a male child of his family, Eli did just that." David informed the Councilman. "I am not worried any longer about anyone trying to hurt Eli, or remove him. He has proven to me over and over again that he is strong enough to take on the whole Wizard Council and claim his place. Elijah Everett Kerry-Hunt will be the most respected, most powerful leader of the Wizard World we have ever had. I am not just saying that because he is my Step-Son or that he is my Ketanka."

"Wait, are you telling me you and him are in a Mintanka? Has this been proven?" The Councilman interrupted David.

"It has been proven with us, but as you know only the Council has the real test to prove a Mintanka. However, I know in my sole that we are in one. Like I was saying, there are a lot of things about Elijah that proves to me that he IS the most powerful Dexas ever."

"David, it's not that I do not believe you, but it is hard for me to understand why you are saying this without some kind of proof. I guess I will just have to wait and judge him for myself when the time comes."

"Oh, did I tell you that Elijah has yet to reach puberty?" David asked with a smirk.

"WHAT THE HELL? Are you telling me that the boy has all these strong Gifts, and he hasn't even reached his start? David, that just cannot be! You must be mistaken!"

"Well, we are not mistaken at all. We have had Elijah looked at by several doctors, he is a perfectly healthy 11 year old boy, but has not approached puberty yet. His Pediatrician said that he might be several years off yet. We are not worried one bit about his health, or strength of his Gifts. Like I said, he is ready."

"Well, I look forward to meeting him. I will keep my ears and eyes open around here and if I hear anything I will let you know right away."

After talking with Councilman Baylor, David called Nevin and Ron and told them about the call. He also talked with Daniel Martin, Gerald's friend who was helping out around the farm. He wanted to make sure they all knew what was going on, even if there really was nothing to really tell them.

The rest of the week went somewhat smoother. Toby was released from the hospital. The CPS was still dragging their feet on getting Toby taken care of. Eli was chomping at the bit to just fix Toby once and for all. The adults were trying to figure out just how to go about letting Eli heal Toby without causing issues with the CPS and other authorities. It would look odd if a boy needed heart surgery then suddenly didn't!

Eli was busy getting everything ready for the Mayfield's visit. He wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for Jeremy and Jessie. Uncle Matt had gotten nice golf shirts made up for everyone with Eli's Fish House logo on the breast. The whole fish building was cleaned and all the tanks sparkled. The only thing he could do now was wait.

The Mayfield's were scheduled to arrive at 7:00 pm. Eli would be waiting in the building while Uncle Matt and Grandpa Max met them out front and escorted them into the building where they would meet up with Eli. Eli was a bit nervous that Jeremy would be mad at him for not telling him the truth, but he would deal with that if it happens.

The time had finally arrived. Eli was waiting in the building. Uncle Matt and Grandpa Max were both waiting outside while the Mayfield's SUV pulled up.

"Welcome, my name is Matt Kahne, and this is Max Hunt. We would like to welcome you to Elijah's Fish House, or more commonly called EFH. I know that I told you that we are not open to the public, so for our insurance, we are inviting you here as our friends. If you will please follow me I will show you where you need to wash your hands with a special soap. Everyone who enters the fish area is required by the owner to do this." Uncle Matt told them.

As they entered the building Uncle Matt led them over to a large sink where they all washed their hands. After that was finished, he led them into the main part of the building where Eli was waiting. Jeremy's eyes got huge when he saw Eli standing there.

"Eli? Wait, your Eli?" Jeremy asked with a lot of excitement.

"Yep, sorry I didn't tell you, but I did have my reasons. Now, for those who don't know me, my name is Elijah Everett Kerry, and I am the owner of Elijah's Fish House. Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield, it is very nice to meet you." Eli told them as he shook Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield's hands. "Jessie, I am so glad that you are better. I understand that this stingray pup means a whole lot to the two of you." Eli told Jessie. "Jeremy, I thought about giving you one as a gift, but then I was told about the promise you made to your sister. I also understand that the two of you worked together to earn the money to buy one. So, I am going to do just that, and sell you the pup you choose, however, Jessie, you are going to choose a second pup. EFH has made arrangements to have a large tank set up at the Hospital, on the pediatrics floor. This is the plaque that will be placed beside the tank." Eli told the Mayfield's while holding up the plaque.

"EFH will be maintaining the tank, and there will be a donation box for visitors and patients to help pay for the food for the fish living in the tank. We will have more than just the stingrays in the tank. I have a friend who is going to help with making this tank a thing of beauty."

"Wow, Eli that is a very generous gesture you are doing for us. Is there anything we can do to help out with this endeavor?" Mr. Mayfield asked.

"Well, Jessie will be helping to pick out the fish that will live in it, and if you wanted to help her, that would be great. The main part of this tank is to encourage the kids to fight, to get better."

"We should start the tour before Jeremy explodes." Eli said with a chuckle. They all followed Eli around while he showed them the whole operation. Eli was impressed with Jeremy's knowledge of the different rays and cichlids.

Everyone there could tell that Jeremy was in heaven. Jeremy had chosen a beautiful Potamotrygon Albino Pearl Stingray pup. Jessie had been helping Jeremy with the whole choosing process. She had told her brother he would have to help choose hers as well. Together they chose a very nice looking Potamotrygon Motoro, a black with white spots Stingray pup.

While Eli got the rays separated and Jeremy's pup ready for shipment with Jeremy's help. The others were talking with David, Sherry, Uncle Matt and Grandpa Max. David was talking with both of Jeremy's parents about being the new family lawyers. Eli still needed to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield about becoming his pair of Neoielo's. This is the first time that Eli would be asking someone from outside the family to become a member of his High Court. The young King was starting to show his nervousness, until David sent him some encouraging words through their link.

Eli walked back to the house with Jeremy and Jessie while the adults walked ahead of them. George had made a huge meal with smoked BBQ brisket, baked beans, homemade cornbread, and some coleslaw. For dessert George had made some homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Everyone was looking forward to the meal.

"Thomas, do you normally go by Thomas or by Tom?" Grandpa Max asked as the group was eating.

"Either, but when outside the courtroom I normally prefer Tom." Mr. Mayfield replied.

"Tom, I have to ask you and your wife a couple of questions. I know that David and Sherry asked you to be the family lawyers, so what we talk about will be held under privilege, but this goes beyond that. Can I please have your word for the safety of all of our children that what we talk about here will not be discussed outside these walls?" Grandpa Max asked.

Tom looked at his wife, Cindy, and she nodded her head. "Yes Sir, you have our word, both as Lawyers and as parents."

"Great, now are you aware that there are those around who have special Gifts?"

"Are you talking about Wizards? If you are, then yes, we are aware of Wizards, and have several as clients." Cindy offered.

"Great, then you have no problem working for them, or with them. Eli, I do believe it is your turn." Grandpa Max told the young boy.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield, I did ask you all out here for Jeremy to get his stingray pup, but the dinner was for another reason." Eli took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "As it turns out, I happen to be born in to a high place. You see I am what is called the Dexas." Both the Mayfield adults gasped as Eli told them this. "I have not announced myself to the Wizard Council, as of yet, but that time is coming near. What I am trying to do is set up my High Court. I have selected all of the positions, with Grandpa Max set up as the Shielo, he is the head of the High Court. I would ask both of you, Mr. Mayfield and Mrs. Mayfield to be my Neoielos, High Court Legal Services. I would also like to ask that you take on Jeremy as your Kahnew Neoielo, apprentice. If you will consider this position, I would be honored."

"I am not sure what we should call you?" Tom asked.

"You can just call me Eli, for now. I do not know if that will change or not, but it is my name." Eli told them with a bit of a giggle.

"Eli, my wife and I are honored that you would think to ask us for such an honored position. I think that we would need to discuss this as a family to see what we would like to do, however. I would like to accept this honor, but the family needs to decide."

"Dad, Jessie and I say go for it! I am not sure what all this means, but I am sure that you will never have a position where you could do anymore good then being the head legal counsel for the King of the Wizard World!" Jeremy told his parents.

"I agree with the kids, Tom. Eli, we will accept this honor and we will work for you in any way you might need." Cindy said with a smile.

"Great, although I do not know what needs to be done just yet!" Eli laughed.

The rest of the evening went great. Eli was learning more and more about his friend. Before the Mayfield's left for the night, Eli offered Jeremy a volunteer position at EFH. He told his friend that he wished it could be a pay position, but due to his age it couldn't be. But this would allow him to work with and learn even more about the fish he loved. Jeremy was extremely happy with this offer.

The next thing they all had to do was get ready for the dinner with the Mears the next night. David had asked Erin Mears to bring her family out to the farm so they could get to know each other better and so he could talk with her husband about money. David had explained to her that he really wanted to talk in private with Danny Mears, and not go to his office, so the Mears family was coming to dinner on Saturday.

Eli got up on Saturday feeling great. Prince and he walked outside for a bit, while Prince was doing his morning thing. Prince told Eli that someone had been walking around the property sometime during the night. Eli told Prince that they would talk to his Dad about it. It wasn't long before Eli and Prince were back in the kitchen waiting to have breakfast with David and Sherry. Eli told his Dad about what Prince had said. David did not look happy about it at all! David asked Prince to show him where the other person had been.

Prince took David to the far side of the house, close to Eli's bedroom window. There David could see where someone had been waiting for a while, someone who smoked. Normally Wizards cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke, so this gave David the idea that this was not a Wizard. David collected several of the crushed cigarettes and placed them in a Ziploc baggie.

He headed back into the house and called the Sherriff's Office, asking for either Deputy Evans or Sherriff Mills. It was not long before Parker came on the line. David explained what Prince and he had found. Parker said he would let Nevin know and he would head out right away to collect the butts and get them to the lab.

David decided he needed to get a doggie door installed right away so Prince could come and go as needed. He called Daniel Martin and asked if he could do the installation on the doggie door. Daniel said it wouldn't take long at all and he would come out and get it done today. David thanked him and told him so did Prince. They both laughed.

Eli could tell that this was really bothering his dad, and they both tried to hide it from his mom, but that didn't work. After they explained what they had found to her, she asked why neither Eli nor David had felt the presence of this person.

"That is a very good question. I do not normally scan the area at all times, which would take up too much energy. I guess I will need to start doing that at night, maybe Eli and I should take turns doing Area Scans so that the other can rest. What do you think, Eli?"

"We can do that for a few nights, but with Prince knowing someone was watching the house, he will be more alert as well. Maybe we won't need to scan at all." Eli said as he was patting Prince on the head.

"I think you are right, we will just see what happens. Eli, are you ready for the Mears to come over tonight? I know that Evan and Stacy are going to want to see the fish house." His mom asked.

"Yep, I am good. I have to get some things together today for the Hospital tank. I am going to talk with Mike Prescott today about the other fish for the tank. He said that he had some that would be ready, and he is going to donate them, but I will have to cover the shipping cost and send him a pup. I figured that was a good deal. This tank is going to be awesome and will bring more and more customers to us." Eli said sounding like an excited 11 year old CEO!

That day went by quickly. Nothing really happened, and everyone was busy with their own projects. David was helping Sherry with a few things for their wedding, while the Grandpas and Eli were working in the fish building. Uncle Matt had gone to see his nephews, but he was due back before the Mears arrived.

When Uncle Matt returned, everyone could tell he wasn't in a very good mood. It was Eli who asked him what was wrong.

"My boy, there are just some people in this world who only care about themselves. The whole reason I was asked to come visit my last remaining family was they wanted money. Not to see how I am doing, not to find out what is going on in my life, but money. It hurts to the core that they are like that." Uncle Matt said while hugging his non related Great Nephew.

"I am sorry Uncle Matt, but you are family to all of us! And, we don't really want your stinking money!" Eli said in a goofy voice.

That caused everyone to start laughing including Uncle Matt. It took a few moments for everyone to calm back down, but before they could start talking about Uncle Matt's family again, the Mears were pulling up.

David, Sherry, and Eli went out to meet the Mears as they were getting out of their car. Eli, after saying hello to the adults, took Evan and Stacy to show them the fish house. David was explaining to Danny and Erin where the kids were going and Danny said he would love to see it too, so the adults followed the kids,

Eli gave everyone a quick tour of the whole place while trying to answer all of the questions being asked. He was a bit surprised to find that Danny was really into fish and had thought about adding one to his office. Eli told him he would help him if he wanted, too. And that he would work out a discount if he chose one of the rays.

As the adults headed up to the house, Eli started talking to Evan and Stacy.

"Hey guys, this dinner isn't just a chance for my Dad to talk to yours about money. It is something much bigger than that. I have wanted to talk to you about this for a while, but I really couldn't. I will explain that in a bit. Ok, first off, do you guys know about Wizards?"

"You mean like Harry Potter?" Evan asked.

"NO, he means like Nora and Noah, right?" Stacy asked.

"Yes Stacy. I wasn't sure if you knew or not. Evan did you know?"

"A little, I mean it kind of freaks me out, but yeah I did know," Evan said.

"Well, did you know about the Classes of different Wizards?"

Even shook his head no, but Stacy said she did.

"Okay, well I am a Wizard, but I am not like Nora or Noah, I am what they call the Dexas, King of the Wizard World." Eli told them.

"Wow!" Stacy said.

"Cool man!" was Evan's reply.

"Well, it gets really complicated but tonight I am going to ask your father to be on my High Court as my Curfeit, High Court Minister of Commerce. One of you, if you choose will be given the title of Kahneu Curfeit, Apprentice to the High Court Minister of Commerce."

"That would be Stacy! I suck at math, and she and Dad are always trying to find problems that the other can't solve. It's like a game to them and I am barely getting a passing grade in math!" Evan said with pride.

"I do plan to follow in Uncle Danny's footsteps. He has always tried to get us to do our own thing, but numbers and I just get along. But what does a Minister of Commerce do?" Stacy asked.

"Well, that is something we will have to figure out along the way. Mainly I need someone who I can trust to handle my money. Let's go inside and see about when we are going to eat, I am getting hungry." Eli told the others as he was walking out of the fish building. After locking up the building, he and the others headed up to the house.

During dinner, the conversation was very similar to the night before, with Grandpa Max starting the conversation asking if the Mears had any knowledge of Wizards. After finding out that both of the adults did in fact know about Wizards, and their classes, the conversation was turned over to Eli.

"Well, I have already told Evan and Stacy, but Mr. and Mrs. Mears, I am the Dexas, the King of the Wizard World. I have not announced myself to the Wizard Council, but that is coming soon. Mr. Mears, I would like to ask you to become my Curfeit, High Court Minister of Commerce. I trust you because of how you have raised both Evan and Stacy. I know from talking to them that you are a caring, loving, and supporting father. Just the type of person I want on my High Court." Eli explained.

"Your Majesty, I would be honored to serve as your Curfeit, but shouldn't that go to Wizard?" Danny asked.

"Just call me Eli, and no. From what I have been told, in the Wizard World the position of Curfeit has been looked down on because of greed and corruptions. By me having a Non Wizard fill that spot, I will be doing several different things at the same time. One, you will not be able to hide dishonesty from me, I can scan for that. The other thing is that I am showing that Non Wizards and Wizards can work together." Eli tried to explain.

"That makes perfect sense. Thank you Eli for the honor, and I would be very pleased to be your Curfeit." Danny told him with a slight bow,

"Thank you. Now, there is one other thing about the position of Curfeit I need to tell you. My Shielo, Head of the High Court, Grandpa Max had asked that all positions on the High Court have a Kahneu, an apprentice. I have already chosen the Kahneu Curfeit, Miss Stacy Linden-Mears." Eli said with pride.

"That I can work with, I was really hoping you weren't going to name Evan!" Which caused everyone to start laughing.

"HEY, not fair!" Even said, even though he was laughing right along the rest of them.

Once the talk of money and High Court died down, the rest of the meal was very pleasant. David and Grandpa Max felt Eli had chosen very well for all the members of his High Court. They are one step closer!

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