The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 22

The middle school was closed for the week following the incident. Most of the current students as well as many past students attended Mrs. Dean's memorial service. Eli asked his dad to make sure that all the cost were covered, he said he would pay him back once he got access to the King's accounts.

The 109 group, as the kids had started calling themselves, hung out at the farm part of the time they were off school. Toby, Ryan, and now Sasha practiced for the upcoming Motocross event that Toby had signed them up for. Ryan was acting as coach/mechanic for both and by the end of the week they were a true team. David had purchased a second dirt bike for Sasha to ride and all the needed gear to go with it. As he had told Ron, he was fully sponsoring Toby and his team. This now included Sasha. Eli had gone ahead and healed Toby's heart using the Wizard Heart Gift of Major Healing. David and Ron were hoping on the ineptitude of the CPS department for any follow up treatments for Toby.

Mitch would bring Nora and Noah out to the farm every morning before going off to school. Nora would spend most of the day helping Sherry with whatever was needed on the wedding prep. Sherry was more than grateful for the extra help. Nora was able to get all the center pieces done so that Sherry didn't have to worry about them.

Noah spent all his time with Eli. The two of them would work on their Gifts, but for the most part they just acted like boys. They went fishing and swimming in the pond. As well as exploring more of the farm. They found a small cave, and decided to make this their fort. They brought several items from the house they didn't think that would be missed. A couple of blankets and an old sleeping bag to start with. Eli thought this cave could come in handy. Of course, Prince was with them the whole time as well.

Jeremy was out almost every day to help with the fish as well as hang out with the group. Eli thought he might have to start limiting how much Jeremy was there until he talked to his Grandpa Max. Grandpa Max explained to Eli that Jeremy was there so much learning all he could about the Wizard world and what his future part of it would be. He wanted to learn all the history so he could be prepared to help Eli in whatever manner was needed. He was also learning the Wizard Language, something that Grandpa Max was passionate about. This willingness to learn was very impressive to Eli.

Evan and Stacy were there as well, but not as much. Mrs. Mears was taking full advantage of them being out of school to get some jobs done around their house that they had been putting off.

David had been stressed all week. He knew that Eli was safe at the farm; there were way too many people around all the time for anything to happen. Deputy Evans and Seth were there every day checking on things. Deputy Evans was taking his role as Copus Dubuquas very seriously. He already had about 15 trusted Dubuquas he was working with. Eli and Parker had been working together on the choices for the Dubuquas. As Eli's true identity had not been revealed, it was left up to him to approve who was being told and who would have to wait. As of right now, most of the Dubuquas knew that the Dexas was coming but not who it was.

David was driving Nevin nuts checking in with him so much. He was worried that the group behind the attempted kidnapping at the school would try again. Nevin tried and tried to assure David that they were keeping a very close eye on who came to town and who was speaking to whom. David just wasn't convinced. It finally took Sherry to get him to calm down.

"DAVID, ENOUGH! He is safe, and he can protect himself. But, more than that, we are all keeping a very close eye on him and our surroundings. Nothing is going to happen to him. Please relax a little, because you are driving all of us totally crazy with your worry." She said before kissing him.

"I know, and I am sorry, but I really feel that I am missing something that is going to harm him. I just can't figure out what it is that I am missing."

"Well, maybe if you stop trying, it will come to you. However, if you don't relax, I am going to knock you out with a frying pan!" She said with a little chuckle, but also a glare.

David wasn't sure if she was kidding or not, so he decided not to push it. He took a walk around the farm again, looking for anything that he missed. He still couldn't put his finger on it. David was so worried about what he was missing that he almost forgot to take Eli to get their suits for the wedding. He was glad that he had already given Sherry the rings. He figured he would have forgotten those as well.

David spoke to George and Uncle Matt about how he was feeling and his worry. Both the older men started laughing at the young Groom.

"My boy, what you are feeling is the pre-wedding jitters. All young Grooms, such as you, go through this. Nothing is going to happen to Eli this week, there are way too many Wizards and Non-Wizards around watching what is going on with him. He is very well protected. Your body is gearing up for your wedding, so you just need to relax and let it work it out. Now, what you should do is work on a project, like when your family is scheduled to arrive. Do you have all the sleeping arrangements made up yet? This will help keep your mind clear." George told his soon to be Son in Law.

"Thank you, that does somehow make me feel better. The sleeping arrangements are tentatively worked out, with your house as back up. That is if you don't mind. Donnie, Cody and Eli will stay in Eli's room. This is what Eli asked for, I was surprised, but I trust him. Cassie and Melinda can share the room next to Eli's, with Kelly and Eric in the room across the hall and Steven and Karen in the room next to that. If any of them have problems with this arrangement, then I will offer your house as a backup plan. I think Kelly might pitch a bit of a fit thinking that she is intruding on the wedding plans. I hope once the whole story comes out that she will go with my plans." David said going way into more detail than either of the older men wanted.

"David, do we need to arrange transportation for your sister and her family? Is someone planning on meeting them at the airport?" Uncle Matt asked.

"No, Eric said he was planning on renting a car for the week. I think he and Kelly want to look around the area and Kelly hates having to borrow other's things. She wouldn't even use my car the last time she flew up to see Uncle Max. She can be a bit stubborn." David said with a laugh.

"I can't imagine where she would get that trait from!" Uncle Matt exclaimed causing all three men to laugh.

"I know that Steven is planning to drive up, do we need to send Kelly directions on how to find the farm?" George asked.

"Nope, I have already taken care of that. Kelly said she was all set and was confident that she would be able to find the farm with ease. She was always good with directions. Plus, I think she has the Familiar Find Gift, and I think she can use it on Uncle Max. So as long as we keep him here, we should be good." David said just as Uncle Max walked into the room.

"Ah, so you are planning to lock me up again are you? We will just see about that one!" he said with an evil chuckle.

"No, we were talking about Kelly being able to always find you, no matter what. I still say she has the Familiar Find Gift and uses it on you!" David told his Uncle.

"I do too my boy, she swears she doesn't. I have never used my Force Truth on her, because it is kind of a game to me, but one day I might just have to just to see." He laughed.

"I think she can block that too, I know I have caught her in a flat out lie, but my Truth Gift said she was telling the truth, it would be fun to find out though."

The wedding was planned for Sunday afternoon. The out of town family was scheduled to arrive at the farm sometime on Friday. That would allow the family to catch up with each other before the wedding and all the rushing around. Eli was getting very excited, but a little bit nervous as well.

He still needed to talk to Uncle Steven, Aunt Karen, and Aunt Kelly, as well as Cody and Donnie, about accepting the positions on his High Court. One of the problems was he still had not come up with a Kahneu for the Docy. He had talked to Grandpa Max about it several times, but he just couldn't find the right person. Grandpa Max had told him that when the right person comes along, he will know, until then the position would remain open.

Judge Tucker came out to the farm on Wednesday evening to finalize the plans for the ceremony. Sherry and David had decided not to do a full rehearsal and dinner, seeing how there was only family involved in the wedding, and they would all be there for the meals anyway. They talked about what parts of a typical ceremony they wanted and what they didn't want. They also talked about who was going to be standing up for them. Sherry had asked Karen to be her Maid of Honor, while David had asked Steven to be his Best Man. George was going to give Sherry away, and Eli was going to be the bearer. He refused to say he was the ring bearer, he was too old for that. Eli had been worried that Kelly would feel left out, but David had assured Eli that she wouldn't be bothered by it at all. Sherry decided to ask Kelly to be her Attendant. She explained to Eli, that the Attendant keeps the guest book and a list of any gifts they might receive. This would be a big help to her as well as make Kelly part of the wedding party itself.

The Judge also talked to them about the adoption of Eli. He talked to Sherry one on one and David as well. The Judge also talked to George and Uncle Matt about how they felt. He had told Sherry and David that before he could finalize the adoption he would need to speak with Eli one on one. David had been putting this off for now, but he assured the Judge that he would be able to speak to him on Sunday morning before the wedding. David had told Sherry this delay was so the Monco wouldn't unveil Eli's true status before the wedding. He was sure the Monco was someone they could trust, but David didn't feel he was strong enough to take on any of the Council members alone.

On Thursday, Eli and his group helped David clean the house from top to bottom. The kids were a huge help, mainly keeping David laughing. Although they did get a lot done, they had just as much fun doing it. David took all the kids out for ice cream when the chores were done. After the treat was devoured, he delivered them all home.

On the way home, David asked Eli if he was ready for everything the weekend would bring.

"I think so Dad, but who knows what might happen. I am still a bit bothered that I can't come up with a Kahneu for Docy, but other than that I think I am ready. I am really looking forward to hanging out with Donnie and Cody. When are we going to tell them that I am the Dexas?"

"I think that should be one of the first things we do. You need to ask those you have chosen to be on your High Court, and I want to get the shock out of the way so we can all enjoy the weekend. Plus, I figured you would want to treat Donnie and Cody to the now Almost Famous Eli Roller Coaster!" David laughed.

"Well, it would be fun to scare Cody! But I think he would enjoy it way too much!" Eli laughed back.

Later that evening David found Eli on the couch reading a story to Prince. It was kind of a funny sight because Prince was following Eli's finger as he read. David was wondering to himself if Prince was a normal dog.

"Are you teaching Prince to read?" David had to ask.

"Well, not really, but he does know a few words by sight. Like, stop and Eli. He can tell those words apart from others, but not like really reading them." Eli tried to explain.

"Well, I guess that makes sense. Eli, what I came in here for was to talk to you about Sunday. I want you to be totally sure that you wish for me to adopt you..."

Eli jerked up and interrupted David, "Don't you want to adopt me? I thought you did!"

"I do, Eli, I do with all my heart! I just want to make sure that you didn't have any second thoughts. Once we sign the paperwork, it is forever! I want you to understand that!"

Eli gave David a big hug letting him know that he was ready and wanted it with all his heart too.

"Sunday morning, before the wedding, you will need to meet with Judge Tucker, alone. He will be asking you a lot of questions, and you need to tell him the whole truth, no matter what he asks. I assure you he will be asking some very hard questions, but it is his job as a judge to make sure you know what is going on and that me adopting you is in your best interest. Can you do this for me?" David asked his soon to be adopted son.

"Yes Dad. Mom and Grandpa already talked to me about all this, so I am ready."
"Well, it is getting late Your Highness; I think that you and your young Prince should head up to bed. We have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow. Prince, do you wish to go out before going up?" David suggested to the two as he started to get up.
Prince ran for the backdoor to let himself out. He loved that he had his own door for the house. It made him feel very special. Eli gave his dad another hug and then went to find his mom to tell her goodnight as well. Once that was done he headed up the stairs, where Prince caught up with him.

Eli and Prince were both wired when they came down for breakfast. David and Sherry just kind of let them go. As soon as they had both eaten, they took off outside. David Knew that Mitch was planning on dropping off Noah today, but that Nora wasn't going to be coming out. David watched out the kitchen window as Eli ran out to the fish building with Prince right on his heels.

"I can't get over how happy he is here." Sherry said coming up behind David and wrapping him in a hug. "You have made all the difference in his life since you came into our house."

"Thank you Sweetheart, but I do not think you are totally correct there. He has friends, something that he has wished for, for a very long time. He also has the confidence of his Gifts, something that only scared him before. I think it is a combination that allowed him to bloom the way he has."

"But, all that started with you standing up to your twin brother on his behalf. That is what started the bond between the two of you, and that is what has allowed him to bloom. I hear what you are saying, and yes there is some truth in that, but it is YOU that has made the difference in his life, it is you that he works so hard for. Do not underestimate any of that for a second, Mister! Now, get the hell out of my kitchen so I can start getting things ready for your family to descend!" She said laughing.

David headed out to the fish house after giving Sherry a kiss. As he walked across the yard, he could hear laughter coming from the fish building, that of an old man and a couple of kids. David smiled knowing that Noah and Eli were having fun with their Grandpa Max. He did think it was a bit weird that as he got to the building he could see that the overhead lights were not on. Then he saw why!

"Oh My God!" David exclaimed as he saw a 12 foot picture of himself as a 13 year old boy blown up on the wall.

"Dad, you are not supposed to be out here! You weren't supposed to see this until Sunday!" Eli screamed as Noah shut off the projector.

"Just where the hell did you get that?"

"We asked Grandpa Max, Aunt Kelly, and Grandpa for pictures of you and Mom as you were growing up so that we could do this. It is what is normally done and I wanted to do it for you." Eli said starting to tear up.

"Well, let's just hope the ones of your Mother are just as bad!" David said making the other three burst out laughing.

I just came out to see what you turkeys were up to, and now that I know, I am going to go for a walk! Make sure that they behave themselves!" David said while turning to walk out.

"I will. They are no trouble." Grandpa Max said.

"I was talking to Noah!" David said with a wave. This again caused all three to start laughing.

David started walking out to the road as he saw George and Uncle Matt pull into the drive. They slowed down as they came near David.

"Are you running away so soon, David?" George asked while laughing.

"Well, your daughter kicked me out of the kitchen, and the three reprobates in the fish building are plotting against me, so I thought I would take a very long walk!" David said trying to act like he was pouting, but, he and the two older men started laughing.

Just as they pulled away, in came Parker's car followed by Sherriff's Mills massive truck. With both of them here, David was starting to worry.

"Hey guys, what is going on? It can't be a good sign that you both are out here, this early."

"We think we might have a slight problem. The company you hired to put up the tent for the reception hires a lot of day laborers, and cannot get us a listing of who will be on this job so that we can have them checked out. This might allow someone to get closer to Eli than we would like. Is there any chance that while they are here putting up the tent and chairs tomorrow, you could take Eli off the farm?" Parker explained to David.

"Well, we were planning on taking all the kids to see Toby and Sasha ride tomorrow, I think that should be a good 4 hours, would that work?" David asked.

"Yes, and I will have several deputies out here milling around while the tent company is here. Do you have any idea of who is going to be staying here at the farm while you are gone?" Nevin asked.

"Well, honestly no. I am sure that all the ladies and girls are going to want to stay here, and I am not sure about the older guys. I am sure that Steven and Eric will want to go with us, as well as Donnie and Cody. Noah said that Mitch was going to take him and Jeremy. I think that Ron said he was planning on taking Evan with him. I guess I won't know until everyone gets here and we make our plans." David told the group.

"I will plan on going with Mitch and the boys, that will give me a cover to be there. Parker, I would like for you to be out here to keep watch over the work here. You know Eli would never forgive either of us if something happened to one of the family." Nevin said.

"You are right. Seth and I will be here first thing in the morning to help with the setup. I am sure that we can have enough people around where they wouldn't even think of trying something." Parker said.

"Yes, but please do not forget they did try to take Eli right out of school in the middle of the day, so don't think they wouldn't be willing to try just about anything." David told the others.

"That brings me to the other point of me being out here. I need to see if I can borrow Uncle Max for a few hours. We were able to track down the third kidnapper and got to him before he could commit suicide. We have tried to get him to talk, but he has refused. I am holding him without charging him for now on domestic terrorism, and I would like for Uncle Max to use his Force Truth Gift on him. We need to find out who hired them. However, I cannot hold him much longer without charging him. He is already demanding a lawyer, and we have called in one who is a Wizard. I have explained to him that the person he tried to kidnap and possibly kill was a powerful Wizard, who would be very important to the Wizard World. I think he knows I was referring to the Dexas, but he hasn't said anything. I trust Jon a lot; I know we can count on him." Nevin explained to David.

"I am sure if it is for Eli he will do anything, but you might need to protect the creep from Uncle Max. I know he has some very strong defensive Gifts, and I do not know if the Inhibitors at the station will work against him if he is really angry and besides that they will need to be off so that he can use his Force Truth Gift. You will need to be close by so that he is kept grounded." David said looking Nevin right in the eyes.

"Yes, I know. I have several of my larger Wizard deputies standing by, as well as I have asked Mikael Welsh to be there as well. I understand from Eli that he and Max are similar in strength. Also, I know that Mikael and Max have been getting close as he works with Max learning the LCT position. Do you know if Max is around?"

"Yes, he was with the boys in the fish building helping them to get ready to embarrass Sherry and me on our wedding day." David said with a little laugh.

After Parker went to check in with Eli, and the Sherriff went to enlist the aid of Uncle Max, David continued on his walk around the property. He started to think about the changes they were going to have to make once the announcement of Eli being the King of the Wizards was made. David did not think Eli or Sherry would like to live in a fort, but a fence and gate might be in order. This was something he would have to look into. David was so lost in thought he didn't even notice that he had a visitor with him on his walk. Prince had joined him as he walked the front of the property.

"Hello Prince. I am a bit surprised you are here with me and not with Eli. Is everything alright?" David asked the pup.

"Eli fish don't like Prince. Prince look for furry things to chase." Prince told David.

"Aw, I see. Fish aren't fun to play with, but furry things like rabbits are. Maybe we need to get you a play mate?"

"Yes please, yes please a playmate when Eli at school." The excited pup said as he ran around David.

David saw Nevin pulling up the lane to head back to town. He was able to see Uncle Max in the truck with him. He waved them down. He had a flash of an idea, but he would have to talk with Nevin about it first.

"Hey David, what's up? We were just heading to the station." Nevin said as he rolled down his window.

"Does your family have a dog?" David asked.

"We did, but she died about a year ago. Why, what are you thinking?"

"Well, Prince here needs a playmate, and I was thinking that if I was able to get Noah a pup, then with the boys always together the pups would be too. I would even allow it to be kept out here if needed." David said hoping Nevin would allow it.

"David, I think it is a great idea. He has been asking for a dog for a while now, even longer than Eli has had Prince. But, I am not making that call until after I have spoken to my wife! Let me call her when I get back to town, and then I will call you on the radio and let you know. I take it you would like to do this soon."

"Yes, I really would. I was thinking that I could take the boys over to the shelter, with Prince, to see if we could find a playmate for him. I won't tell the boys it is for Noah until after I hear from you, deal?" David tried.

"Okay, deal, and just so you know I am sure that Melonie will not have a problem with it."

David and Prince headed back to the house. His first stop was the kitchen where he got a drink. Sherry came back into the kitchen as David was finishing his glass of apple juice.

"Sweetheart, I had a thought I would like to run by you. As I was out walking around the property, Prince joined me. He said that the fish didn't like him and were no fun, so he was out looking for something furry to chase. I was thinking that we should get him a playmate. Now before you yell at me, please hear me out." David said as fast as he could because he could see her eyes start to darken.

"I spoke with Nevin, and the pup would belong to Noah. He has been asking for one for a while. Nevin thinks that Melonie will be okay with it and has given me permission to take the boys and Prince over to the shelter to see if there is a good match. I told Nevin that the pup could stay out here during the day, if needed." David tried to explain.

"David, I like having Prince around, but I am not sure I am ready for a second dog. But, you are right he needs a playmate, and it does sadden me when I see him laying there staring at the back door waiting for Eli to walk in. So, go ahead, go get him a playmate, even if it means the dog will live here." Sherry told David with a sigh.

David gave Sherry a big hug and kiss. As they pulled apart, two excited boys and a dog ran into the kitchen.

"DAD, MOM, is it true? Are you going to get another dog for Prince to play with?" A very excited Eli yelled at his parents.

"Yes, but, you have to understand something." David started and waited until the boys calmed down a bit. "First is that you, Mr. Prince, cannot keep a secret!" Prince just barked at David for that jab. "We will go to the shelter and see if they have any pups that need a good home, but one that will get along well with Prince and you boys. They might not have a good match at this time, so you might have to wait a little bit before he finds a friend. Can you understand what I am saying?"

After getting an answer from each of the boys and Prince. David told them to go get in the Explorer and they would head over to the shelter. Truth be told, David was as excited as the boys were.

As they were driving, David asked Noah if he had the Gift of Animal Communication. Noah told David that he didn't, at least not that he knew about, but that there were times where he could hear what a dog or horse was thinking.

"Noah that might be because you have the Gift of Telepathy. That Gift is normally stronger in twins. My twin and I do not have that Gift. We will have to see if any of the pups we see will communicate with you. It would be nice seeing how you and Eli spend so much time together."

"Yeah, that would be cool. I have been asking for a dog for a very long time, but Mom said she wasn't ready to have another one after Shelby died. I hope she will let me get one soon." Noah told them.

"10Sam1 to EMTDH" David's radio squawked.

"EMTDH go ahead 10Sam1" David replied into the handset.

"10Sam1Boss said proceed."

"Copy that. EMTDH clear." David acknowledged.

"10-4 10Sam1 out." Nevin said.

"Uncle David, what was that about?" A confused Noah said.

"Well, that was me getting permission to get you a pup. Yes, you heard me, this pup we are looking for will be yours, and a playmate for Prince there. I spoke to your dad, and he spoke to your mom. This will be your responsibility to care for, and protect. If you do that, the pup will care for and protect you right back." David told the smiling boy.

It was all David could do to control the boys and Prince when they got to the shelter. David did get them all to calm down a little by threatening to go home. Eli was shocked to hear so many dogs barking. Prince was being overwhelmed with smells and sounds. Poor Noah was on overload and looked to be about ready to pass out.

'You best get one that is going to like me too!' Nora sent to her brother which kind of woke him up.

'If it likes me, then he should like you, but I will make sure it knows that you are the same as me.' Noah sent back to his twin.

"Hello, please tell me you are not dropping that pup off." The young lady behind the desk said as they approached.

"Oh, no, this is Prince. We are here today to see if we can find him a playmate. We would never give him up!" Eli told her with pride.

"That is very good to hear. You wouldn't believe how many people bring their pit-bulls in here. Well, do you know what kind of dog you are looking for?"

"I would like a pit-bull like Prince, do you have any that are about the same age, around 9 months old. Do you have anything like that?" Noah piped up.

"Well, I think we do. We have one who would be a little younger than 9 months, but not by much. She is a little skittish, but is very friendly once she gets to know you. Why don't I bring her into one of the guest rooms, and you can meet her. I will be right back." She said heading into the back of the building.

David and the boys were shown into the guest room. There were several benches around the outside of the room and a big carpet in the center. David figured this would help with cleaning any accidents that happened. It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door and the young lady led in a beautiful young dog. She was pure white, with almost pink ears. She walked into the room on a leash and sat down right inside the door.

"I will leave her here for you to get to know. Let me know if you need anything." The young lady said before leaving.

"Hello, my name is Eli. That there is my Dad, and this is my best friend Noah. This is my friend Prince." Eli said to the dog while pointing out each of us. "Can you tell me your name, please?" Eli asked.

"My name Bentley. Why I here?" The young dog asked Eli.

"We are looking for a friend for Noah and Prince, do you think you could be that friend?"

The young female looked over at Noah. She just stared at him for the longest time.

'Would you hurt me?' Noah heard.

'NEVER' he sent back.

Before anyone knew what had happened, Bentley had jumped into Noah's lap and curled up, and then she barked at Prince.

"She likes Noah. She likes me." Prince told Eli.

"Well, I think that says it all, don't you. What do you think Noah?" David asked.

"She spoke to me. She asked me if I would hurt her. I told her never, and then she jumped into my lap. I can use my Telepathy with her. I can't believe this is really happening. She is just what I have always dreamed of." Noah said while Bentley was licking his face.

"Well, I guess I better go make the arrangements for us to take Ms. Bentley home with us." David said as he headed out the door to go back to the front desk.

After David got all the paperwork done, and had written a check for the adoption fee. The young girl, whose name is Trish, got all the stuff ready for them to take the newest Mills family member home. They walked into the cutest scene you could imagine. Eli was laying on the floor with Prince using his chest for a pillow. Noah was right beside Eli, with Bentley's head on his chest. They were all having a quiet conversation with each other.

The group loaded up into the Explorer and headed back to the farm. David decided to make one stop on the way. There was a Dairy Queen, and it was root beer floats for them all. Even the pups got a frozen treat. The boys really enjoyed their treat, but it did give them just that much more energy. David wasn't worried about that; he knew they would be running it off as soon as they got back to the farm.

David was right. As soon as the truck stopped, the boys and their pups took off for the pond. David had to laugh at the way they all ran. Eli and Noah were in the middle, with Eli on the left and Noah on the right. The pups were running right beside their boy. It looked to David as if they were in formation.

David got himself a glass of juice after he got to the kitchen. He was still laughing to himself at how excited the boys were. Sherry was surprised to see David without the boys.

"Hello, you didn't leave the boys at the shelter did you?" Sherry teased David.

"Nope, they, and their four legged friends headed straight to the pond as soon as the truck stopped. I have no doubt they will be swimming by now." David chuckled.

"But, they don't have their swim suits with them? What in the world would they be wearing?" Sherry was starting to worry.

This made David laugh even harder. His laughter wasn't winning him any points with his bride.

"Well, dear, they are boys! I am sure they are not getting their clothes wet." David told her.

"Well, then please explain to me how they would be swimming with no suits and not getting their... Oh, Please tell me they are not skinny dipping in that pond!" Sherry said figuring out how they were swimming.

"Well, boys will be boys. It would take way too much time to run into the house and change. Plus, it is so much more fun to skinny dip when they think they are getting away with something they shouldn't be doing when in fact, there is nothing wrong with it at all. I know they don't do it when the girls are here, but the boys, well they do it all the time. Do not worry, it is harmless. And there is nothing in that pond that would hurt them." David said as best as he could to calm her down.

"Is it safe for them to be swimming there alone? How deep is this pond?"

"Well, Eli can walk all the way across it without his head going under. So yes, I think it is very safe for them, and Eli can talk to any of us if there were something to happen. Trust me Sweetheart, he is very safe." David said while pulling her into a tight full body hug. Before they knew it they were in a very passionate embrace.

Their make out session was interrupted by Stephen yelling for his brother. David yelled back at his brother telling him he had lousy timing.

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