The Wizard Heart

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 23

David sent Eli a message that Stephen and his family had arrived. Eli sent back they would be right there. About 10 minutes later, the boys and their dogs rushed into the house.

Eli ran right for Stephen and jumped on him. Stephen caught Eli and while spinning him around started tickling him as well. Eli was screaming with laughter.

"ELI! I cannot believe you just did that." Sherry yelled at him. However Eli and Stephen were both laughing too hard to hear her. "I swear, I am about to give up on that boy!" Sherry said to Karen.

"Now, Eli isn't that bad!" Karen said.

"I wasn't talking about Eli!" Sherry said causing the two women to laugh.

"So, David tells me that you have been working extra hard to master your Gifts. Maybe while I am here I will have to test that! Cody has also been working very hard." Steven said to Eli.

"Well, Dad is kind of a hard trainer. But, he does make it fun. How is school going Cody?" Eli said trying to change the subject.

"It's going really well. Dad and Mom have been helping me get caught up, and I am now back in normal classes. Why aren't you in school today?" Cody said seeing Noah was there as well.

"Well, we had a shooting at our school on Monday, so classes have been canceled for the week." Eli explained to Cody.

"Really, why didn't this make the news?" Stephen asked his brother.

"Well, there are several reasons, but let's wait until Kelly and her crew get here before we get into that." David told his twin giving him a look that said not to ask any more. "Eli, why don't you and Noah take Cody out and show him the improvements in the fish building and let the pups play some more. I am sure that you guys have some catching up to do."

Eli got the hint and told the other two to follow him. The three boys ran outside and over to the fish building with the two pups following as fast as they could. Once the boys were gone, David turned to his brother.

"Stephen, I know you have questions and want answers, but for now please just wait. This is something that I only want to have to go through once. There has been a whole lot that has happened since you were here last, and this is all something that we need to talk about as a family, the whole family! I hope you can understand where I am coming from?"

"Yes, I do, and I will honor what you are saying. Can you tell me anything about this new LCT guy you found?"

"Sure, let's see, well Mikael Welsh is 28 years old. He is a very strong Class III, but is married to a Non-Wizard. This caused a lot of problems for him as his Father is an area Monco, and is a believer in true blood. So when the plant he was working at closed down, his Monco refused to help him find a new placement and he lost his home. He and his wife have 2 little girls, who are 6 and 4. They are both cute as buttons. A while back they were at a campsite, and stumbled across a 10 year old Russian boy, who had been kidnapped from an orphanage and forced to work for a traveling circus. The Welsh's of course took the boy in, but they were running out of options. They let the family pup go out in the woods near a dirt road, hoping he would have a better chance there then at the pound. Eli found Prince and the two of them bonded. We had to let the Sherriff know about finding the dog, and he went looking for the family as Prince said they were out of food. Well, when I found out that Mikael was a strong Class III, I decided to get us off the hook and call Councilman Smith about having Mikael take the LCT spot. He did an interview with three other Council Members, and landed the position. He and his wife are adopting Sasha, and I made the Council buy them a house here in town so that Uncle Max and I could work closely with him and help train him." David told his brother.

"David, we have to figure a way to keep Monco's from being able to treat people this way. There is no reason for a Monco to not allow a mix marriage in this day and age! What does yours say about you marrying Sherry?"

"He is fine with it; in fact he is the Judge doing the ceremony for us." David laughed.

"I do agree with you though, we need a better standard for our leaders. Do not worry though, that is something that we will take care of soon. Tell me about how Cody is doing?"

"He is doing very well. The Judge said that our adoption will be final in about 4 months, as long as he keeps his nose clean and we are all still in favor of it. Neither of which is going to be a problem. He is working really hard in school, and is now back in regular classes. He still has a tutor for several subjects, but is now only working with her outside of school. His health is back on track, and he is starting to gain a little weight and muscle back. He and Melinda are thick as thieves. They are always up to something and just love hanging out with each other. Cody likes to read her stories and even his homework assignments to her. I think they are very good for each other. He has been spending the weekends helping Karen with a free clinic downtown. She tells me he is very good helping the younger kids when they are scared. I think he might have a future in medicine like his Mom." Stephen explained to David with pride in his voice.

David would have to remember to tell Eli about this. This might be the thing he was searching for.

"Can I refill your glass?" David asked his brother. He was looking for a chance to step away from him.

"Yes, thank you." Stephen said holding out the now empty glass for David. As David was walking into the kitchen, he sent Eli a message.

'Uncle Stephen just told me that Cody has been helping Aunt Karen at the free clinic, and seems to have a real knack for helping with the younger kids. He might turn out to be a great Kahneu Docy.'

'I will keep that in mind, and see if there is a way to bring it up. Thanks Dad'

David returned to Stephen and gave him his glass. As he was sitting down he saw Nevin pull into the yard. He and Stephen headed out to see him and Uncle Max, but they saw Uncle Max walking quickly towards the pond. Eli came running out of the fish building and just watched his Grandpa Max storm off towards the lake.

"Nevin, what happened?" David demanded.

"A lot! We were able to find out who hired the guys, but not why. That is going to take a bit further work on our part. Although, Max was able to get us the information, he is a little bit pissed off right now. He seems to think we should just go blow them all up, and be done with it. Give him some time to cool down, and I am sure he will tell you all about it."

"Are you going to tell me who is behind this?" David asked.

"No I am not, at least not until after your wedding. I will not ruin this weekend for you! Trust me; this is the way it needs to be. Even Max agrees with me on that!" Sherriff Mills told David. "Just leave it alone until Monday."

"Alright, I will trust your judgment on this. Now, you have to see your son's new friend! She is gorgeous!"

"Wait, you let him get a bitch! Oh, great now I am going to have to worry about her getting knocked up as well!" Nevin moaned.

"I wouldn't let the boys or her hear you call her a bitch, if I was you! Let's all walk down to the fish building and see the boys. We can wait for Uncle Max to calm down there." David suggested.

As the three men walked into the fish building, Nevin saw the little white dog run and hide behind Noah. Nevin wasn't thrilled to think that this pit-bull pup was already so skittish.

"Hello Son, I hear you have a new friend. How about introducing me to them." Nevin said trying to lightening the mood.

"Oh, hi Dad, and sure. So, Dad, this is Cody Messner. He is Eli's cousin, or will be right now he is Eli's foster cousin." Noah said being a complete smart ass.

"Ha ha, son, I know who Cody is. Now, how about this other new friend you got just today?"

"Dad, I would like for you to meet Bentley. Bentley, this is my Dad, and he is the Sherriff of this county, and will protect you if anyone tries to do bad things to you."

'He will hurt me.' Bentley said to Noah.

'Never! He would never hurt you because that would hurt me.' Noah sent back.

Prince understood that Bentley was scared of Nevin, and that she thought Nevin might hurt her, he decided to help her.

Prince took off running at Nevin barking as loud as he could, Nevin was a bit shocked at the sight of this young dog charging him, and at the last moment Prince jumped onto Nevin's chest. Nevin caught the young dog that proceeded to start licking the man holding him. This of course started everyone laughing.

'See, dad likes dogs. He is the one that said I could get you today. Please give him a chance.' Noah sent to Bentley.

Very slowly Bentley crept over to where Nevin was still holding Prince. Nevin carefully let Prince down and started petting him. As Bentley got closer, Nevin started talking to her and petting her as well. Soon both pups were doing everything they could to get more loving from the big Sherriff.

"You are a very beautiful dog, Bentley! I think having you in the family will be very good for us all." Nevin told her. Noah sent what Nevin said through their link.

`Like Noah's Dad.' Bentley sent back to Noah.

"She said she likes you too, Dad." Noah said.

"You can talk with her? I wasn't aware that you had the Animal Communication Gift?" Nevin said to his 11 year old son.

"I don't, but my Telepathy seems to work with her the same it does with Nora." Noah told his father.

"Well, that is great. Can Nora talk to Bentley as well?"

"I don't know, she hasn't yet, but then I haven't told her about how I can yet either." Noah laughed. "Maybe I will just keep this part quiet for now and see what happens." He said with a bit of evil in his eyes.

"Ha ha, I can just see you scaring the crap out of her. Why don't you and Bentley work it out so she will wake up Nora by yelling at her? That would set her on edge!" Nevin laughed.

The three men were watching the three boys run around with the pups when Uncle Max walked back up from the pond. He still did not look happy, but looked better than he did before.

"Stephen, you over grown pain in the ass, how are you my boy?" Uncle Max asked as he walked up to Stephen and gave him a hug.

"I am good Uncle Max, are you alright?"

"I will be."

"Grandpa Max!" Cody yelled as he saw his Grandpa with his dad he started running to the older man.

As Cody got to his Grandpa he slowed down enough to not knock him over but still ran into his Grandpa's arms. As he was hugging his Grandfather, Cody felt that he was in pain, and automatically started to take the pain from the older man. As soon as Grandpa Max caught onto what Cody was doing he pushed him away.

"Whoa there Cody!" Grandpa Max exclaimed as he pushed Cody away.

"What's wrong, what did he do, Uncle Max?" Stephen asked rushing to Cody's side.

"Well, if I am not mistaken, your son has a very powerful and extremely rare Gift, called Physical Pain Amalgamation. This is the ability to absorb another person's physical pain. Only one Wizard per generation is given this ability, but it can also be very dangerous. Cody, have you used this Gift before?"

"Yeah, a few times with kids at the clinic when they were hurt. But I didn't know it was bad." He said while looking at the ground.

"It is not a bad thing to help others deal with pain, especially children. But, there are times when this gift could cause more harm than good. So we will need to work on your control of this gift. Now, how are you dealing with the pain that you absorb?" Max asked the young boy.

"Well, nothing really, it just goes away after a while." Cody replied.

"That is not good. May I ask why you didn't let your Dad know you had this Gift?"

"I didn't really think about it. It didn't seem like a Gift I had heard about."

"Okay, but from now on, you must tell your Dad everything, even if you are not sure it is a Gift! Now, by absorbing others pain and not releasing it, the pain will build up to an unsafe level. This could cause you many problems including driving you completely insane. You must find a way to release the pain you have. One way Wizards with this Gift have done so in the past is to use the Pain Injection Gift and inject the pain into a coma patient. Sometimes this will bring the person out of the coma, and save their lives. Some darker Wizards have used this Gift as a weapon of torture. They would absorb as much pain as they could and then inject it all into one person at the same time. The person's mind would usually crack under this treatment. Another way the darker ones have removed the absorbed pain is to inject it into animals. This will kill almost all animals this is done too. Eli, my Khil, please come here." Max called for Eli, and once he was standing in front of him, Max had Cody stand facing Eli. "Now, Cody, I want you to take both of Eli's hands into your own. Close your eyes, and think of all the people you have taken pain from, and then push all that pain into Eli."

"NO! I will not hurt Eli!" Cody yelled as he dropped Eli's hands and stepped away.

"Please trust him, Cody, you will not hurt me. Besides the fact I have a high tolerance for pain, I also have something that will protect me from it. If you do not do this it will hurt you way more than me, so please do this." Eli told his cousin.

"Are you sure, Eli? I promised you I would never hurt you again." Cody said starting to tear up.

"I am sure. Now, take my hand and let go of all the pain. Do it now so we can go have more fun!" Eli told him.

Cody stepped back up to Eli, took his hands and closed his eyes. Before long you could see the pain leaving Cody and entering Eli. Although, Cody looked a lot better after the pain left him, Eli didn't look any different.

Stephen was amazed and confused at how this little boy could take on so much pain without it showing. He looked over at David, who just smiled and shook his head at his brother. This was really starting to bother Stephen that his Twin was keeping so much from him.

Once the transfer was complete, and Grandpa Max insured that both boys were alright, he let them go play. The three boys went running out of the building laughing and with the two pups chasing them.

"Stephen we will need to work with him on controlling that Gift. If he tried to take certain pain away, it could stay with him for life. Like Phantom pain or pain caused by Cancer. This can be a very dangerous Gift. I do hope you will be staying after the wedding for a bit, that would give us a chance to work with him on this Gift." Uncle Max said.

"I wasn't planning on it, but now I think we should. I will have to talk to Karen to see what we will need to do." Stephen said.

The men started walking back up to the house. Nevin yelled at Noah that they would be leaving shortly. Noah of course tried to argue that he should be allowed to stay with Eli. Nevin just told him, no.

"Man this sucks. I was hoping to get to stay with you guys for the weekend. Dad is going to make me stay home, I know he is." Noah moaned to his friends.

"Not to worry, I will make sure your back out here tomorrow after the race. We do have a lot of work to do!" Eli told Noah while patting him on the back.

"Wait, what race?" Cody asked.

"Oh, yeah you don't know. Well, do you remember Toby?" Noah asked Cody. When Cody had nodded that he remembered Toby, Noah continued. "Well, Toby and Sasha, a new friend, are both racing in a motocross event tomorrow. Everyone, well, the guys that is, are going to watch and cheer them on. I know Uncle David was planning on you and your dad going with us."

"That will be really cool. I have never been to a race before!" Cody was getting excited.

"Hey, I wonder if that is Aunt Kelly and Uncle Eric pulling in?" Eli asked pointing at the blue SUV pulling into the drive. The boys saw that Nevin and David both took a defensive posture, and David sent Eli a message to stay back until they knew who was in the truck. Everyone relaxed as Kelly stepped out of the passenger side. David went and hugged his sister. The boys and pups ran to meet the new comers.

Eli was very excited to meet his new Aunt and Uncle as well as his new cousins. He was hoping that he and Donnie would get along, but with his past experiences he wasn't sure that would happen. At least he and Cody got along now.

After the introductions were made, they all headed into the house. Sherry met them at the back door and welcomed them to the farm. She and her dad had been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and the smells were divine.

Nevin got Noah and Bentley loaded up into his patrol truck and headed home. Nevin had insured Eli they would be going to the races tomorrow as planned.

Once everyone had met, Sherry and David offered refreshments. David decided to get everything out in the open right off the bat, mainly due to the looks his brother had been giving him. David asked that the whole family meet in the family room for a quick meeting.

Once everyone had found a place to sit, they all looked to David.

"Well, I guess I did call this meeting, so that means that I am in control of it." David chuckled then took a very deep breath. "There are some things that need to be said, and I wanted the whole family together when they were said."

"Quit stalling Dad!" Eli interrupted.

"Fine, why don't you start!" David said to Eli.

"Okay! Well, first off, we want to apologize to you all for lying to you. Aunt Karen and Uncle Stephen, we also want to apologize for messing around with your memories. But, there was a good reason!" Eli said, while the adults were all staring daggers at David. Sherry was giggling. Before anyone else could say anything Eli went on.

"We led you all to believe something that wasn't true to protect everyone in this room. My Mom isn't my birth mother. Both my birth parents were murdered as well as their whole families. This is why we lied." There were a few gasps around the room, but everyone remained silent. "The reason for all this is that I am the Dexas and someone on the Council of Wizards wants me dead. Our school was closed this week because two armed men broke into the office trying to kidnap me, but ended up killing the secretary and then getting themselves killed as well." Eli was starting to get upset, so David went to him and hugged him. Once Eli calmed down a bit, the meeting went on.

"Mom and Dad getting married was an excuse to move here at first, now they really do love each other and are happy to get married. We wanted everyone here for their wedding, but also because I have some things to ask of you. I have started planning my High Court, even though we have not announced who I am. Grandpa Max is my Shielo; he is the head of my High Court. He has asked that each position on the High Court have a Kahneu, in other words an apprentice. Aunt Kelly, I had planned on asking you to fill the position of Scohoe, High Court Minister of Education, because you knew how it felt to get lost in the system and to get bullied. However, Dad informed me you have your Masters in Social Work, so I would like to ask you to be my Khiclock, High Court Minister of Family Services."

"Eli, I would be honored, but I do not feel I am qualified to be on the High Court. I am only a Class IV Wizard, surely that position should go to a Class III." Kelly said. Eli started to get upset, but David sent him a soothing message.

"Aunt Kelly, Class of Wizards does not matter for the High Court. You are qualified to do the job, and you are passionate enough to ensure the job is done right. That is what I need and want for my High Court Ministers. I need people whom I can trust to do the jobs needed." Eli explained with a little help from David.

"Kelly, my dear, the boy is right! You are more than qualified for this position, and more than that, Eli already trusts you. This is your chance to shine, like I always said you would!" Grandpa Max spoke up.

"If you really think I am the one, then, I am honored to serve as your Khiclock." Aunt Kelly said getting up to give Eli a big hug.

"Good, I am glad you accepted. I didn't have a backup plan for that one!" This caused everyone to laugh a little. "Your Kahneu, Aunt Kelly, if he will accept will be Mr. Donnie Higgins?"

"Really, but I don't have any Gifts yet?" Donnie was a bit shocked to be asked to be on the High Court.

"You will, and this position isn't about the Gifts you have, it's about the Heart you have and the care you give others. From what I have heard, you are already doing this job!" Eli told his younger cousin.

"Thank you, I would like to be the Kahneu Khiclock." Donnie said. Both Kelly and Eric were smiling a very bright proud smile at their son.

"Aunt Karen, I had no doubt what position I wanted you to fill. The problem came from not knowing who to put as your Kahneu. Aunt Karen, would you do me the honor of becoming my Docy, High Court Minister of Health?"

"I would be honored too." Aunt Karen simply said getting up to give Eli a hug.

"Cody, I was going to ask you to be the Kahneu for the Scohoe, position, but after learning of your very rare Gift, I think you would be more fitted to fill the Kahneu Docy position, if you would please?" Eli asked his cousin.

"Are you sure you want me on your High Court, after the way that I treated you all those years?"

"Cody, what you did helped to prepare me for who I am to become. I needed those years so that I had the backbone to stand up for our world. You have been a part of this whole process even if you didn't know it. The fact that you were once a bully means that you will be able to help those who are bullies. You were also a victim of being bullied, so you will be able to help other victims of bullying as well. I can think of no one better for this than you." Eli told his older cousin.

"Thank you! I will not let you down!" Cody said while wiping his eyes. Stephen gave Cody a firm hug while they were sitting on the couch.

"That brings me to the position of Scohoe. Uncle Stephen, you were my favorite teacher, you tried your best to protect me from the treatment I was getting. You didn't give up on me, even when I was ready to give up on myself. For these reasons, I would like to ask you to be my Scohoe, High Court Minister of Education?"

"I would be honored to! Thank you Eli!" Stephen said to his former student.

"We will have to find your Kahneu later, because I haven't a clue right now!" This caused some laughter.

"Eli, why don't you take Donnie, Cassie, Melinda, and Cody down and show them the fish while your Grandpa and I finish dinner?" Sherry suggested.

"Sure, anyone who would like to see the fish, follow me!" Eli said as he and the kids rushed to the back door.

Eric, Kelly, Stephen, and David followed the kids at a much slower pace. Stephen was asking David for more information on the school shooting and what really happened.

Before David could tell his brother all the details, Eli came running at them.

"Dad, can I get out the rollercoaster for them?" Eli asked in a rush.

"Yes, but only short rides, dinner will be soon." David said mostly to the back of his son's head as he was rushing back to the fish house.

As the adults got to the fish house, Eli had moved the landing pad out onto the drive. Cody was the first to try this idea. Eli slowly lifted Cody off the pad then shot him up into the air. He gave Cody a very good ride before softly landing him back down. Cody was a little wobbly on his feet as he got up. This caused much laughter from everyone. Donnie was next in line, and again Eli gave him a very fun ride. Aunt Kelly had her eyes hidden the whole time Donnie was off the ground.

"Oh my gosh, David, how can you let him do that! It would drive me insane!" Kelly yelled at her brother.

"Well, it is good practice for him, and builds up his strength, plus it's a whole lot of fun!" David told her trying not to laugh.

Next up was Cassie. Eli gave her a much slower and safer ride than the boys. She was having a blast. When she got off, she told Eli that next time she wanted a real ride.

The only one of the group that didn't ride for now was little Melinda. Eli was scared she might fall off the saucer, Stephen offered to ride with her, but Eli said that he was too tired to fly an adult, so they would have to wait. Which worked out good, because, at that time Sherry rang the bell letting them know that dinner was ready.

During dinner, Eli reminded David about the races tomorrow. David thanked Eli for reminding him before turning to Stephen and Eric.

"I did forget to talk to you guys about this when we were on our own, but now that Eli has reminded me, I guess I need to do it now." David said giving Eli a look. "Tomorrow, several of Eli's friends are competeing in a Motocross event in the next town over. We are planning on all going, well the guys that is. I don't think that any of the girls from Eli's group are going, but you ladies are welcome to join us. Eli and I would like for you guys to join us."

"Who from your group is going, Eli?" Cody asked before taking another bite.

"Well, from my group there will be Noah, Jeremy, and Evan. Of course Toby and Sasha will be there, because they are riding. I know that Uncle Ron and Uncle Nevin said they would be there too. I am not sure if Sasha's dad is going or not, but I can call and find out if you would like."

"Ryan isn't going, but his Dad is?" Cody asked. "That is kind of weird."

"No, Ryan will be there, sorry; I forgot you didn't know that Toby now lives with Ryan and Uncle Ron. Ryan is now the Team Mechanic for the Martin Brothers racing." Eli said laughing.

"Toby was being abused by his father, very much like you were by yours, Cody. Dr. Martin is now his Foster Father, but he is working on adopting Toby as well. I am now sponsoring his racing, and his new team." David told Cody, more so the whole family would know what was going on.

"Dad, can we go? I would love to see them race!" Donnie asked his father.

"I think that would be fun. Do you have any problems if we go with the guys tomorrow, Kelly?" Eric asked his wife.

"Nope, Cassie and I are going to be helping around here, with the wedding stuff, right Cassie?" Kelly replied.

"Yes, Nora said she was coming tomorrow, and asked if I would help her with some things." She said.

"Good, then we are all set. We need to leave here around ten, so we won't be in a big rush. Nevin said he was planning on driving his little patrol truck, so Eli can ride with him and the rest of us will fit in my explorer. Does that work for everyone?" David said looking at Eli to make sure he was alright with the arrangements.

"Yes, that is good with me! If Uncle Nevin needs to leave early, we can all fit in the explorer, Donnie and I would fit in the 3rd row seat. Prince and Bentley are going to stay here and watch over everyone." Eli said.

"Us Old Goats are staying behind as well. I am not sure I can move fast enough to get out of the way of one of those Motocross riders!" Grandpa Max said trying to make a joke.

"Wait, is that a problem there? Do you have to watch out for the riders?" Sherry asked with concern.

"No Sherry, at most tracks the public are not even allowed near the riders or bikes. I don't know about the track we are going to, but more than likely unless we get special passes, we won't even get to see Toby and Sasha." Stephen told his to be sister in law. "I had a friend whose son used to ride when he was younger, so I was at the track a lot before Karen and I got married." Stephen explained when he saw everyone looking at him.

"Well, we will all be allowed in the 'Pits' tomorrow. Even though Stephen is right, we will have the special passes because I am the sponsor and Nevin is the Sherriff. Ron said he would make sure that we all got All Access Passes for everyone who I put on the list. Nevin is the only one who I didn't add, but Ron said he added him just in case. Nevin and Ron are almost brothers." David explained.

David could see that the kids were all excited as were Stephen and Eric, but the Moms at the table were not. He would need to do something to keep the peace.

"Now, I know that I am only Eli's Grandfather, but I want all three of you boys to listen to me very carefully! We don't need any accidents this weekend of any kind, so you all need to be extra careful and watch out for each other! I know that you will be excited with all you see, but remember who will be in trouble if any of you gets hurt!" George said to the boys.

"I know who I will be blaming!" Kelly said looking right at her brother David.

David looked up at Kelly, then over to Karen before looking at Sherry. He swallowed hard before saying, "I will make extra sure that none of the boys are injured in any way! That includes Stephen and Eric!"

"We will all be extra careful. Toby and Ryan talked with Noah and I about what we could expect. Because this is a youth event, all riders must walk their bikes to the starting gate and from the finish line. No one is allowed to ride in the trailer area. Toby said that the most dangerous thing about watching is getting sunburned." Eli told his Mom and Aunts.

After dinner, David and Stephen did the kitchen clean up and talked about the boys. The Old Goats, as Grandpa Max had started calling George, Uncle Matt and he had left for home. Eli and the other kids were outside playing with a Frisbee and Prince. Prince was having the time of his life. It wasn't long before Sherry called the kids in so the baths could start.

Sherry had Cody in her shower while Donnie was in Eli's. Cassie said she would share a bath with Melinda to help out. They were in the guest bathroom upstairs. Eli was waiting his turn in his room when his Aunt Kelly found him.

"Sorry to bug you Eli, but I was hoping we could talk for a moment?"

"Sure Aunt Kelly, what did you want to talk about?" Eli smiled at his Aunt.

"Eli, I am not sure that I am the right person for the job you want me to do. I know what Uncle Max said, but I am scared that I will let you down. I don't even know what you want me to do in this position?"

"Aunt Kelly, the fact that you are scared of letting me down lets me know that you are the perfect person for the position of Khiclock. I need someone who worries, not only about themselves, but about others as well. I have seen how you watch your kids, as well as the rest of us. That shows me that you are a caring, giving, and honest person. That is what I need." Eli was trying to explain to her, with a little help from Magnus. Eli did not know that David was outside his bedroom in the hallway listening. "See, I haven't known about Wizards all that long, but in that short time I have seen several cases of young Wizards being hurt by the people who are supposed to be protecting them. Cody was traded to pay a gambling debt, as well as having his own father beat him. Sasha was sold from an orphanage to be a slave, and Toby was whipped and beaten so he would make more money so his own father wouldn't have to work. These are the type of cases that I want you on. We need to protect our kind, young and old. You will meet Ms. Dawn, she is going to be the Porkha, she will deal with the elderly and you will deal with the young, together it is my wish that we can protect all Wizards so no one will have to be abused or bullied ever again!"

"Wow Eli! I didn't know about those cases, but I agree something needs to be done. But, what about my Class? I mean I have always been put down because I wasn't a higher Class or as strong as the rest of my family."

"The strength of your Gifts is not what I need. What I need, what the Wizarding World needs is the strength of your heart!"

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