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chapter 11


"Hey, what's going on with you? Drop me a line once in a while; I want to hear about your success. OK?"

"Sorry, I've been busy trying to survive out here. It's tough, but I'm pulling through."

"Are you working? Saving your money?"

"Definitely working, but not saving much because of bills."

"Paying bills sounds like a mature, responsible thing to do. Let's stay in touch."

"Okay, have a good day tomorrow."

"Same to you; have a good one."

After a couple of weeks silence, George sent a text message - "If you ever get a day off from work, we could meet for lunch and you can bring me up to date - I'd like to know how you're doing."

After quite some time with no communication, George got a call from Xavier. He is working and no longer homeless, but has been out of touch because of phone problems.

He sounds real good (compared to before) and they plan to get together soon so he can bring G up to date (and get his phone fixed)

Several weeks go by, and George is getting impatient, wondering what's going on with X-man. George is thinking that he should stop paying X's phone bill if the kid won't even talk to him and doesn't want to spend any time with him anymore.

Just as he was about to go take care of this unsavory chore, Xavier called and said that he wanted to get his phone fixed, as he was unable to get the old one working.

So after some confusion about the bus schedule, they met and G. insisted the first thing they do is talk. He wanted to make sure that he was clear about the fact that X was actually working, and had a place to stay.

Xavier said that yes, he is working a lot, and is staying with one of his sisters, and they're looking into getting a house in a better area. George was revealed to hear that.

George asked how he was able to cash his paychecks without a bank account and he said that his sister was helping him with that issue, too.

Then G suggested that a good guideline for money is, 'spend some, save some and donate some' - He said, "pick a charity that you care about and give them a little money once in a while. It will help both them and you."

George asked about his work, and where he wanted to be in 5 or 10 years?
X dropped a bombshell - he said that he was thinking of enlisting in the military!

George is strongly opposed to this, but suggested considering the Air Force or Navy, thinking that he would be safer than the Army or Marines; out of harm's way.

It seems that Xavier had seen a movie, "Hacksaw Ridge" and gotten an unrealistic, romantic notion about helping people who need help.

George tells him that he really wouldn't want to be in a war zone; even if you're not wounded, maimed or killed, it will still F*CK UP your head, but the kid won't be dissuaded for now, and asked where the local recruiters office is.

George says that while his intentions were noble, it would make more sense to do something of a charitable nature close to home; "do what you can, with what you have, right where you are." George reminded him again about the "Categorical Imperative" that they had discussed some time ago. They may speak of this again in the future.

X said he has been getting some therapy and is making progress on his anxiety/paranoia problems, and is feeling more comfortable being around other people.

Then they went to get his phone fixed, and ended up getting a new one instead. X says he will repay George for this, but G isn't overly concerned about that. He said, "Just pay me what you can, when you can." He is happy to be of help and to know that Xavier is finally taking responsibility for his life.