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Dreams Don't Grow on Trees

© 2011 - 2013 Owen Hudson

Chapter Nineteen

"Dad, they just put a sold sign up across the highway where the church used to be," Adam rushed into the house to make the announcement.

"Yes, Son, I know," Darrell said. "The buyers came in and asked me to work up a bid for building supplies. The Methodists are building a camp and retreat center."

"Wow, Dad, that could be a lot of business for the store," Haden remarked.

"Yes, it's going to be big," Darrell agreed. "This could be big enough to pay off the loan on the farm. They also bought the school next to that property."

"Why do they need lumber for tents?" Adam questioned.

"It's not that kind of camp," Darrell laughed. "They'll build a conference center, dormitories, and meeting rooms. I saw the plans and was surprised at the size of the project. This will be big for Sparks too."

"Will they doze down Wilmont School?" Amy asked.

"No, they want to remodel it for classrooms," Darrell explained.

"Good, I'd hate to see our old school dozed down."

"I gave permission for them to dam the creek and create a small lake," Darrell said. "The dam would be on their property, but the water would back up onto our property. The agreement is only valid if I get the building supply contract, though."

"But, Dad, what would that do to our swimming hole?" Haden immediately asked.

"It would likely make it deeper," Darrell explained. "As you know, in dry years there's hardly enough water to swim in. We'll have to fence the area off, too, so Ray's cattle don't get into the creek."

"That's smart of you, Dad," Amy said. "If they want the lake, it will help you get the contract."

"When do we have to fence it off?" Haden asked.

"It will be after, and if, I get the contract," Darrell said. "In other news at the store, Heidi's husband Todd started working today. He's going to be perfect for the tool rental department. He's smart, good with customers, and already knows a lot about tools."

"I don't know how they got by on his Walmart salary," Amy remarked. "And I'm certainly happy we have Heidi cleaning for us... I don't know how we managed without her."

"Todd said they relied on food stamps to get by," Darrell explained.

"She mentioned she would miss the salary when the kids were out of school," Haden said.

"How old are her kids?"

"Six and nine."

"I wouldn't mind if she brought them with her."

"In the summer they could go to church camp with Adam," Amy said.

"I'm not sure they could afford that," Haden mentioned.

"I'll talk to Father Jensen about them," Darrell said. "The church may have funds for those who can't afford to pay. If they don't, I'll pay for them without letting Todd and Heidi know; or she can bring them with her, if she prefers."

"Justin said his mom was nervous about her new job," Adam said.

"She was nervous," Darrell laughed. "But by the afternoon, she was like an old pro. I had her work with Gail; Gail is always calm and patient. I think by mid-week she'll be able to go it alone."


School was closed the entire week for Thanksgiving, and the Harringtons were looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with the grandparents. On the other hand, Rita was nervous about meeting Brenda's family. And in spite of Darrell's assurances that the grandparents would welcome her, Rita still wasn't really sure that she wanted to go.

"You know you didn't need to bring a gift?" Darrell asked when Rita got in the SUV Thanksgiving morning with a floral arrangement of fall colors.

"I want to make a good impression."

"Grandma will like you anyway," Adam assured Rita.

"Thank you, Adam," Rita smiled, but still wasn't sure, even after his assurance.

"You needn't worry about Grandma and Grandpa," Amy added. "You'll like them."

"You'll like Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie, too, as well as their families," Haden said.

"I'm sure they're all really nice people, but I can't help but be nervous about meeting them," Rita said.

"You didn't need to bring anything," Grace said, when Rita presented the floral arrangement to her. "However, these are absolutely gorgeous."

"Well, Darrell said you gave orders not to bring food since you would have everything," Rita said. "I hated to come empty handed."

"They're lovely, and I do thank you," Grace said. "No, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back in the kitchen."

"I'll go help you," Amy offered.

"I have everything under control," Grace said. "I'd love the company, though. Rita, would you care to join Amy and me?"

"I'd love to," Rita said, as she finally began to relax.

"Grandma, where're my cousins?" Adam asked.

"They'll be here soon," Grace said. "Carol and Julie are making the pies."

"Adam, would you see who's at the door?" Walter asked a little.

"It's just Perry and Lacey," Adam returned to announce. "Heck, I thought it might be Ethan and my other cousins."

"Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Buddy," Perry laughed.

"I'm glad to see you and Lacey though," Adam quickly replied.

"Adam, did Grandpa tell you the news?" Perry asked.

"I thought I'd let you tell him," Walter said.

"I got a mare, and Grandpa's letting me board her here," Perry said.

"We really didn't need a horse with a baby on the way," Lacey said, not hiding her disapproval very well.

"Well, she was free, and the saddle was only $150.00," Perry countered. "One of my army buddies is being discharged, and he wanted to make sure Bonnie had a good home before moving back to Oregon."

"And there's still feed to buy," Lacey added.

"I have plenty of pasture and hay," Walter said. "Just a little grain will do."

"But, Grandpa, you have plenty to do without another animal to take care of," Lacey continued.

"It's no effort to feed another horse," Walter said. "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want to do it."

"Well, I'm going to the kitchen with the women, where there's a little sanity," Lacey declared.

"Hormones," Perry explained when Lacey was out of hearing distance.

"What does that mean?" Adam asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," Darrell laughed.

"Let's go see Bonnie," Adam said.

"I'll go too," Haden said.

"Dad, are you going?" Adam asked.

"I'll keep Walter company," Darrell said. "I'll see her later."

"Haden, do you remember when we had a horse?" Perry asked, as they walked to the pasture.

"Oh yeah, I remember Joe," Haden said. "I loved that horse."

"What happened to him?" Adam asked.

"A storm came up and he was struck by lightning," Perry explained.

"Do you think Dad would let me have a horse?" Adam asked.

"Adam, did you forget that Dad leased the pasture?" Haden questioned.

"Actually, there's enough pasture around the barn still, and it's all Bermuda grass," Perry said. "I'd thought about putting Bonnie there, but Grandpa offered to let me keep her here, where it's closer for me to ride her."

"Adam, why don't you wait until spring before you ask for a horse," Haden suggested.

"Why?" Adam asked.

"If Dad wins the bid on that church camp, there's a good chance he'll have the mortgage on the farm paid off," Haden explained. "Also, we have to build a fence to keep Ray's cattle out of the creek, if Dad gets the contract with the camp; the lease will be up on the pasture by then and Dad could make a larger pasture."

"Hey, where're you going?" Ethan called out as he ran to join the Harringtons.

"We're going to see Perry's horse," Adam explained.

"I saw her yesterday," Ethan said. "She's beautiful."

"Who's beautiful?" Wade asked, as he caught up with the group.

"Perry's new horse," Ethan explained.

"Wow, she is beautiful," Adam agreed when he saw Bonnie.

"She's a lot prettier than Grandpa's mule," Wade said.

"Can we ride her?" Adam asked.

"Not today," Perry said. "I need to ride her and make sure she's gentle enough first."

"Shoot, I guess we'll have to ride Grandpa's mule," Adam said.

"Don't bug Grandpa about that," Perry cautioned. "He may want to watch the football game after we eat."

"Dang, you're almost as bossy as Haden," Adam giggled.

"What did you say?" Perry asked, as he grabbed Adam and ruffled his hair.

"Hey, you messed up my hair," Adam half-heartedly complained. He'd just patted his hair back down when Haden grabbed him and ruffled his hair again.

"Your hair's a mess," Wade said.

"I know, my brothers, and even Dad, do that to me," Adam said while patting his hair down again.

"Grandma said to come eat," Hanna came to announce.

"Grandma, it all looks delicious," Amy said, as Walter began carving the turkey.

"Thank you, Dear, I hope it's as good as the wonderful meal you and Haden cooked," Grace said, as she began serving the turkey.

"I do believe this is the best dressing I've ever had," Rita proclaimed.

"Everything's delicious," Lacey added, who seemed to be in a better frame of mind now.

"Thank you," Grace said. "I love to cook when people enjoy my food."

After the meal was consumed, Grace began to clear the table when Rita said, "Grace, you cooked this wonderful Thanksgiving meal, let us clean up here."

"Yes, Grandma, we'll do it," Amy said.

"You people will spoil me," Grace laughed.

"Grandma, that was really good," Adam said while giving Grace a hug. "Aunt Carol and Aunt Julie, the pies were really good too. I had a piece of both pumpkin and pecan."

"I believe there's a football game on right now," Walter said.

Since it was a warm Thanksgiving Day, the younger ones opted to play outside. Haden couldn't help but compare the day with previous stressful Thanksgivings that the family'd had when Brenda was still in the household.

"Who's this picture of?" Amy asked as the family later looked at family pictures.

"That's my parents, your great-grandparents," Grace said.

"They were a handsome couple," Lacey remarked.

"Yes, they were," Grace agreed. "There's also a picture in there of Walter's parents too. I'll get copies made for each of you."

"I'd love that," Amy remarked.

"Dad, Ethan's spending the night here with Grandma and Grandpa," Adam rushed into the room to say. "Could I stay too?"

"I didn't hear anyone invite you," Darrell laughed.

"Adam, would you like to spend the night with us?" Walter quickly asked.

"Yeah ... Dad could I?" Adam pleaded.

"Adam, you didn't bring a change of clothes," Amy reminded him.

"He left clothes at our apartment when he and Justin spent the night with us," Lacey said. "We can send Perry to get them."

"So, that's where your missing shirt is," Amy laughed.

"Perry, will you please go get my clean clothes?" Adam asked.

"Don't bother," Grace said. "I'll just wash what he has on when he goes to bed, and he can wear them again tomorrow. He can sleep in one of his grandpa's t-shirts."

"Alright, you can stay," Darrell said. "I'll pick you up tomorrow."

"Lacey and I can pick him up tomorrow afternoon," Perry offered. "We're going to Sparks anyway. I have duty on base until 3:00, so it'll be after that."

"Could I stay too?" Wade asked.

"Sorry, Son, we're going to your other grandparents' tomorrow," Julie said.

"Shit," Wade responded.

"Wade!" Julie reprimanded.

"I'm sorry, Mom, it just slipped out," Wade apologized.

"Well, don't let it slip out again," Julie said, but Walter couldn't suppress his laughing. "Dad, don't encourage him."

"I'm sure he learned that from his grandpa," Grace said.

"It seems strange to be going home without Adam," Haden mused on the drive home.

"It sure does," Amy agreed.

"I'm pleased that Grace and Walter have accepted him the same as they have you two and Perry," Darrell said.

"He's a sweet boy, how could they not accept him?" Rita questioned. "The entire family certainly made me feel welcome too."

"How could they not like you?" Darrell smiled as he gave Rita a loving pat... his hand lingering past the pat.

"Alright, you two, do we need to turn the hose on you?" Haden teased.

"Watch it, it's a long walk back to Sparks," Darrell said as Rita blushed.

"Haden, you embarrassed Rita," Amy said.

"I'm sorry... but I couldn't resist," Haden said.

"It's okay," Rita said.

"I'll drop you two off before I drive Rita home," Darrell said, as they came near the Harrington farm.

"Dad, do we need to leave a light on for you," Haden teased again as he exited the vehicle at the farm.

"Dad, you both are adults; we won't judge you if you two want to spend time together," Amy said.

"Do you think Dad will spend the night with Rita?" Haden asked, as he unlocked the door.

"It wouldn't surprise me," Amy acknowledged.

"I'm glad he's found someone... he deserves some happiness."

"This would be a good time for him to spend the night with her since Adam's away. I'm not sure Adam's old enough to understand the needs of adults."

"Amy, don't underestimate the knowledge of our little brother."

"You're probably right. No telling what he saw when he was with his biological mother."


"I guess Dad took your advice about spending the night with Rita," Haden said when Amy joined him for breakfast the next morning.

"Don't say anything to embarrass him like you did Rita," Amy cautioned.

"I guess I shouldn't have said anything. But I couldn't resist. So, what're you doing today?"

"Debbie and I are picking up Betty and Linda for a shopping trip in Covington. We're meeting Aunt Carol and Lacey there."

"You couldn't pay me enough to fight those crowds for the after-Thanksgiving sales."

"Well, today will be a good day to get some bargains on Christmas gifts."

"I've finished my Christmas shopping already."

"When did you do that?"

"I started shopping back in early October."

"Well, that's smart. I wonder if Dad's taking the day off."

"I doubt it; remember he's still working up that bid for the camp?"

"Haden, he finished that Wednesday."

"I didn't know that. When did he tell you?"

"I found out Wednesday when you were out with Kyle. He'll know Tuesday if he got the contract."

"Then he may take the day off."

"Would you mind cleaning up the kitchen? Debbie should be here to pick me up soon."

"There isn't much to clean, and yes, I'll do it."

"Will you be here when Perry brings Adam home?"

"Perry? I thought Perry and Lacey were bringing him home."

"There's been a change of plans since Lacey's going shopping with us. Lacey will ride back here with us also."

"What time should I expect Perry?"

"He has duty on the base today and won't be off duty until 3:00. So, it'll probably be around 5:00. Can you be here just in case Dad's still 'busy'?"

"I'll be here. I'm getting my oil changed, then having lunch with Kyle; that's all I have planned."

"It looks like Debbie's here - I'll see you this evening. I'll cook dinner when I get home."

"Go, have a good time, and don't worry about dinner."

Haden suddenly realized that he was home alone for the first time in a lengthy time. Since Heidi wouldn't be in this Friday, Haden decided to do some minor housekeeping duties. There wasn't much to do since Heidi did a magnificent job of keeping the house spotless. Having completed the minor cleaning, Haden decided to read Oedipus the King, his Humanities class reading assignment.

Much to his surprise, Haden was enjoying his reading assignment, even if it wasn't his normal genre of reading material - the story was actually thought provoking. After reading most of the reading assignment, he decided to go to Quick Lube for his oil change before meeting Kyle for their lunch date. Although inexperienced in these things, Haden had a feeling the cute service technician at Quick Lube was flirting with him. The oil change took longer than normal since Chuck, according to his name tag, took time to explain every detail of the oil change.

"I'm sorry I'm late," Haden said when he met Kyle at Caroline's Tea Room for lunch. "The technician at Quick Lube was really slow."

"The tech must have been Chuck."

"How did you guess?"

"He tried to flirt with me too."

"Well, at least he has good taste in men."

"Yeah, he does," Kyle agreed.

"I'll have a Reuben sandwich, French onion soup, and a cup of Thai black tea," Haden said when the waiter took their order.

"Mmm, that sounds good," Kyle said. "I think I'll have the same thing. Hey, I saw your dad's SUV at Rita's when I drove by on the way here."

"Yes, it was just Amy and me at home last night."

"Where was Adam?"

"He spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa. Ethan was also spending the night, so Adam decided he wanted to also."

"Who's Ethan?"

"He's our cousin, Uncle Scott and Aunt Carol's boy. He's the same age as Adam."

"Are you going to your grandparent's for Christmas too?"

"We haven't made plans yet."

"Hey, why don't we go skiing in North Carolina during our Christmas break?

"I don't think I can afford that."

"Let's find out how much it would cost, then decide. Maybe your dad could help you out with the cost."

"I don't want to ask."

"He told Dad he was making more money than he'd ever thought he would."

"Like you said, let's find out the cost and then decide."

"Okay, hey, do you want to go to Covington and catch a matinee."

"I'd love to, but I promised Amy I'd be home when Perry brings Adam home... why don't you come to the house and hang out? Maybe we could go to a movie later this evening."

"Alright, but I need to call Mom and let her know."


Haden was surprised to see his dad's SUV in the driveway when he arrived home. "I guess we won't get to make out," he said when Kyle exited his car.

"I wonder what your dad's doing home so early," Kyle said.

"He's probably resting after spending the night with Rita," Haden laughed.

"I'm pleased you're home," Darrell said when Haden and Kyle went inside. "The Methodist group will be here in a few minutes to look at our part of the creek. They'll have computer-generated images to show what it might look like."

"Does that mean you got the contract?" Haden asked.

"Unofficially, yes," Darrell said.

"Congratulations on pulling this off," Kyle said. "This will allow for a lot of extras for your family."

"Shut up, Kyle," Haden warned.

"What?" Darrell questioned.

"Nothing," Haden denied.

"Haden, I can read you like a book," Darrell said. "What is it?"

"Kyle wants to go skiing in North Carolina over our Christmas break," Haden said. "I told him I didn't know if I could afford it."

"Find out what it costs; I think we can afford it," Darrell said. "It'll be your Christmas gift."

"Thanks, Dad," Haden said, giving his dad a hug. "But you need to do something special for Amy, Perry, and Adam too. I know Adam really wants a horse."

"Really? I remember how much you kids enjoyed Joe," Darrell said. "I'd likely have to buy two; I wouldn't want Adam riding by himself until he's more experienced,"

"You're lucky," Kyle said. "It would be great to own a horse."

"If your parents approve, you could board one here," Darrell said.

"Wow, that would be great," Kyle remarked.

"That'll be the Methodist group," Darrell said when the doorbell rang.

After introductions, George Marshall, the group leader, explained the project with pictures. "These are aerial photos of the area," he explained. "This one shows what it would look like with the lake. Our campers wouldn't be using any portion of the lake on your property. We need this agreement to make the lake large enough and deep enough for our water activities."

"We have a nice picnic area near the creek, would it be under water once the lake is built?" Darrell asked.

"Let's walk down there and we can get a better idea," George said.

"Do you have any idea of when the dam will be put in?" Darrell asked, as they walked to the creek.

"It would be started right away, so the lake can be full by the time the camp's open," George explained. "This is a nice spot. Would you want to sell it?"

"No, my kids would really be angry with me, if I did," Darrell smiled.

"I'm not even sure I want to see the changes the lake will make," Haden admitted.

"We'll do what we have to do to make it work for the family," George said, somewhat taken aback by Haden's statement. "We could build a nice picnic area here with covered tables."

"Would you also build the fence to keep the livestock out of the creek?" Haden asked, knowing that the group's backs were against the wall."

"We could do that," George agreed.

"Would that big oak tree be in the water?" Darrell asked.

"No, it would be between 10 and 15 feet from the water, even at the lake's highest level," George said, after looking at the photos.

"You're a better negotiator than I am," Darrell said, after the group left. "You got a picnic area and the fence."

"It will be a great recreational area for our family and friends," Haden said.

"I think it's going to be great," Kyle agreed.

"Dad, what will be the source of water for the livestock once the creek is fenced off?" Haden asked.

"Ray has a large pond on his property," Darrell explained.

"But, Dad, if we get horses, we'll need a source of water too," Haden pointed out.

"We can always buy a stock tank and keep it filled with a hose, or we could have a pond built," Darrell said. "Actually, I like the idea of a pond."

"If we're going to the matinee, we'd better go," Kyle said.

"I forgot that I told Amy not to worry about dinner tonight," Haden said.

"Don't worry about dinner," Darrell said. "I'll grill some steaks. Will you boys be home for dinner?"

"I'll call you and let you know when we know what time the movie's over," Haden said.

"You do realize that the mall and the theaters will be packed today, don't you?" Darrell asked.

"Damn, I forgot about that," Kyle admitted. "Let's go to the movie some other time."

"Good, you can go to the store for me, then," Darrell said.

"What do you need?" Haden asked.

"I don't believe we have any steaks left in the freezer; we'll also need some corn and salad fixings," Darrell said. "Kyle, you're staying for dinner, right?"

"Sure, I'm not passing up one of your steaks," Kyle quickly replied.

"Dad, could you grill some of those squash and onions like you did before?" Haden asked. "They were really good."

"Sure, get some of those too," Darrell said. "Kyle, do you like grilled squash?"

"I've never had grilled squash before, but I'd like to try some," Kyle agreed.

"Will Perry and Lacey be having dinner with us?" Haden asked.

"I'm sure they will since we're having steaks," Darrell laughed.

"How many steaks should I get?" Haden asked.

"Get a dozen," Darrell said. "I'll freeze what we don't need. Here's my credit card."


"Hi, Rita, are you coming for dinner?" Haden asked when he and Kyle were leaving the store and met Rita.

"Yes, Darrell called and invited me," Rita said. "I thought I'd get the ingredients to bake that chocolate cake Adam liked so well."

After arriving home, Haden and Kyle helped Darrell prepare the corn and squash for grilling. The items were almost ready for the grill when Perry and Adam arrived.

"I'll bet you can't get this dime out of this bottle without pulling the cork out," Adam giggled as he handed a bottle to Haden.

"Sure I can," Haden said. "Get the hammer for me."

"No, you can't break the bottle," Adam cautioned. "Can you get it out, Kyle?"

"Not if I can't break the bottle," Kyle said. "I bet you can't either."

"I bet you a dollar I can," Adam smiled.

"Alright, I'll bet a dollar," Kyle said.

"Haden, are you in?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, I'll bet a dollar too," Haden said, knowing it was some sort of trick.

Adam pushed the cork into the bottle, turned it upside down, and shook it until the dime fell out. "Pay up," he said.

"Who taught you that?" Haden asked.

"Grandpa did," Adam said. "He knows a lot of cool stuff. He's going to make some cool puzzles for Ethan and me."

"So, I assume you had a good time with your grandparents?" Darrell asked.

"Yeah, it was fun," Adam said. "Grandma said we could come back and spend the night when we get our Christmas break."

"I'm glad you had a good time, but we missed you," Darrell said.

"I missed you too," Adam said. "Haden, did you feed my dogs?"

"Your dogs?" Haden laughed.

"Well, our dogs," Adam corrected himself.

"Yes, I remembered to feed 'your' dogs," Haden smiled. "I didn't feed them today yet."

"I guess I have to do everything around here," Adam joked as he went to take care of the pets.

"Dad, should I call Tony to come for dinner?" Perry asked.

"Sure, give him a call," Darrell said. "I'll start grilling as soon as the ladies get here. Rita should be here any minute now."

"We saw her at the store; she said she was going to bake Adam's favorite chocolate cake," Haden said.

"Look who's here," Adam announced as he entered the room with a cake carrier followed by Rita.

"And look what I have."

"Well, I don't believe it's just for you," Darrell said before giving Rita a quick kiss.

"Tony's on his way," Perry said, after making the call. "I called Lacey and they'll be here in about five minutes."

"I'd better start grilling, then," Darrell said.

"Do you need help?" Rita asked.

"No, stay inside," Darrell said. "It's cold out there."

"Oh, I wasn't offering to help," Rita smiled. "I was going to send Haden to help."

"I guess I had that coming," Haden laughed.

"Yes, you did," Rita agreed.

"We'll both help," Perry offered, as he picked up the platter of steaks.

"Haden, why don't you check on the potatoes in the oven," Darrell said.

"Amy and Lacey are here," Adam said. And as soon as the two came in the house, he proudly announced, "Rita baked my favorite cake for me."

"I baked your favorite cake for all to enjoy, Adam," Rita corrected him.

"Perfect steak," Tony said, after taking his first bite of steak.

"And the veggies are equally good," Kyle said.

"Everything is delicious," Rita said.

"It looks like we'll get the contract with the Methodist group," Darrell announced as they ate. "Haden bluffed them into building a new covered picnic area as well as building the fence."

"Way to go, Haden," Perry said.

"Haden's getting a ski trip to North Carolina for Christmas," Darrell said. "What do the rest of you want?"

"I'm happy with everything as it is," Amy said.

"Maybe so, but what do you want," Darrell said. "There must be something you'd really like."

"Maybe I could put some money with it and get a bedroom set," Amy said. "I'm still using the single bed and old dresser that I've had for years."

"You're right... you do need new furniture," Darrell agreed.

"I know what I want," Adam proclaimed. "I want a horse."

"And I suppose you want a saddle too," Darrell laughed.

"Well, yeah," Adam quickly agreed.

"Perry and Lacey, what would you like?" Darrell asked.

"With a baby on the way, we could use some baby things," Lacey answered.

"Dad, are you sure you can afford all of this?" Perry questioned.

"I'm sure, Perry," Darrell said.

"Amy, what do you plan to do with your old furniture?" Rita asked.

"I don't know," Amy said. "Do you have any suggestions?"

"I know a mother who recently got out of an abusive relationship," Rita said. "Her daughter has to sleep with her, because she can't afford a bed for the daughter's room."

"Sure, she can have it," Amy agreed.

"Go ahead and look tomorrow, it'll be an early Christmas present," Darrell said. "That little girl needs her own bed now."

"Rita, would you go with me tomorrow to pick something out?" Amy asked.

"I'd love to," Rita said.

"Lacey, would you like to go too?"

"I'd better spend some time with my mom, but thanks for asking," Lacey said.

"Can I have my horse now?" Adam asked.

"Who said you're getting a horse?" Darrell teased.

"You said to ask for what we wanted," Adam countered.

"Okay, Son, we'll look into getting you a horse," Darrell said. "I'll ask your grandpa to help find one. He seems to know about these things."

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