Simon Says

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Chapter 13

"Simon, can we talk?"

"Of course we can, Alex. What's up? You don't look so good."

"I haven't been sleeping very good, Simon. I keep having dreams about that man. I had no idea there was evil like that in the world. He scared me, Simon. Scared me bad, and I can't quit thinking about what he did."

"Yeah, I know. Me, too. That went way beyond anything I ever expected to run up against. At least he's locked away now and a lot of families have some closure. He'll never hurt anyone else so there's some good that comes out of it."

"I know. Simon, will I always feel this bad?"

"Tell you what. Let me talk to the Green Man and see what he says. Okay? I'll do it tonight when I get in bed and I'll let you know something tomorrow."

That night Simon turned the lights off and crawled into bed. He held his amulet in his fist and began to call to his benefactor and friend.

"Green Man, Green Man... I need you Green Man. Can you hear me?"

As he drifted off to sleep he dreamed of the forest once again. It was a beautiful dream in which he felt calm, safe and loved. He wandered aimlessly through the trees, smiling at the animals, touching the rough, moist bark of the trees and the feathery fronds of the ferns. His friend didn't make an appearance, but Simon awoke the next morning feeling totally refreshed and at peace. He also knew somehow what it was that Alex needed. Alex needed to forget. It was sad to think about continuing without his sidekick, but Alex's well-being was more important.

At school he took Alex aside and put his arm around him. Alex leaned into his best friend and smiled. Then Simon whispered something to him, "Remilcroidius".

Alex's eyes seemed to lose their focus and he swayed slightly as the word worked its magic on him. Then his face relaxed and his body lost the tension that it had been holding for several days. Simon saw the unworried face of his old friend looking at him once again.

Alex said, "What's up, Captain?"

"Captain? Why did you call me that?"

"That's what I always call you, C.J. You know that."

"You were supposed to forget."

"Forget what?"

"What was our last case?"

"Old Jake, of course. Are you getting senile Simon?"

Simon sighed with relief. He hadn't lost his buddy at all and they were both going to be okay now. They could look forward to helping more people as they got older. He just hoped there would not be any more like the last one.

The End

Note from Parker Sheaffer:

When I started writing this story I had no idea where it would lead. It just sort of developed itself and I'm not sure I like it very much. It began with an idea and a sense that children shouldn't have to be so powerless. I wish the world could be a happier place for all of us, especially the little ones. I am certain that the people who come to this web site and read the stories that are being shared here are the sort of people who work to make the world a better place. Bless you all.

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