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When Rain Falls!

By Azlan Lewis

© 2013 Azlan Lewis Stories, L.L.C.

Chapter 5.5
Before the Rain
The life of Tommy and Davy before the truck stop.

It had been a light winter with little snow. Ann Marie Boxer liked when it was warmer she could send the boys out and she didn't have to deal with them. Since the winter had been so gentle the weather was warm in March.

It was about 3:30pm, the boys would be home soon, all too soon for Ann. She'd been sorry she had them.

It had started when she met this boy, "Bobby" at her middle school. It wasn't long before they were having sex. The next was "Tim." After "Tim" there was an older boy, his name was Decker. Since these boys were only within one to four days apart from each other, sometimes all three the same day. None of them knew the other was having sex with Ann. A month and a half went by and Ann knew she was pregnant. She went to the "Teen Center," and sure enough she was pregnant, six weeks to be precise.

Ann didn't know which of the three boys the father of this baby was. She decided to pick the one she liked best. She picked Decker. So with proof in hand she made a date to meet with Decker. She told him she needed to see him so they could get together for sex. However it was really to get him there she could tell him. Decker being only 15 and a freshman in high school was not too thrilled about becoming a father so soon. He had little choice. Abortion was out of the question there was no money for that.

So parents were told. The parents of the two decided since both the kids could do such an adult act they could be on their own. It was arranged that they would live in the mobile home park. Decker would work part time after school, and put in long days Friday, Saturday and Sunday to pay for renting the mobile home and other things they would need.

Seven and a half months later on November 13, 2002, Tommy Mark Boxer was born.

Ann didn't want Decker's name on the birth certificate, nor would she give the boy his last name. Decker of course was not aware of this, being just 15 he assumed his name would be on the birth certificate.

Decker truly loved being a Dad, though a young one he was the best he could be given the circumstances life had given him. He was glad his high school had an in-school nursery for students that had children. He wasn't the only boy with a child in that nursery. He did the best he could for Tommy.

He noticed Ann wasn't exactly the best of Mothers but there was little he could do but his best in the situation.

They were together two and a half years when a condom broke and nine month later on December 2, 2005 Davy Stewart Boxer was born. Again Ann made sure Decker was not on the birth certificate.

Tommy was nearly five years old when everything with Decker came to an end. Decker walked in on Ann having sex with two of the men that lived in the mobile home park. He kicked them out. He and Ann had a fight and he ended up leaving.

Decker tried to get Tommy and Davy, but soon learned he was not on the birth certificates nor did the boys have his last name. He soon found out the cost of a DNA test was $1,500.00 each. That was $3,000.00 Decker didn't have nor could get anytime soon.

He discussed it with his parents, they told him they would not help him and he best forget the boys. So Decker left Ann, Tommy and Davy in the trailer and last time there was to pick up his things and get off the lease agreement. The mobile home park agreed to let him off the lease if he paid for two additional months. He never looked back.

It was Friday, so with Tommy and Davy coming home soon from school. Ann locked the doors.

Davy and Tommy were dropped at the entrance to the mobile home park by the school bus. They walked to what they called home.

Tommy went to try the door and it was locked, neither of them ever had a key, their Mother never allowed them to have one.

It being Friday and warmer neither boy was surprised at being locked out, it had happened many times before. All that was around that the boys knew they had to do was change from their school uniform to what was in the bag on the table. Though a uniform was usually a sign of a private school; many more public schools were switching to uniforms so the affluent students couldn't be differentiated between the less so.

The boys changed in the shed and stowed their school bags there.

They were on their own from Friday afternoon to most likely Sunday night, Monday morning or even Monday afternoon when school was out. They never knew what day they would be let in.

They played games with some of the other children but that ended as soon as it was time for these kids to eat supper. Unfortunately many of these families couldn't afford to feed two more boys so they usually did not eat with them. This was something Tommy and Davy were used to not getting. Tommy and Davy never knew if their lunch at school would be it or not. They never counted on food being available at home if food was available there was some kind of cost to get it.

Mrs. Chupnick was an elderly woman somewhere between 75 and 82. No one knew for sure what her age was, no one cared. She lived a few streets over from where Tommy and Davy's mobile home was. She had relatives but her children had long moved away with families of their own. They had moved before Mrs. Chupnick lived in the mobile home park. She missed them.

Like the summer before, Mrs. Chupnick noticed the two boys just walking around the streets, she knew they were left out on their own again like many times before. Often times she noticed them sharing one apple between the two of them.

Though the winter had been warm and it was an extra warm spring during the day. The nights were rather cold. The nights were still too cold for boy so young to stay out in.

Mrs. Chupnick noticed the boys passing by a fourth time, this time the younger boy was crying and holding his arm.

She went to the door and yelled for the boys to come in. They recognized her voice and went to her.

"H...h...h...hi Mrs., Davy f...f...f...fell and c..c...c..cut his a...a...a...arm," Tommy bemoaned.

"Oh dear, Davy let me look at that, you two had better come in." Mrs. Chupnick told the two boys.

"It hurts!!!" Davy cried.

"Sssssshhhhhhhh Davy it's ok let me clean it up and then it will be as good as new. Just sit here and I will be right back." Mrs. Chupnick soothed.

She went to her bathroom and got some wash cloths, bandages, and mercurochrome. She returned to a seated Davy who was still crying. Not because of the pain he might have been in but what that accident might bring to him later. The boys never told anyone, most knew they were abused, neglected or suspected it. She wet the wash cloths in warm water.

"Davy, I am going to clean your cut, it's going to hurt, I can't help that. I will be as gentle as I can. Ok?" Mrs. Chupnick told and asked Davy.

"Ok," whispered Davy.

With some flinching and a little complaining Mrs. Chupnick finally got to the point that she didn't want to do and that was putting the mercurochrome on.

"Davy, so this cut does not get infected I need to put this special liquid on it. It's going to sting a bit, I can't help that but it will stop soon and it will be a nice orange color." Mrs. Chupnick informed Davy.

"What's infecked mean?" Davy asked.

"That's INFECTED. Infected means that you could get sick from germs that got in when you got cut. If I put this mercurochrome on the cut that helps your body so the germs don't make you sick." Mrs. Chupnick explained.

She applied the mercurochrome on Davy's cut.

"Ow ow ow ow. It hurts. It hurts," Davy proclaimed.

"Here Tommy fan the cut with this while I get the bandage ready." Mrs. Chupnick said.

She handed Tommy an envelope to fan Davy's cut. Shortly after Tommy started to fan Davy's cut he stopped protesting of the use of the mercurochrome.

"Oh, neat-o it's all orange." Davy said looking at his cut the best he could.

Mrs. Chupnick applied the bandage and told Davy he looked as good as new.

"Boys it's nearly 7:30pm, shouldn't you go home and eat supper" She asked.

"No, no one is home again. The door is locked. We will just wait till she gets back," Tommy stated.

"When will your Mother return?" Mrs. Chupnick asked.

"Don't know, probably Sunday sometime." Tommy said.

"Oh, that's a long time from now, boys, do you think you will be alright until then?" She asked.

This was a game they played. She knew she would feed the boys and let them stay until Sunday. The boys would never ask directly, she had to convince them it would be better if they did join her.

"We had a napple, we shared it and we have another one for later." Davy told her.

"Oh, well AN APPLE, I don't think will be enough until Sunday for two growing boys like you. How about you two help me clear out my freezer, it's getting rather full?

Mrs. Chupnick went over to the freezer and it was in deed full but not because she needed to empty it or that she was a prodigious chef. She wanted to have something available just in case someone stopped by. Alas they usually never did.

"Let's see, I have lasagna, pot pie, Salisbury steak dinner, fried chicken dinner?"

"I could help you with some sanya." Davy suggested.

"I could help with a pot pie." Tommy said.

"Oh, yeah pot pie, sound gooder." Davy exclaimed.

"Well, that does sound GOOD. How about I make both and you each have half of each?" Mrs. Chupnick asked.

"Awesome sauce!!!" Davy said.

So she prepared them both as well as the fried chicken dinner for herself. Mrs. Chupnick still had some clothing left from the days of her kids. Though many years passed it never made sense to her to get rid of them, you never know when you'd need them. She told the boys they needed a shower and she'd wash their play outfits. This has happened before and the boys knew the routine. They'd shower together, wear the pajamas she put out for them, she'd wash their outfits and then eat.

After eating and helping with the dishes, the boys would settle on the sofa while they watched TV with Mrs. Chupnick. They always watched what she did. They never had a show they liked nor knew what was on TV. They were not allowed too and if they did watch it was whatever the adult had on. Often it was some type of pornography, a horror movie of some kind or other violent show. Though she had three bedrooms and the boys could sleep in their own. They often fell asleep on the sofa together. She would cover them up and let the two boys sleep there. It never bothered them.

The boys stayed at Mrs. Chupnick's until Sunday night when the door to their mobile home was unlocked.

Tommy and Davy went into their home.

"Oh there the two dumb fucks are." Ann Boxer, their mother stated.

"I see the smaller one hurt his arm." Totino, her current male guest said.

The boys were rarely referred to by their names but more as if they could not hear who was talking about them.

Ann got up and went to the boys. She slapped Davy hard enough to send him into a dining room chair.

"I supposed you told someone I did it?" Ann said angrily.

Now crying Davy responded.

"No, Mom I din't promise." Davy sobbed.

" he d...d....d...didn't tell one." Tommy said in defense of Davy.

"Alright I see the stupid older one can talk, barely. C...c...c..can n...n...n...never understand him." Ann mocked back at Tommy.

After Ann had mocked Tommy, she doubled up her fist and punched him in the stomach.

"That's what you get for taking back to me." Ann shouted at Tommy.

"Hey, Ann I am getting hungry, we should get something to eat." Totino said.

"I don't keep nuthin in the house cuz these fuck ups would eat it so fast, I'd have to buy more as soon as I brought more home. 'Sides I ain't ready yet, these two fucks usually have some food stashed on them." Ann said.

She then proceeded to forcefully remove each of the boys play outfits and of course found nothing.

"Hey you two fucks go out and get your school bags." Ann shouted at the boys.

Tommy and Davy went out to the shed naked and retrieved their bags.

When they went back inside they were quickly snatched away and summarily dumped out on the dining room table.

Two apples and a bag of cookies were found.

"See the fucks steal this stuff and hide it from me." Ann stated.

Now the boys never stole food. It was left over from their school lunches. It was their stash. They had found out their school bags were the safest place for it, usually. At least while they were locked out of the mobile home.

Once the food was discovered Ann took a thick school book and smashed it across Tommy's face. This action knocked out one of Tommy's back molars. Ann noticed this of course.

"Aw you dumb fuck look at what you did, you lost one of your teeth, well serves you right for hiding food. Don't think you are getting any money from the "Tooth Fairy." Ann Yelled at Tommy.

"Tooth Fairy," "Santa Claus," "The Easter Bunny," was foreign concepts to Tommy and Davy, they didn't know much of anything about them.

Ann started to hit Tommy on the head more and kicked him a few times.

"Ann, let's go and eat, who cares about him. I don't but I am hungry." Totino said.

Then apples were taken by Totino and Ann and Ann got ready to go out. It didn't take long but she thought it helped.

"Get in your fucking rooms and stay there, Totino and I are going out. Say Totino, just toss 'em into their room it's at the end of the hall." Ann asked of her current man.

Tommy and Dave were jerked down the hall by Totino and they were literally tossed into their room. The lights were turned off and the house was dark. Tommy was crying from the pain of the beating and other abuse he suffered.

Davy heard the door slam, door lock and a car drive off.

"Tommy you ok?" Davy asked.

"I guetho, my muff is tore and my jaw erts." Tommy sniffled.

The only light the boy's had was a small night light. Ann didn't want anyone to notice the boys were home alone so she often turned off most of the electricity at the breaker box which she kept locked. There were anti-theft bars on the windows which could be removed from the inside in case of an emergency. Ann never showed the boys how to remove them.

"Tommy, I think you are bleeding." Davy said.

"Prolly, I kin taze it." Tommy told Davy.

"You want me to get some ice like I did before, it might help?" Davy asked.

"K, juth be car full hide the flass light like I thowed you. I'm gonna go to the baff oom and rinth my muff out." Tommy informed Davy.

Their room was sparsely furnished, they had a full size mattress on the floor with sheets two pillows and two blankets. There was a dresser and only a few toys and one well used but intact game of monopoly. It was one of the few presents the boys had ever received, it was from a long ago boy friend of Ann's who felt sorry for the boy's the only Christmas he was there.

Davy got the flashlight, it was one of those you didn't need batteries for just crank it a few seconds and it would work for a short time. They both slowly crawled there way to the bathroom and kitchen. Tommy moaned as they both crawled down the hall.

Tommy just made it to the bathroom and to the toilet and he threw up. Luckily it was only a portion of the nice meal Mrs. Chupnick had fed them.

Davy made it to the kitchen and he carefully pushed a chair to the refrigerator. He also found a plastic shopping bag to put the ice in. There was always ice in the freezer, that's all there ever was in the freezer. It was for drinks that Ann and her many of her beaus consumed. Once finished with putting the ice in the bag, Davy got down and pushed the chair to the sink and refilled the ice trays. Putting everything back the way it was Davy crawled his way back to the bathroom.

"It stinks in here Tommy! Did you barf?" Davy Asked.

"Yeah I di'. Check to thee if I mithed. If I di' we av to clean it up." Tommy explained.

"No, looks ok Tommy. I got the bag of ice." Davy said.

Davy and Tommy crawled their way back to their room and rested on the bed. Davy applied the ice to Tommy's now obviously swollen face.

The ice bag soothed Tommy's facial injury. It was now 2:25am. Both the boys had fallen to sleep. Tommy never slept very deeply. Tommy was awakened by two car doors slamming shut and two raised voices.

The swelling had gone down a lot and Tommy could speak better.

"Davy, wake up and hide, quick. They are funny again. Come on hurry!" Tommy exclaimed.

Davy scrambled to his hiding spot in the closet. It was a makeshift bed that he'd used many times.

"Take the bag with you, here." Tommy told Davy.

Two drunks walked there way to the door and Ann unlocked it.

"I'm glad to be home, I am beat." Ann told Totino.

"I need to take a piss and then I am getting some action." Totino said.

Ann unlocked the break box and flipped the electricity back on. Then went to her bedroom on the opposite end of the boy's bed room and promptly passed out on the bed.

Totino made his way to the boy's bathroom and relieved himself. He went to Ann's bedroom and found her passed out on the bed. He tried unsuccessfully to wake her up.

He then went to the boy's room and found Tommy a sleep on the bed though covered Tommy was still naked.

Totino was drunk but not drunk enough he couldn't perform. He removed his shoes, jeans and underwear.

Tommy was a sleep on his stomach. Soon he had a full grown man on top of him.

" D...D...D..dont. It hurts. P...p...p...please?" Tommy protested.

Totino didn't listen he put his full size into the trembling boy's rear.

"Mmmmmm just perfect!" Totino told Tommy.

Totino raped Tommy two times that night before he left the room. Before leaving he reminded Tommy of something.

This was not the first time Tommy had been raped, nor would it be the last time. He had always made sure Davy never got any of this violence.

"If you talked right, I might have stopped fucking you but I'm not going to listen too some dumb kid that can't speak." Totino told Tommy as he left the quietly crying boy.

Shortly after the Totino left, Davy returned to Tommy.

"You ok?" Davy asked Tommy.

"Yeah I guetho. Did he get you?" Tommy asked.

"No I hid good." Davy replied.

"Did ya set the 'larm?" Davy asked

"Yeth, before they came home." Tommy replied.

The boys got another two and a half hours of sleep before the alarm went off.

They got ready and left for school.

The excuse like many times before was that the boys fell while playing and this was told to anyone that asked. The excuse seemed plausible so nothing was done about it.

Mrs. Chupnick continued to feed the boys on weekends or other nights when they were locked out of the house. She wished she could do more for the boys but her health was failing.

There also were many more beatings of the boys and rapes of Tommy.

Then in May, the boys had come home from school. Once again the door was locked, the boys changed as they usually did. They started to walk the streets, rather than an apple they were sharing a pear. They walked towards Mrs. Chupnick's home. There was a police car there and a car they didn't recognize. It looked like a fancy station wagon. It was of course a hearse. They started running to her home.

They almost ran into the house, they were stopped by sheriff's Deputy Jones.

"Hey, Boys not so fast," as Deputy Jones grabbed them to stop them going in.

"W...w...w..what h...h...h..happened to Ch...Ch...Ch..Chupnick?" Tommy asked.

Deputy Jones took the boys away from the door and bent down.

"Boys, I wish I had better news for you but your grandma died." Deputy Jones told the boys.

The boys just stared at the deputy.

"Boys, I know this is a big shock, you need to go home and talk to your parents."

The boys knew this was impossible of course but they left.

Though sad about Mrs. Chupnick's passing their situation did not allow for the usual grieving process. Their concerns were getting food, not getting beaten and getting to school.

During the whole month of May the boys didn't eat well, most of their meals nearly all of them were only at school. That meant breakfast and lunch only. The boys started saving more of their food and found better ways to hide it.

As June approached the boys saw Mrs. Chupnick's mobile home cleaned out and put up for sale.

It was now the first week of June, it was Wednesday night, school would be out tomorrow, Thursday and it was a half day at that. The boys had been left home alone again, it was late enough they were in bed.

"Davy, we can't stay here. We could go to Mrs. Chupnick's last summer. We can't go there now. We need to go find Grandma Buckingham in Pennsylvania." Tommy stated.

"But how will be get there, Tommy?" Davy asked.

"I don't know Davy, we will walk if we have too. I just know we have to leave, remember when Mrs. Chupnick left for a week last summer, we just had a bag of oranges and two bananas for that whole time?" Tommy reminded Davy.

"Yeah I remember half for lunch half for dinner." Davy lamented.

"So see we have to go. Mom leaves us alone a lot in the summer. I don't want to stay here any more, I don't like the sex stuff mom's guys do to me," Tommy said.

"Ok, I don't like that too. So yeah let's go to Grandma Buckingham's," Davy agreed.

"Let's pack up our school bags and get a zip bag to put our money in. We can go from school since tomorrow was a half day." Tommy told Davy of his quickly formed plan.

They got up at their usual time by the alarm and left for what would be a beginning to a new life.

The half day of school ended just after lunch and they had turned in their school uniforms. The boys were now dressed in their play clothing as they started their new adventure.

Tommy had a small compass that just worked, it had been part of some toy set that he got years ago and was slowly taken away as punishment for being bad, at least Ann Boxer's version of being bad.

Neither boy was naughty. They were never given the chance to be. They were hit for sometimes just being happy or even just looking at something.

"Davy we need to go east." Tommy said as he pointed his compass

Tommy had asked his teacher to show him where Pittsburgh was on the map and what direction it was from Illinois so he knew it was east but as to how far it was or how long it would take to get there was something unknown to both boys.

The boys walked for five hours. They were out of the main part of the town at this point and out on the highway. It was nearing 5:00pm. Ann Boxer didn't realize the boys had not come home nor did she care.

A blue car drove passed the boys and stopped. An older man got out.

"Hi, boys you headed somewhere?"

"To Grandma's, she lives in Pittsburgh." Davy stated.

Tommy just smiled a bit and nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'm not going that far but I can get you some of the way there. Hop in my car."

Now why this man helped Tommy and Davy remains a mystery, he didn't do anything to them or even think to turn them over to the sheriff. He got them 85 miles from Aledo, IL to Peru, IL. The man stopped and dropped them at Sapp Brothers Truck Stop1. Before the boys got out he gave them $10.00 and told the boys they would need it.

The boys went into the truck stop. They were looking around.

"Davy, they have post cards here, we should send one to mom." Tommy suggested.

"Yeah, kay." Davy replied.

They picked out the post card, it was postage paid. It was a picture of Sapp Brothers Truck Stop at night.

They went to the cashier and paid for their post card.

Tommy and Davy ambled to the restaurant. They found a small two person booth.

The waitress came to their table.

"Hi boys, can I start you out with something to drink?" She asked them

"T...t...t...two c..c...c...cokes." Tommy replied

"Oh, I'm sorry we have Pepsi. Is that ok?" She smiled back at them.

"Yes, t...t...t...two of" Tommy requested.

"I will be right back with those Pepsies shortly, here are some menus. The waitress told them.

She placed a menu in front of each boy and left to get their drinks.

The boy just stared at their menus. The prospect of choosing something at a restaurant was unfamiliar to them. Tommy did notice the prices.

"Davy, we can only get the drinks and one thing and we will have enough." Tommy explained.

"Kay, how about this one?" Davy said while pointing to the cheese burger and fries.

Tommy looked at what Davy was pointing too.

"Yeah that should be ok." Tommy said.

The waitress came back with two Pepsies.

"What will it be boys?" She asked

"We'll have this!" Davy told her.

"J...j...j...just w...w...w...we have share." Tommy added.

"Alright be back in a few minutes with that," She told them.

The waitress went to put the order into the computer then she went to the kitchen.

"Herb, I've got two boys out there I know they're runaways, based on how they look they're probably going to be better off. I know we can't give them a free burger but can we double up on the fries and add some pickles?" The waitress asked.

"I think we can manage that Loretta." Herb replied.

When Loretta their waitress came back with the boys order, not only were there extra French fries but a grilled cheese sandwich. She placed them before the boys.

"W...w...w...we di...di...di..didn't order the m..m..m..meal." Tommy breathed out.

"It's alright boys. It was ordered by mistake and rather than toss it in the garbage, we decided to give it to you. You will only have to pay for the burger and the sodas." Loretta told them.

"" Tommy said.

The boys slowly ate their food but each made sure there was something left. They started to wrap things up in napkins.

Loretta came over with a big to-go box for the boys.

"Here, this will work better." She told them.

Tommy put the remainder of their meals into the box Loretta brought for them.
When Loretta dropped off the "guest check" and gave each boy a dish of ice cream.

"You can pay me when you are ready." Loretta told them.

"Ok..k..k..kay," Tommy handed her $9.21 he had left from the $10 the man in the blue car had given them.

While waiting for Loretta to come back with the change, the boys filled out their post card.

Loretta returned with a quarter.

"Ok w...w...w..we will l...l...l...leave" Tommy told her.

The boys left and noticed a mail box outside where they put their post card to be sent to their mother.

The boys found some pine trees they could hide under and try to sleep. They wrapped up in the blanket they took from their room.

The next morning they woke up to the noises of the trucks leaving the truck stop. They wander back into the truck stop and used the restroom.

They were being watched. Not by anyone at the truck stop or even the cameras but by Billy Jack.

Billy Jack was one of those truck drivers that really didn't follow the rules and skirted them when he could.

The boys, after relieving themselves, went back to their makeshift nest under the pine trees. Billy Jack watched them.

Tommy and Davy munched on their left over meals making sure to save some for later when Billy Jack approached them.

"Hi Boys," Billy Jack said.

"H...h...h..Hi," Tommy said having been surprised by being discovered.

"Hello," Davy said back to this new stranger.

"I'm Billy Jack, what are your names." Billy Jack asked.

"I'm Davy and he's Tommy," Davy said.

"So you boys headed somewhere?" Billy Jack asked.

"Yeah, Pittsburgh, Grandma Buckingham lives there," Davy replied.

"I aint goin that far east but I am going to Gary, Indiana where you could pick up another ride." Billy Jack told them.

The boys whispered to each other.

"Kay will go. When ya leavin?" Davy asked.

"Right now, I have to get some diesel but after that I'm back on the road." Billy Jack informed the boys.

The packed up their nest sight and followed Billy Jack back to his truck.

Billy Jack helped both boys into the truck and told them to get behind the curtain. After starting the truck and going to get diesel fuel they were headed towards Gary, Indiana.

Once on the road he had the boys move to the passenger's seat. They made small talk all the way there. Before reaching the Gary, Indiana truck stop in a rest stop, Billy Jack told the boys to get behind the curtain. They complied.

He let the truck continue to run. Billy Jack joined the boys behind the curtain.

"Davy, Tommy you gotta pay fur me givin ya a ride." Billy Jack informed them.

" w...w...w...w...we d...d...d...don't...t...t...t have no," Tommy said.

"Well, I have a way it don't cost no money," Billy Jack said with a sly grin.

At that the boys heard and saw Billy Jack unzip his jean and he took out his male member.

"You both are going to suck this, that's how y'all are going to pay me." Billy Jack commanded.

The boys were saddened by the turn of events but were resigned to the fact it would be the cost of taking a ride with Billy Jack. The both the boys finished off Billy Jack to completion. Once again Billy Jack was at the wheel of this truck and off to Gary, Indiana.

About 30 minutes later they pulled into TA Center-Gary Indiana, where he dumped the boys off, filled his truck up again and left.

The boys went to the rest room as fast as they could to rinse their mouths out.

A man walked into the restroom and did his business there, he noticed the boys. He noticed the name of the school on their bags and knew these boys were far from their home.

"Hey where are you two headed?" Crockett asked them.

"P...P...P...Pittsburgh," Tommy told him.

"I'm headed south and you can get a connection at the next truck stop, you want to come wit me?" Crockett asked.

Again the boys whispered to each other.

"Kay," Davy replied.

The boys followed Crockett to his truck and got in. He helped them with the belt and they were off.

By the time they got to the truck center it had been dark a long time. Crockett had the boys go to the bunk behind the seats where he joined them.

Crockett then took out a liquid and poured some on a cloth and grabbed Davy and put it around his nose. Davy breathed in and went limp. He quickly did the same to Tommy.

Tommy was sodomized by Crockett several times during those two hours. Davy was too young for his tastes and left him alone. He finished with Tommy and pulled the boy's shorts up.

The boys started to come to from the chloroform. Crockett had been able to park his truck and trailer on a more secluded part of the lot. He got out and moved the still groggy boys to the trees behind his trailer. Crockett left them there and drove off.

The boys finally came out of their drugged stupor. They didn't really know how they got to behind the trees.

"How did we get here?" Davy asked

"D...d...d...don't n...n..n..know, butt h...h...h..hurts." Tommy stated.

"Where are our school bags?" Davy asked.

The boys looked around them and found they were not there.

"P...p...p...probably in the t...t...t...truck," Tommy said.

"It's gone, what are we going to do?" Davy asked.

"I...I...I..don't know." Tommy added.

The boys huddled up together and dozed off.

Tommy realized that to get a ride, food or something he would have to trade services to get them.

None of the drivers were headed east they found in the following days they had been placed at the truck stop.

Plenty of the drivers would trade oral sex for things like a couple of hot dogs, sandwiches, drinks.

On the third day of the truck stop the boys hadn't been so lucky to find someone to help them.

It had been raining all day and they were now dirty and wet. The boys saw a nice blue and red truck and trailer park next to the one they were behind. The one they were behind had been there for a while and was no longer warm. So they ran behind the blue and red truck to get warm.

Shortly after getting there, they hear.

"THWAP!" On the left side of the semi.....


1This is a real truck stop in Peru, Illinois. This chain's restaurants tend to be fast food chains. Since this would not work with my story I am changing it too a sit down waitress style place. The real location has a Burger King.

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