The Lonely Kid

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The story you are reading is fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are purely from imagination and are for pleasure and are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locality is entirely coincidental.

I hope you enjoy this story. If you do please let me know. I write to give something back for the pleasure I have received.

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My name is Nathan (Nate for short) I am 12. My Mum and Dad are great Parents. My Dad "Mark Stone" had his own practice in town 'Adolescent Clinical Psychiatry'. and workes at the Community Medical Centre in Pediatric Medicine. My Mum "Carol Stone" is a stay at home mum and lookes after the family. If i have any problems i can go and talk to them and what ever the problem may be it will sorted in the family, thats is to say nobody had to be afraid of asking what it may be. Oh yea we live in Orlando, Florida. We live in in a Beach side property house, I like the swimming pool. We moved here three months ago from Austin, Texas. My dad got offered a better position at the hospital he works at now. I go to Harrington Private school, I am an A. student and have no problems making friends. I am abit of a geek when it comes to computers. After our first week in the house i went out on my bike to check out where we now lived. Mainly i went to check out the mall. It was now summer break and i was looking forward to looking around the new neighbourhood. Their aren’t many kids around my age, so when i saw a kid sitting on a wall, I went to meet him, I said hi my name is Nate and we just moved round here, Hi he said is name was Matt. He said he lived on the otherside of the beach but the beach over here was more open.

We went exploring and he explained some of the places to go, like the mall and the park. Most of the people that lived here were professionals, who's jobs kept them away for days at a time or were elderly. Coming back from the park i noticed a kid sitting on a wall looking over the ocean, i asked Matt who she was and said he never seen her around before. Matt said he had to go home as he and his mom were off to visit his grandma, it was nearly dinner so we said goodbye.

The day after i was riding past the same spot and saw the kid again just sitting there, again just staring out to sea. I got off my bike and walked over to her and said hi, I thought she was going to have a heart attack, she jumped up turned around and looked at me like i was from another planet. She didn't say anything so i tried again. My name is Nate, after another while she still hadn’t said anything so i asked her name, after staring at her feet for a minute she said her name was Janet, my name is Janet. Hi janet why you sitting alone, I didn’t know their was any other kids around here.

She looked at me and said she and her Mum lived at the house just behind us. I asked why she was sat alone not at the Mall with the other kids, she said, her mum was at work and she had to stay at home. I asked why she was always by herself, she told me she didn't mix with other kids, I asked why. she then said she had too go as her mum would be home soon. We said goodbye and i left. Sunday got up did my usual, bathroom shower then went down for breakfast. Morning my mum said what would you like for breakfast, some eggs and bacon, I said yes and some OJ. After breakfast i rode out to see if Matt was in but he wasn’t. I was going home when i saw Janet she was sitting in the same spot again just looking down.

Hi i said, she looked around and said hi. What you reading i said, she didn’t say anything for a minute then said she had to go, I said i hope we can be friends, she looked at me said bye then left. The weekend came round again, so i decided to go to the mall, i got to the end of the street and there she was in her usual spot looking out to sea. Hi i said how ya doing, she looked at me and said ok. I said if you like i can leave if you want to be alone. She said no the company would be good.

I asked if she wanted to come to my house for a soda, she said she would ask her mum. We walked upto her house which really did look small and needed tidying up. Her mum saw us and came to the door and asked Janet who her friend was, I said hello mame my name Nate, I live a little up the street. She said nice to meet you young man would you like something to drink, Janet asked would it be okay if she went to my house and had a soda, her mum said she would have to speak to my parents first, i said okay and gave her my phone number, a few moments later she came back and said it would be okay and she would pick Janet up before dinner, we said ok and left and walked to my house. When we got to mine i asked what she wanted to drink, she said a coke. We went upto my room she looked around then said are all the books yours i said yes, i like to read. She sat down on the edge of the bed and i asked what school she went, she said she gets home schooled, i asked why and she said that she has alot of trouble with her legs, that was the reason she never went to far from home.

We finished our soda and i asked if she wanted another she said yes so we went downstairs to get another, when my mum said hi who is your friend, i said this is Janet, my mum said hello Janet nice to meet you, nice to meet you mame she said then gave her a warm smile which my mum did also. I said we just came to get another soda i got them out the fridge and put them on the table in front of us to drink. I asked if Janet could stay for dinner, she said for her to ask her mum, i told her where the phone was and she rang home, a few minutes later she came back with a smile on her face and said yes, and her mum would pick her up about 7. We sat in the living room drinking soda your mum was really nice i said, she said it was hard for her as she had to work alot of hours at the grocery store to make ends meet. I asked about her dad, she said her dad ran away with his secretary when she was about two, so she never really new him. I asked how old she was, she said she would be 12. in a few weeks, I said my birthday was on August 23rd and i would be 13. She said her birthday was on the August 21st, I said WOW! I asked if she wanted to come to my birthday party she said she would ask her mum, i said ok then asked what she wanted to do now, she said her legs were sore and asked if i didn’t mind if we just stayed in, I said okay so we sat on the couch. A few minutes later i looked and she had fallen asleep.

After dinner her mum came and she went home saying she would see me before the weekend, I said that would be great. My dad came home and said what you been upto sport, I said i had made a new friend her name was Janet. I told my dad about Janet, and about how tired she got, I told him she said she had trouble with her legs and walking. School was really boring that week and seemed to go on forever. Friday after school i went to Janet’s house and knocked on the door, her mum opened the door and i said hi, is Janet in, she said she was in her room, her mum called to her, Janet must have heard and came out to meet me, hi i said are you ok, just then the phone rang, it was the store asking her mum if she could go in as a worker hadn’t turned in, she looked at us and i said Janet could come to mine till she came home, she agreed as long as my parents said it was okay.

We were getting out of the car, when my mum came out and spoke to Janet’s mum. Her mum said she would pick Janet up on her way home. My mum asked Janet’s mum over for dinner which she agreed. She left for work and we all sat outside on the deck with our drinks. After dinner we all stayed on the deck as it was a cool night. when it was time too go in Janet was asleep, I woke her just as my dad came walking in, Hi dad i said this is Janet, dad looked at her and said hi i'm Mark Nate's dad. Nate tells me there aren’t many kids around here. I said at least not everyone was old, i laughed and he said i am was getting worse. The walking frame brigade. Janet giggled and said they will have to keep the street quiet so as not to give the pensioners brigade a stroke, we all laughed till we were sore.

Janet sat down and said she was glad she had found a friend like me, I said same here. Her mum picked her up and then i went to bed. The following morning i went too Janet’s house, her mum said she was in the living room. When i saw her she was taking her medication. I asked if he wanted to go to the pool, she said she didn’t want to walk that far. I said we can use the pool round the back of my house, she looked at me and said you have a pool, I said yes do you want to swim, she said yea. After we had dinner Janet was tired again, I took her to the spare room and she was asleep before her head touched the pillow.

I went on the deck and spoke to my dad about Janet, I told him about her getting tired and if their was anything he could do, he said he would speak to Janet’s mum. Her mum knocked and my mum asked her to come round the back, then asked if she wanted something to drink, she said coffee and my mum asked her to sit down. she introduced her to my dad. My dad said hi to her. Mrs. Conner, call me Betty she said, my dad said can you tell me what is wrong with Janet? Mrs conner explained about what was wrong and my dad said he could talk to his collegues to see if there was anything he could do for Janet. After awhile Mrs conner and Janet left. Sunday Janet was around before i was up, when she saw me walking downstairs she asked did i always sleep so late, I grabbed her and tickled her till she said she was sorry. I giggled and went to the kitchen to see about breakfast.

Fall was almost on us and i said to Janet that if her mum agreed we could go and do their garden, she asked and her mum agreed but said we could to start tomorrow.

Monday came, my mum dropped me off at Janet’s while she went to go to the store for more groceries. Janet was waiting for me as i got out of the car and she said you oversleep again, I ran after her to tickle her again. Her mum came out and asked if i wanted a soda, I said yes then looked at Janet and said later then she giggled and i just laughed.

She showed me her room and it only had the bare essentials, a few books and a small tv, but no computer or games, their was a bowl at one side of the room where the roof leaked, she said neither her or her mum could repair it. After we went out we started doing the garden then we talked about the leak in her room, she looked as though she was shamed, I told her not to look so sad as if it gets any bigger you will have your own live in swimming pool, she giggled and said okay. After we had done the garden my mum came to take me home. When i got in i told my dad about the leak and asked if he had what was needed to fix it, he said he would go and get what was needed from the store tomorrow. I asked if anything could be done to help Janet and he said he would ask at the hospital tuesday, I said thanks dad, he said you are so thoughtful son thats why we love you. It's so hard for them both, I was in Janet’s room earlier and it was nearly empty, most of what she has are really worn.

The next day Janet’s mom rang and asked if it was okay if Janet stayed at ours for the day as work had asked if she could go in again, my mum said it would be good for them both and she could come to the mall with Nate, YES I said. thirty minutes later me and Janet were ready to go to the mall. when we got there mum did some shopping and asked if we were hungry, We both said YES at the same time and giggled at the expression on my mums face. She shook her head and asked where we wanted to go to get something to eat, we both had pizza and soda, then went home. We both helped to empty the car and put things away. Mum said to us both of you are really sweet, we both shouted "MUM" she laughed and gave us both a soda.

Janet’s birthday was getting closer and i wanted to buy her something that was special. I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she hadn’t thought about it, but i said i hope she would come to my birthday party on the 23rd. she said that would be great. After Janet had gone home i asked my mum and dad if we could have mine and Janet’s party at the same time as her's was on the 21st and mine on the 23rd, my mum said she would ask her mum if she had anything planned. I said i want to get her something special so could we go check out the mall, my mum asked what was i thinking of getting, i said i wasn’t sure.

It was the 21st but i hadn’t seen Janet for a few days as she wasn’t to good. On the 22nd me dad and mum all went to the mall. I bought Janet an ipod with a voucher to get music from itunes, We had something to eat then went home. Before Janet came i wrapped her present up to give her at the party. Janet and her mum came just before lunch. We ate and she couldn’t wait to show me what her mum had bought for her birthday. Her mum bought her some new trainers they looked cool. When we went out Janet gave me a voucher to buy games with, I said thankyou but said you didn’t have too, she said she new it wasn’t much but it was the best she could do. I asked her if she would like to come with me when i choose a game, her face lit up like a candle. Great i said sorted.

Her mum took us to look at the mall just before dinner so we could pick a game we could both use. Her mom was upto something but we didn’t know what. Just after 6 we were on our way home from the mall, When we got home it was quiet till we went round the back then all shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I just stood and stared. my mum and dad bought me a new bike "WOW". I then gave Janet her present and she looked at me with shock, We are Best Friends so open it i said with a smile on my face. She open it then shouted "YES" "YES" does that mean you like it i said, she just smiled and hugged the breath out of me. Then i said Happy Birthday to you too Old Girl then laughed.

She stayed that night in the spare room and i explained how she could get some music for the ipod. We went on the computer and downloaded what music she liked from itunes, then listened to the ipod and said again thanks, I said that is what best friends do, she looked at me staring so i said you are my best friend. She said thx, then i smiled and kissed her.

Next morning i woke Janet was eating breakfast, she didn’t look to good so i said did she want her medication, i brought it with a glass of water. she went to the bedroom and got back in bed. I left her and went downstairs for breakfast and told my mum about Janet, she went to check on her then called her mum who came right over. Lunch my dad came home and my mum told him about Janet. My dad got on the phone to the hospital and asked for someone by name, next thing my dad said he wanted to take janet to see a colleague of his, Her mum agreed so we went in my dads car to see the doctor. The doctor examined janet then said bring her back for some tests, her mum wasn’t sure what to do as they already a doctor looking after her. Dad asked who it was and rang to see if the doctor would mind him examining his patient. after awhile he came back and said any help would be appreciated.

Over the next few days Janet’s legs seem to get more uncomfortable so was using more painkillers. On the monday we went to the hospital and said she would be in a couple of days for different tests which didn’t go down well. Thursday came and she was back home but had to wait for the results. The following week she went back to the hospital. They found out a few problems that needed to be sorted but could only be done in surgery. Janet looked really scared so i said that at least she could oversleep and be lazy while staying in bed all day. I said i would visit if she stayed awake she giggled and said okay. She was booked in for the following monday.

On the monday we all went and stayed till lunch then said goodbye till later. I asked my dad what they would do in surgery, he said that she had nerve damage and thats what was causing the pain to her legs. The problem was in the base of the spine which was going to take a long while in surgery, recovery could be a few months. Her mum asked wether she should tell janet. I said if it was me i would like to know what was happening. I asked if i could talk to janet about it, my dad said that was upto her mothers. Her mum thought it was best that she tell her daughter was going to happen. Visiting was at 7pm but the doctor thought it would be best to leave visiting till the day after as he said she would be in surgery most of the afternoon, and then would be sedated till the following day. We went home and they said they would ring when she was in recovery.

By five Janet was back on the ward, doctors said things went okay. She was sedated and would be till tomorrow, rest was a good healer. We all went home had something to eat. The following day we got to the hospital just as Janet was waking up.

We asked how she was, she scrunched her face as she shifted in bed you okay i said, I hurt alittle she said, the nurse came in and saw the expression on Janet’s face and asked if she wanted some pain relief, please. The nurse left to get medication and returned a few minutes later, poured some water. Janet took the tablets. We all left when she started getting tired.

I said to her mum she will be okay, she smiled and said yes, she has reason to get better now.

That night, I asked my dad how long it was going to take for janet to get better, he said that it depended on janet as everyone heals differently. She will get a PT (Physical Therapist) to start her walking alittle then it's upto her. I know you are worried but she may lose all the pain she was having and be able to do things she hasn’t been able to do for a long time. Just be patient.

I went to the hospital next day with my dad, janet was pleased to see us, but i think it was more for the company. How are you, still sore she said but the painkillers help. They said i maybe able to go home Monday if i am not in too much pain, and if i can go to the bathroom. Great i said.

Thursday afternoon the physical therapist came and got janet out of bed and see if she could stand and walk alittle. Monday came and janet couldn’t wait to see if the doctor would discharge her. When we went to the hospital she was already dressed waiting for her mum to go home. When we got home she had to take things easy for a few days so she could heal, but try and move around a little. The following week janet was moving around a little more easier but still had to rest, it wasn’t pain it was just her muscles were a little stiff.

I had to go back to school after Summer break while janet got started with her tutor. November came and janet was walking nearly normal without the pain she had before. Her mum enrolled her Harrington. She was staying at mine now every weekend and sometimes when her mum had to work extra hours at the grocery store. Christmas and New Year was a family celebration she wasn’t used too that. February i was on the deck and my dad came out, what you upto sport, just thinking i said, what about son, i asked if he could take me to the mall. I wanted to get Janet a bike, i had enough saved to get her one. That is very kind of you son and hugged me and said, love you son.

When we came home from school i said i was going for a ride to the park, and asked if she wanted to come with me. Yea ok, will you get my bike while i change, I went to get changed then came back outside, she said which one? I said mine is the blue one, she looked me puzzled I laughed then said the other one is yours. Looking shocked, i said my dad took me to the mall to get you one. Her expression said more than words could ever say.

Janet said she was going to start riding to school so i said we could both ride if you like, a smile from ear to ear said it all. then she said, i am glad you moved here, because i never had a Friend and now i got a Best Friend. You are always their, Thats what BEST FRIENDS are for. Nothing else needed to be said.

Second week in March "Tuesday" we got to home and saw a police car parked in front of the house, I went in and asked what the police were doing here when my dad said their had been an accident. I asked where mum was he said she was at the hospital. WHY!! mum is okay son its Betty, Mrs. Conner, Janet was in a Panic, whats wrong with my mum, come here Janet my dad said, your mom was in an accident, she was coming home from work when a car lost control and knocked your mum down. How is she, Can i go and see her Janet Shouted, my dad held janet then said, Janet your mum is dead. Janet Screamed NO!! NO!! SHE CAN'T BE. I am sorry janet really sorry my dad said. Janet tried to breakaway from my dad but couldn’t. I went and held her while she cried. I'm sorry janet. She didn’t answer just cried and cried. All i could do was hold and comfort her but the words weren’t heard. My dad gave janet a sedative to calm her down. Eventually she quietened down, then my dad put her to bed. I went upstairs with her and stayed with her till she woke. I don't know if she was just cried out or in shock but she said nothing just stared, I said her name with no reply, Then sometime later she just looked at me staring, Please Janet talk to me i said, eventually she looked at me instead of through me and spoke, All she said was WHY!! WHY!! then silence again. I don't know, I don't know. My dad came to my room and asked Janet how she was, no reply. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TOO GOOD PEOPLE was all i could say. I dont know son he said I wish i did.

Later on that morning we took janet to the hospital because she wanted to see her mum. I said are you sure? she just nodded then went quiet again. I will come with you i said okay, she nodded again and we went. we got to the hospital and my dad took us, she cried again and had to be led out. My dad gave her another sedative when we got home. My mum put her to bed. I stayed with her till she fell asleep then went downstairs.

I asked my dad what was going to happen to her, thats upto Janet, he said. I went to my room and laid down. I must have falled asleep. I got up and went downstairs. Then said, My best friend in the whole world needed me, and i didn’t know what to do to help her. My dad said she knows you are there and that is some comfort.

I just sat there in silence, then janet came in the room and sat down asking if she could have a drink, my mum brought some milk for her, then she spoke and asked what she was going to do now, my dad got up and sat beside her and said she could stay here as long as she wanted.

Janet looked at my dad then me, then sat back in silence.

Next day my dad went to work and rang the CPS. gave his name and asked to speak to Mr. Thompson, Hello Mark what can i do for you, he asked if he had time to see him today on an important matter, the phone went quiet then asked if my dad could come to the office at 2pm and he could see him. 1:55 my dad was at the CPS offices and asked for Mr. David Thompson. Shortly he came out and they went into an interview room. What can i do for you Mark, he told him what had happened and asked if their was any way of Janet staying with us. David said the only way is to become Foster Parents.

But that will take forever, He explained all that had happened to Janet in the past 6 months. She was part of the family before what just happened my dad said, this has happen i want her to stay with us. I will talk to Judge Morris and see if i can fastrack it today. I will ring you later and let you know, David said. He left his contact details and went back to the hospital.

My dad went to work on Wednesday and got a call from David, I got a hearing with Judge Morris Thursday at 1:00pm. Bring Carol and Janet. I will meet you there. I will be there my dad said. At 1:15 we were called into the court, Mr. Thompsom spoke to the judge then handed him some papers, the judge read them then asked Mr. Thompson why he wanted this ruling at such short notice, he explained to the judge the circumstances as to why it was important for my mum and dad to become Foster Parents. The judge agreed. My mum and dad could now Foster Janet. After six months they were told they could apply for the adoption of Janet.

The funeral didn’t go well for Janet, but at least she had people around her when she needed them.

On the Sunday while we having lunch my dad asked Janet if she liked living here, Janet said that she loved living here. My dad said he would like to make it permanant, adopt you so you will have a family.

 We will be your mum and dad and Nate will be your brother. She looked around then looked at me and i mouthed yes.

She said yes and hugged everyone. My dad spoke to Mr. Thompson and asked if and when it could be done. As they say the rest is history. When the hearing came for the adoption Janet asked if she could change her name, the judge asked her what name she wanted, i want to be:: JANET CONNER STONE, everyone new the reason so Janet was now my little sister.

The End

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