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The story you are reading is fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are purely from imagination and are for pleasure and are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locality is entirely coincidental.

I hope you enjoy this story. If you do please let me know. I write to give something back for the pleasure I have received.

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She came into the world on a crisp autumn morning. Screaming as she departed what was a warm and safe enclosure. Her voice capacity proved, at least her lungs worked adequately. She was as they say, a perfect delivery. Perfect timing be that of date, or months to gain her existence in this world. She carried exactly, nine months, not a day sooner, not a day later.

Sarah was conceived on the notion a child would become an adult. I'm not inclined to comment on whether children make a world, but they are defiantly not there to save one. She was brought into the world on a false pretence. She was conceived with love, but for all the wrong reasons. Love and affection she got, from her head to the tip of her toes.

At one, she was potty trained, and could walk, of a fashion. Her personality was showing itself, even so young.

At two, she was the belle of the ball. Walking into all types of trouble, just by being a child. Mischief was an essential.

At three, she was what all little girls became, a little madam.

At four, she was into anything, and everything. Dirt contained ingredient, or at least getting herself dirty. It was fun.

At five, she became what only little boys are known as. An Angel in waiting. It could be said, they made a mistake. They forgot to fit her with wings. But that error would certainly be put right.

An Angel needs a guardian, a Guardian needs an angel. Either needs the will, the nature, and the wings to become one, or both.

At six, she became the beauty queen. Her perky little nose gave us wrinkles when she smiled.

At seven, came the mind of her own. What does mummy know? Daddy was the only boy in her little world. In other words, a proper little madam.

At eight, came the teasing. Teasing little boys, with their dirty little faces, and hands, of course.

At nine, she became, Daddies little girl. Daddy loved his little girl, he doted on her. Her every move. He gave up his time to be with her. To be with her, was part mystery. At least to Sarah, but that soon changed. Mummy at work, daddy with time off. "Daddy, I can't do that."

"Yes, you can, sweetie. You love daddy don't you?" Well this is how his little Sarah, showed him, how she loved him. Ten, eleven, twelve, saw Sarah become a non-essential. She became her daddies whore, bit on the side. His little prostitute.

Mummy got cross with Sarah, her daughter, for her rebellion, her moods, her all out attitude. The coming home early, and out of the blue, she saw the reason for the change. Daddy, was arrested, went to court, pleaded guilty so save his child having to go through it all over again. Bull, he wanted time off for pleading guilty. Incarcerated, for ten years, a sentence that he'd never complete, or survive.

At thirteen her future in this world, came to an end. God's little miracle, was taken to be with her new father. Her mummy, could only ask why, her faith, took the only thing that meant anything. A marriage now ended, now because of having a child, but the mis-use of. Sarah, not being able to clear her thoughts of what she had done, she took her life, for a peace, only a special kind of sleep could give. Her love for her daughter stronger, the love for her husband, not even a consequence, not even noticed. Possession of such beauty, now a memory.

In her place of wonder, she grieves for what was attention. What was her incoming, is now her out going. Her parents. Does god love his children, or does he own them. If he loved them, would he not let as is said, nature take its course. To own, is to possess, which can in truth cause problems. Does that make god a saviour, or a taker?

Sarah, is now caught in the middle of a battle. A battle between life, and death. A battle between a faith, and a perception. Perception says, that a life of a child, should live. On what did god debate that he should take a child, little Sarah, for his own. Did Sarah believe, that what her god, and faith preached, she had to end her life.

I don't question religion, I ask its ability to strengthen it followers. But in the eye of the beholder, comes the fact human beings have to believe in something. Maybe what it believes in, is their self, if they could stop and evaluate there options. Maybe if they believed in themselves, they would not need to follow, but lead. Take the lead, in what they follow.

Sarah sat on the lap of her father, her new home looking crisp and neat. Sarah would now have a journey, if what the good books tells you is correct. A journey that can only be seen by the living dead. Perhaps.

Did god give you a reason to live, or a reason to die. If what is said in the bible is to be believed, then death would be the conclusion. If heaven, is what awaits us when death becomes us, then a life without complications would be the choice. A life after death, without the stress of living. Would you choose peace, or perfect peace. Then death is not a question, living is the question.

Could it be, all us sinners, get their heating bills for free. That may be a question with a question, inside. A funny remark, without the fun. But do we not get, one, or the other?

Religion, is in the heart of the beholder, not the eye. Faith sets us a target, a target to do what is right. So what is right? One persons right, is not another persons belief, or right. So who is wrong? Who is right? Faith should be a factor, a factor in what we believe.

Then there is, Sarah. Who asked her was it right? Does being a child, young, made all decisions they make, not their own? Maybe they shouldn't make any. So without any decisions, how do we expect children to grow up, learn.

Our faith, says there is a reason, why we die, why we are taken. 'WHY' If we say we have to work by logic, then where is the logic?

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

Sarah, now in heaven, sobbed for her mummy. Her god, talked with her, so gently. "My child, you are at peace, at home. I give you eternal life. Give me your hand, and I will lead you. The promised land is but a tear away."

Her hand held, she walked through the valley of what was heaven, peace, was assured.

I ask a question. Why was a child given, for the sake of faith, even peace? Children are better to be loved than taken. Is it not a fact, a child in darkness is a child scared? Is it also a fact, that a child can be lead, without knowing the consequences?

Children are a force, a force for the future. Does that a religion, a faith, give the right to take what it sees as its own, the right to take, destroy?

Sarah, gained her wings. Her first appointment was her home, her family, her mommy. Though not together, they were as one, as one in grief. Now I ask, is religion a life sentence, or a death sentence? I would prefer all people to have faith, without making excuses for what it, or they do. Lots of you will disagree with my words, but religion, is a means to an end. And the end is usually destructive.

You put your faith in religion, then worry, they then gain the art of free speech. If religion means so little to human life, then why have faith in it. Believe in what you have inside. Your heart is more a helper, than a hindrance.

Mommy lost a life, while religion, gained a soul.

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.


I put different adaptations to words. Sad is the case, Children are a consequence of abuse, from people, and religion alike. I see it, I read it. When we destroy a child, we are destroying ourselves. Their future. That is not a 'Consequence', that is a 'Fact'....

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