Gordon Klopfenstein (R.I.P.)

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Gordon L. Klopfenstein October 11, 1932 - May 30, 2019
From The Story Quarry:

We hear frequently of Traditional Family Values. I don't know the definition for "family" as used by the hate-in-the-name-of-holiness types but my understanding is that "God so loved the world" - that every human being is part of His family.

These stories make reference to abuse of children - occasionally sexual abuse. Some of my readers have expressed offense at that.

A very cursory review of nineteenth and twentieth century social history of the United States will reveal that child prostitution was openly pervasive in much of the U.S. Legal child prostitution houses existed in New Orleans until the 1920s and had been shut down in other major cities only a few years previously.

So - Traditional Family Values included turning a blind eye to the most vulnerable members of the family of God - the children - overlooking what to the family values people is the most heinous of sins. In the "good old days" so much revered by the Traditional Family Values people, children were not only sexually exploited, many were homeless, left to wander the streets, surviving any way they could. The values of the Traditional Family did not extend to the care of or even concern for needy children then and they do not now. The Traditional Family label is nothing more than a facade to disguise their hypocrisy.

Family Values has always been a theory - never a practice. It is the present day manifestation of "I thank God that I am not as other men are." It is self-righteous and self-serving. It cares nothing about human need, particularly the needs of the children it purports to be "protecting." Most of those who speak so judgmentally and pompously of Family Values don't like to be reminded of the pruriently permissive history of their beloved Traditional Family Values but they need to be. These stories attempt to do that.

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